MANIFESTO of The Light Millennium's 20th Anniversary Celebrated

• MANIFESTO of The Light Millennium's 20th Anniversary Celebrated through LMTV Studio tapings...

The Light Millennium's (LM) concept and vision was seeded by Bircan Ünver's personnel manifesto for her 40th birthday with the following titled, "A Thousands Year More..." in May 1999, which offiically led the formation of the LM in New York in July 2001.

On Friday, May 3, 2019, a dual birthday celebrated through LMTV studio tapings with the close–circle of friends of the LM, family members and LMTV crew-members–of the date–for the 20th Anniversary of the Manifesto along with its author's 60th Birthday.

Mr. Jonathon Cummings, Partnerships Manager, World Human Accountability Organization (WHAO), conducted as one-on-one interview with the LM's Founder and LMTV's Executive Producer Ms. Ünver on the Manifesto.

Studio-taping continued follow by with brief reflections on the Manifesto and poems cited on-camera for the birthday portion of the taping.

A mini-dual celebration marked with cake-cutting, which took place at QPTV's kitchen follow by.

• Guests on camera including LMTV's Producer:
Melike AYAN, Jonathon CUMMINGS, Aysel TOPRAKLI, Ümran ÜNLÜ, Bircan ÜNVER, Rüya ÜNVER, Baris ÜNVER & Fatos EROL
• Crew Members:
Arthur Kents (Technical Director), Lloyd Williams (Camera 1), Kelly Sommersall (Camera 3 & Floor Manager), Gordon Kelly (Camera 2), Ashraf Ali (Audio and Telepromter), John Collins (Audio and Camera), Rene Valdivia (Studio Manager and Lighting Director).

This photo album presents photos both from the studio-taping along with a few photos from the cake-cutting. 

Photos by:  • Rene VALDIVIA, Studio Manager at QPTV &
• Jonathan CUMMINGS, Partnerships Manager, World Human Accountability Organization (WHAO)
Additional photos provided by:
• Barış UNVER, Reality Quest New York;
• Melike AYAN, Bloomberg TV & 
• Kelly SOMMERSALL, NYTalentUncovered.

Special Thanks to: •Fatma AYTAÇ, Gunay SCHORR, Gordon KELLY and Fatos EROL for the wonderful flowers;
• Ümran ÜNLÜ, for the Turkish appetizers, and
• Barış UNVER, for the provided refreshments and birthday cake for the crew and guests.

Bircan’s 40th birthday & LM’s Manifesto – May 1999 available via the following link:

©1999-2019, The Light Millennium | The Light Millennium Television –

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