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I have just completed my Master’s Degree in Media Studies at The New School. My studies of sociology in University of Geneva allowed me to understand society in its complex unity. During my time in my native country, Turkey, I had different experiences in PR and advertising. Then, moving to New York, during my studies here, I went into documentary making and media theory. I am currently working in a post-production company which deals mainly with documentaries and film editing.

Today, my goal is to combine my conceptual background, my vision, creativity an the technical skills I acquired so far.

Video projects definition:
In Search of Blue" video, 14 minutes.
The city of Bodrum holds an historic attraction for certain types of people. Through video, I attempt to convey visually and metaphorically the source of that attraction by exploring the lives of several intellectuals and artists who choose to live there. Their reasons, partly aesthetic, partly philosophical, disclose a fierce abnegation of contemporary urban life and a sophisticated level of critical thought towards twenty-first century values.

My intent is to study this lived philosophy in media critical terms by presenting it as an ordered set of resonant symbolic images.

Istanbul , video, 4 minutes.
Being inspired by the poeme "I am listening to Istanbul" (Istanbul’u dinliyorum) written by the famous Turkish poet Orhan Veli Kanik, I wanted to witness my audience of the beauty of Istanbul. Intentionally, the images were washed out in black and white, and the audio, layered in two different languages, were mixed up.

Salvador Dali, video, 1 minutes.
Layered over the original voice of Salvador Dali, through this short project, I attempt to display some of the masterpieces of Salvador Dali.

Healing Buddha

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