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Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**

"She carried ninety sons, and will attend ninety more..."

by Gul CAGIN

Alfanta aka Gulcagin, born as a cruel woman, a cruel, cruel woman with a tremendous head in which there is a ceaseless, burrowing pain.  The pain in her head is the cause of her cruelties. At night she creeps to her lover's side, places herself next to him while he sleeps, and whispers coarse things. She can fly. She has flown.  She has been seen; my neighbor saw her and pointed at her in the sky--I saw him below my bedroom window in his slippers, shaking his head and saying, "There she is! There she goes."

She is a sorceress and a very cheap hag.  She mixes scraps of paper together with toiletries to make soup. She is angry at the stars, which prick her skull.  I have seen her raving at them and at the moon. And yet she is big; she is voluptuous. She carried ninety sons, and will attend ninety more, and ninety after that. There is no end to her. She will continue evenafter them. She swallows the black heavens, or would, if she wanted to. She has everything in her tote bag: steaks, ranchero hats, bug spray, lydocaine, hearts of palm, autobiographies of superstars, miniature golf discount coupons, hairnets, infants, boars, ninety-nine and nine-tenths solutions, fonts, holy asses, stick pins, plus more.  Cats like her.  She married a shoe-shiner who insists on rolling his eyes at every remark.  Her days are long and clouded by a vague dissatisfaction. It's not enough. The pain in her head is not enough, so she makes plans and reasons with her hands in her lap alone at the prow of her long, dark barge, frightening the waters.


Transferring from a community college, Pasadena City College, Gul Cagin studied art in University of Southern California (B.F.A. 1999) and Claremont Graduate University (M.F.A 2001). During her attendance at USC, Gul studied drawing, painting, photography, sculpture film and worked as an intern for artist Robert Flick. At Claremont Graduate University, she started to incorporate video projections and performance activities into her installations questioning personal and social spaces of the self. She received Pasadena Art Alliance, Angie Battaglia, William C. Miller and USC Friends of Art Scholarship and listed in Deanís List many times. She also received merit fellowship from Claremont Graduate University and worked as a teaching assistant for a graduate discussion group.Interested in showing emerging artists' works, Gul Co-curated a group show,In-formation, with Arzu Arda Kosar at Claremont Graduate University and looking into creating collaborative projects with Turkish artists as well. She currently lives and shows her work in Los Angeles, California.

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