We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else can we go to?
Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**
A Letter From The Future...
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by Bircan ÜNVER

The sanctions of life are hanging over my neck like the 'Sword of Damocles;' still, I have been drawn to another planet and river because of my instincts. The Light Millennium magazine project is also driven by my instincts which does not target any practical and profitable results; its noble aims are to create an intellectual environment and global positive energy for the future.


I have been a space scientist and video producer for 300 years. I travel between galaxies to discover planets which may have potential life. My team digitally records each new finding, and produces a series program from our discoveries.. My video programs air on the Earth and on the other planets, including Artemis, Eros, Zeus, Neo-Hitite, and Neo-Egypt. I speak in a language called Cosmos which you do not yet know. It is a combination of Latin, Chinese, English, Russian, German, France and Turkish.

I find that mathematical and scientific terminology are much more rich, complex and improved than Earth’s. You may be excited to know that we are able to translate text written in any language (a novel, for example) from any period of time into Cosmos in a second.

I was born on a Neo-Earth planet but moved to the Artemis planet where I am very happy with my husband Quasar, who is from another universe. We have three children, two boys and a girl.

We travel to our neighboring planets by space-plane at the speed of light; this is accomplished by being converted into light, and then back again into human form; you have seen a version of this in several of your films and television programs.

We are partly free from the effects of gravity, and thus are partly free of your earthy sense of heaviness. When we take a trip to Earth with our children during the holidays we make use of Clarke's Space Elevator. Except for some weekends, holidays are the only times we get together with our children.

Actually we spend most of our time in the space plane for our mission with my husband. Our children are grown now. They are involved very much communication between inter galaxies and new ‘futuristic science’ at the college.

In our time the span of human life is over one thousand years, but our life's goal is much as your is: how to improve our jobs, ourselves, our creativity, and our quality of life. This quality of life and our income depend upon how well we do our jobs, and how well we serve our planets.

New York, January 2000.

An Open Global Door For Great Humanity

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