90th Anniversary Celebrations of Republic of Turkey in New York City.


For the celebrations of the 90th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, three different events were organized in New York City.

"Turkish Republic: Founding Principles, Current Status and Future Prospects" entitled conference was the first celebration program, which led by Federation of Turkish American Associations (FTAA), and co-organized with near to 20 other Turkish-American associations (FTAA.Org) with three presenters: Historian Hasan Paksoy (his speech presented by Ali Naci Akansu), Prof. Abdullah Tansel and Dr. Sinan Ciddi, Director of Institute of Turkish Studies.

At the beginning of the program, Walter Cronkite’s "The Incredible Turks" (1958) titled documentary was shown, and a concert by the Ataturk Chorus was performed as the closing section of the program, which conducted by Nedim Katgi at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice on Sunday, October 27, 2013.

This was, one of the first panels organized and presented on the "Republic of Turkey" in New York as part of a celebration program.

The second celebration was a reception for the 90th Anniversary of Republic of Turkey, which organized by the Permanent Mission of Turkey to the United Nations for the Permanent Missions to the UN, UN Staff and UN associated NGOs. Permanent Representative of Turkey, Ambassador Halit Cevik, welcomed and greeted to each of his invited guests and many Ambassadors and staff members from the several permanent missions and the United Nations, and other UN affiliated guests gathered in the early afternoon at the Turkish Center on Tuesday, October 29, 2013.

The third celebration program organized by the Consulate General of Turkey. Consulate General Honorable Levent Bilgen and his wife Ayse Bilgen welcomed and greeted over 600-700 guests, those were a combination from the Turkish-American community, representatives of the civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations as well as friends and colleagues from other nationalists. The third one took place at Starlight Roof, Waldorf Astoria in the evening of October 29, 2013.

In this album, we mainly present you photos from the first celebration (FTAA/TADF, Sunday, October 27, 2013). The second and third celebration (October 29, 2013) related photo albums are available through “TurkishLifeNews.Com “ and “TurkishNY.Com”. However, we’ve only included a few photos from the second and third programs with relavent credits, in which, I am in those.

Thank you.
Bircan Unver,
The Light Millennium,
October 30, 2013, NYC.

If it is not indicated otherwise, the rest of the photos by
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