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NO All Types Of Weapons, War & War Culture...
We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?
My Dreams Are For Tomorrows


An Open Global Door For Greatness in Humanity

by Bircan ÜNVER


Two years after writing my "A Letter From The Future" imaginary profile,  my positive imaginations about the future have increased rather than decreased...

This is not that the World is getting a lot better or my life and living conditions have changed enormously. Perhaps my living conditions have worsened, but my inner source, hope and energy  comes from the Light Millennium project, and its growth and gathering of all types of ideas, cultures and colors on one platform.

Therefore, this project is my hope about -a better world- which ties me up with today as well as connects me with the future...

Thus I have been dreaming to embrace via this project --now this organization-- millions of people from all over the world and to create an interactive multi-media platform as a free-publication, public sphere and "AN OPEN GLOBAL DOOR".

We have not reached anywhere near that goal but in ten years I am very sure that we will...

The obstacles to our World, new wars, firing up still more wars, and the building up of walls against a better tomorrow somewhat disconnects me from daily life. Still, my hopes and expectations are much stronger than my anxiety with what is happening today!

We all just need an unconditional love, to try to understand and tolerate each other's differences, similarities and quests, as well as to respect each other, not out of fear but out of admiration.  Every person has a unique side to admire if we are willing to see it!

Most of the time, I have been questioning if we already have sold our SOUL, not for EVIL but for MONEY. Perhaps, EVIL HAS BOUGHT ALL THE MONEY and
POWER. Thus, the heart of the world we live in openly or subtly presented to us is based on MONEY & POWER, and NOTHING ELSE!!!

Within this conclusion, I do not find this better life, which opens new horizons to every human being who is capable to enter it! But we, each of us, can and therefore we should come together to combine our energies for better dreams, better imaginations, rather than to remain feeling misunderstood, alienated or alone!

We all, whether we live alone, with someone or with a family, in one way or another, feel alone, not understood... And mostly we have a tendency either to blame others or ourselves... Perhaps we should blame neither... Just believe in yourself, and try to communicate to others to believe in him/herself... Then you will realize that we all have similar problems & expectations, but somehow something keeps us from sharing with
others... What are we afraid of! That they blame us! If someone will blame you because you are having a difficult time in your life, then you do not need that person anyway... That's all!  Find the right one who as a friend is willing to listen to you from the beginning or write us, or both...

Basically, everyone, whether a president, a religious leader, a newspaper columnist or any person you can point to, they all talk about LOVE, HARMONY and PEACE, but something is not there yet...

WHY? Who has stolen it? Is something stolen or are we acting? Or don't we have any power to claim our need for love from our one shot at life!!!

All the main problems either on the individual level or in the world diplomacy games, lie in not HAVING ENOUGH STRONG LOVE for someone, not having PEACE within yourself, not trusting anyone, thinking someone is going to take advantage of you, or already has! This is a reality of Today's world, a physiological X-ray...

Despite this, and above all this, there are those who are transparent to him/herself and to others as well on every level of life.  I declare that I am one of those.  Therefore, --we-- do not expect or ask much more than to love each other unconditionally, in our life and for everyone we know, to create a positive sphere for each other, and from that point to move forward rather than backward...

This is the one BASIC INSTINCT which comes with birth and continues until we leave this world... This reason, this BASIC INSTINCT is far more important and essential than the SEXUAL ONE.  Although basic instincts are spoken of in today's world, it is only in reference to our sexuality... This has, of course, been the source of major EXPLOITION on every level of life and in every country and tradition. It is a tool to create millionaires, billionaires, etc. through the manipulation of human bodies and lives, which has been increasing since the beginning of the 20th century and it seems to be globally increasing
more and more!  In particular, after the Former Soviet Union fell down, think about what happened to all the well educated girls and women there... This is not the shame of those women but the shame of that system as well as the world, which left millions of men hungry for women and which left their women having to sell their bodies for a living!!!

Unfortunately, when any political or economic system collapses, then not only
SOULS but also BODIES are ON SALE...

So, does the World only exist for those who can afford their fantasies and who can have ENOUGH (!!!) money and power? Is our existence just based on others' dreams! Were we born into this world to serve that purpose?

I strongly reject being a part of others' fantasies or dreams which rely on taking advantage of people in some way or another in any corner of the World!!! We haven't been born into this world to serve others'  MONEY-POWER-SEX related dreams (remember "Eyes Wide Shot, Stanley Kubrick" for those who define themselves as the "CENTER OF THE WORLD!")

I do have peace within myself and with nature but not with what has been imposed on us, what we have to believe, buy or obey! In terms of the word, 'obey', most people, in particular in America, they may think they do not OBEY anything! They do not realize there are big GAMES and LIES on the ISSUE OF FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY...

Recently, I realize more and more that, the freedom to say things is not really important, but it is important who you reach, who can support your ideas, and to share with others who have similar approaches to create a synergy rather than singularity! Otherwise, thinking, "I am very free, I can say anything I want" --THIS REALLY DOESN'T
MEAN ANYTHING ANY MORE-- because this really doesn't count much if you act as an individual, without money and power! Who cares what you say, what you want, or what you think if you are not part of the three powers of politics,  money (these first two are most of the time arm in arm), or a powerful NGO!

Everyone is free if they have enough (!!!) money to realize whatever they want to do! The question arises from the very same point! How many people of the World population are able to realize even their daily basic needs --bread, food, heat and shelter-- not to mention health and a decent living condition, the ability to take care of one's family and ensure a better future for one's children!  Of course having a life shouldn't be based on how to survive... It should be on how to improve and elevate yourself, your life, your family, your country and over all your world... Thus according to today's world, dreams and ideas only belong to a certain group of people but not all humanity!!!

If we start comparing the world's population today and how much of this population can
afford however they want to live, the percentage of privilege shrinks even further. 10 percent of the world population can live a certain quality of life but only 1 percent of the world population has the power to play or to change this world the way they want to!!!

Is this our 20th century's achievements for HUMANITY or A BETTER TOMORROW???

I refuse to go along with this result and hope the future will switch around this unjustified-unbalanced world for all people.

Therefore, I am sorry that, I can't feel I am part of this world that I have just outlined and any of those types of ideas, which have been implicated in various ways in our daily life... These ideas don't come from my head.  Over the years life itself has taught me it is like this whether I like it or not!

It is obvious that, I have lost my connection rapidly to today's World; because of the political-economic, war or any power-struggle games which has forgotten all --as Nazim Hikmet wrote-- 'GREAT HUMANITY!'

In return, this has increased my instincts and my focus much more towards TOMORROW and the far FUTURE... Thus, in my life span, I feel that I belong to those who have been forgotten but are willing to become a pure force of energy, with love and care, in order to get out of this hole and speed up and spread out to blossom POSITIVE and CREATIVE ideas and imaginations for BEAUTIFUL TOMORROWS.

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