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Healing Buddha


"When positive or joyous feelings and attitudes pass
through each organ and circulate throughout our
whole system, our physical and chemical energies
are transformed and balanced."

Tharthag Tulku

It was one this busiest day in New York City. I was feeling exhausted, stressed, and unhappy. When I confessed my deep inner feelings and anger to my friend Zeynep, she suggested me to join her in one the yoga class that she was attending at the Jivamukti Yoga Center. Since than, (it is going to be almost 2 years), I became addicted to yoga. The more I discover about the benefits of the practice and the meditation of yoga, the more I find myself immersed into it.

Yoga becomes a part of my daily routine activities. Yoga has altered all my existence in a more positive and spiritual way. I start to notice greater strength, fluidity, better concentration. Through the practice yoga, I start to learn how to control my feelings and mind in the most difficult and emotional moments. Based on a daily practice,

I watch the transformation going on in my body and my mind. For the first time in my life, I found something in which I feel that I am in constant touch both with my mind and body.

In a very general definition, Yoga means "union." Union of the body and mind, union of our inner soul to the universal existence. In Yoga, the belief is that everything is related to each other, and to reach a state of contentment and fulfillment, one has to realize his/her truly transcendent potentials. Total health can be attain only if we know how to deal with our physical, emotional and spiritual existence.

The Millennium Myth confirms of a venue of a new age period that will be based on two essentials' concepts. One of these concepts is an acceptance of the fact that the materialism of modern life does not fulfill one’s life. The other concept is the awareness of the search for spiritual renewal that brings meanings and inner peace to one’s existence. Yoga, Spiritualism, Studies of Eastern philosophy and so on are the new attention of today. We turn our attention and focus to those beliefs' systems that are quite different of our Westernized state of mind. With the acceleration of the capitalism, our system is based on money-based values such as profit, capital, success, work, competition.

But this capitalistic system -- to the contrary of what was believed at the beginning-, is not sufficient anymore to bring happiness and fulfillment in one’s life. Our system is an artificial one that turns to outward. In our vision, we take and give everything for the outside and we do not pay enough attention to our essential and inner state. Herestarts the problem: in fact, human being is a social animal with emotions. And more than anything, we live, feel and act with our feelings than our logic. In the Western world, the human being is reduced to its logical dimension, not giving much care to its emotional and spiritual existence. Thus, human being starts to act like machine-like being, more and more efficient and fast, and than problem appears. -More frustration, more mental illness, loneliness, destruction of nature and environment etc. Unlike the Westernized world, The Eastern one is a system that is more focused to the inner existence. It works well because it is humanistic, gives values to the spirituality.

I belief the New Millennium will be the birth and development of new values. It will see the arise of the spiritualism, humanism along with the technology.

New York, September 22, 1999

(Above essay was written for the Millennium Theory class at the New School University. The project should focus on a theory that you would want to be in place for the next millennium.)

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