We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else can we go to?
Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**

Hello, good kind souls from every planet
and every stratosphere!!!


Sandra Rios BAILEY

Sandra rios BAILEY

My heart, soul, intellect, spirit and energy surrounds and fills all entities with the highest most positive and creative metabolic and cellular expressions of security, non-competitiveness, comfort, light, inspiration, unconditional love, compassion, ego-lessness, agelessness, satisfaction, happiness, compatible friendship, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soulful well-being. (there's so much more but too numerous to list at the moment, but you would have the ability to attain and grasp all of your truthful inheritances instantaneously).

One would not be bored or have the need to seek out evil in any way shape or form. there would be no death or dying, no sickness, no suffering or demonic, chaotic possessions in any format shape or size. one would not be limited in any manner or fashion as far as positive expression. In fact, there would be a network, a system, a reliable order and sense of support and understanding. there would be no hunger, no poverty, no greed, and no senseless wars where the undeserving suffer or die for innate reasons of any sort.

We would not be bound by racism, ignorance, intolerance, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or earthly bodies or maladies. we would have the capacity to be weightless, float, fly, a multitude of unlimited forms of movement to time travel, be not bound by machinery or earthly restrictions or traumas.

But above and beyond all this, not only i, but each and every one of us possesses this capacity and are united in the most elevated, most abundant highest good in all ways. all would be one and one would be all. 'truth would be one and paths would be many' and none would be judged or cast aside for there would be no negative separations or intolerances.

This future would be our haven as that past would be our forgotten hell of unmentionable horrors of which we would be absolved from nightmares, tortures, insanity's, terrorism's, dis-eases, abnormalities, ... a new year happy, so be it so for all i pray.

Sandra Rios Bailey's Art Statement

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