I was born in Alaska and completed my basic education by the age of 16, mastering basic science, mathematics and five foreign languages. Later I studied computer technology, video techniques and advanced photography, as well as painting and drawing techniques, in New York City.

After winning an advanced degree at the age of 20, I spent a year practicing yoga and studying philosophy in India. Later I moved to Paris where I was trained in the sciences of geology and astronomy.

At the age of 23 I became an art critic and began traveling to cover exhibitions and creative trends for the Inter-Galactic Times.

After spending a year in Costa Rica meditating on my artistic concepts, I rented a studio on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. I had my first exhibition in New York, and thereafter showed my work on various planets once each year.

In my late thirties I accepted a post teaching art in Berlin. There I also became a counselor to a group of underprivileged children. After turning 45 I married a journalist with blue eyes and great conversational skills. I continued having art shows every second year. (Imaginary bio)


During my childhood in Germany, I lived in a forested area close to Frankfurt and developed a deep love of nature. I also traveled to other parts of Europe and became fascinated by its cultural variety.

Following my interest in painting and writing, I studied literature, philosophy and linguistics. These studies intensified my desire to express myself beyond words.

After training in painting and drawing, I decided to become a painter.

My master's thesis, for which I was awarded a degree with highest honors, was about pictorial grammar and the relationship between visual and verbal texts.

Later, following an extended trip in Asia, painting became my main occupation. I also contributed articles on cultural topics to German newspapers.

By 1983 I was living in Berlin, which was then the center of a neo-expressionist artistic movement called "Junge Wilde." There I took drawing classes at the Hochschule der Kunste (Academy of Fine Arts) and had my first of sveral exhibitions in Germany
in 1985.

In 1991 I moved with my husband and daughter to a cottage in a small forest near the bank of the Rhine. I studied light conditions and the changing of seasons. One of my projects was painting the same grove of trees nearly every day for a year.

After returning to Berlin in 1993, I took classes in composition and painting with a prominent painter. I also studied graphic techniques and printmaking at the Freie Kunstschule, and painting and lithography at the Hochschule der Kunste. For several summers I took workshops on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. During this period I also made extensive tours of museums and galleries in the United States and Europe.

In 1994 I became attracted to fractal geometry and experimented with paintings of recurring forms on different scales. At the same time I began painting in shades of black and white.

I moved to Istanbul and participated in my first group show there in 1996. Later I had several solo shows in Istanbul and Ankara. The works I produced combined my European and American training with the experience of living amid the light and natural forces that surrounded me at my studio near the Black Sea. (real bio)

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