Y2k Self Fulling Prophecy

By John Zheng


All prophetic cycles through history pinpoint the final years of the century as a turning point, we will be ata crossroads of either utter doom or utopian splendor. Y2k is a computer buzzword, tackle this unfathomable and inscrutable issue, we must mention Nostradamus.

The predictions of the prophet Nostradamus have fascinated and baffled the world one after another hascome true. As the Millennium approaches, the prophecies of Nostradamus continue to amaze, mystify, and at times scare, interests and speculations about what the future holds have never been stronger.

During the 16th century, Nostradamus left a legacy of thousands of prophecies until about 10 years ago, they were considered confusing and seemingly disordered. The content of the prophecies for those who thought they had grasped their basic meaning-raised more puzzling questions than provided answers about what lay ahead in the future.

From the Great fire of London, and the raise and fail of Napoleon to the atrocities of the third Reich, the assassination of John F Kennedy and the Golf war in 1991, Nostradamus foretold some of the most cataclysmic events in history, his ability to predict even recent events such as the assassination of Yitzhak

Rabin, the tragic death of Diana, Mother of Turessa, as well as Princess of Wales. Even the revolution in worldwide communication through personal computer and World Wide Web was foretold by this greatest of prophets.

Here, it is very worthful to cite Nostradamus famous sentence: Century 10, Quatrain 72: In the year 1999, the seventh month (July), from the sky will come a great king of Terror... To raise again the great King of the Jacqurie, before and after, Mars shall reign at will.

Everybody, surely, has heard of Nostradamus and his celebrated thousand odd prophecies. Everybody must by now be aware that they are supposed to reveal what is destined to happen to our world for centuries to come. But the big question that nobody has so far managed to answer satisfactorily is when? This is a real problem.

You, similarly, may believe or disbelieve what this article has to say nobody is asking you to undertake any act of faith, the infallibility of Nostradamus and the other seers is not at issue. You are merely invited to read then wait and see.

And if the prophecies start turning out to the right, you may well then fell inclined to think with me about the deeper lessons that they also carry with them. For that was ever the prime purpose of prophecy. In short, the time may then have come to act. We have got a big problem, it may be the biggest one that the modern world has even faced.

At 12 midnight on January 1, 2000, (a Saturday morning), most of the world mainframe computers will either shut down or begin spewing out bad data.

Ten of millions-possibly hundreds of millions of pre-programmed computer chips will begin to shut down the systems they automatically control. This will create a nightmare for every area of life, in every region of the industrialized world.

Think of what happens if the following area go down an stay down for months or even years: banks, railroads, public utilities, telephone lines, military communications and financial markets. What about

Social Security and Medicare? If Social Security and Medicare go down, it will affect millions of people, yet both programs are at risk. This is Domino effect.


Not: This article was submitted to the Light Millennium in July 1999. B.U

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