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YUKARIKALE Photo Album–II | July 2018

This photo album is dedicated to:
In Loving Memory of
My father Süleyman Ünver and sister Olcay Ünver.
– Bircan Ünver


• Brief History of Yukarikale

Although the history of Yukarikale Village (Koyulhisar, Sivas) in the Black Sea region of Turkey, is not known, the castle Yukarıkale, which was built on a high hill by Uzun Hasan, the ruler of Koyulhisar (Muşaz) Akkoyunlu State, which is under the influence of the Greek Pontus State until 1461, and was built on a high hill to conquer this town, is in the village of Yukarikale. Its few remained ruins and pieces of wall ruins on the summit of Yukarikale are still present in the summit of Yukarikale castle.

After Uzun Hasan's conquest, he was conquered by Şaraptar Hamza Bey from the commanders of Fatih Sultan Mehmet (15th Century) and joined the Ottoman lands in 1473.

There is a mosque bearing the name of Fatih as the timber structure from this period.

Summit of the mountains of the village with pine trees, prairie violet, thyme, roses in the vineyards and a thousand kinds of flowers and stones smell of land.

Yukarikale has one of the most productive lands in the city of Sivas both with fruit, vegetables, wheat, bean, etc...

SOURCE: https://yukarikale.wordpress.com/koyulhisar/
(in Turkish, benefited from Google translate. Above portions is slightly expanded by B.Ü.)

• Photos and Album created by:
Bircan ÜNVER, The Light Millennium
Zeynep GÜRSAN, Student, State University of Sivas, History Department

Special Thanks To:
• Fatma & Yunus ALTINSOY
(*my cousin Fatma, and her husband together hosted us in Yukarikale)
• Gülcan ÜNVER (this trip planned together)
• Mustafa ÜNVER (joined us and contributed to its unforgettable shared memories).

In particular, for the photos from the summit of the castle of Yukarikale, to:
• Zeynep GURSAN & her family's support in that.

©July 2018, The Light Millennium | http://www.lightmillennium.org

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