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World History is Uncovered at
New York University Presentation

ISTANBUL, TURKEY, October 25, 2002 – The Center for Ancient Studies at New York University will host “Turkey:  Guardian of the Past” Nov. 2 at the Cantor Film Center at New York University.  Beginning at 10:00 AM, the day-long presentation will explore the latest archaeological discoveries and preservation efforts in Turkey, the country recognized worldwide as the cradle of civilization.   Co-sponsored by Archaeology Magazine
, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Turkey and moderated by James Russell, the former president of the Archaeological Institute of America, the program will feature lectures by the foremost experts in the field of archaeology.

The reformulation of social and economic life that occurred in Turkey’s Black Sea Region during the “Neolithic Revolution” and how recent archaeological discoveries have challenged past theories surrounding this evolution are topics being addressed by Mehmet Ozdogan, professor in the Prehistory Department at Istanbul University.

As co-director of the New York University sponsored excavations at Aphrodisias, Guest speaker Christopher Ratté, associate professor of classics and fine arts at New York University, will talk about recent discoveries of a settlement in Aphrodisias dating back to prehistoric times.  

Gil Stein, director of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, will discuss excavations at Hacinebi, a Mesopotamian colony in Turkey.  Stein directed the excavations at the 6,000-year-old site, from 1992-1997, which have recovered evidence of an establishment of an Uruk trading colony in the midst of this pre-existing Anatolian settlement.

Current excavations at Gordion are uncovering a rich picture of the Galatian way of life.   As director of these efforts, Mary Voigt, professor at the College of William and Mary will share discoveries relating to the Hellenistic period at Gordion in the second and third centuries. 

Cemal Pulak, assistant professor at Texas A&M University and Vice President of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology in Turkey will lecture about the Uluburun shipwreck and the discoveries of one of the wealthiest and largest known assemblages of Late Bronze Age items found in the Mediterranean. 

In his illustrated presentation, William Aylward, assistant professor of classics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will present highlights from the rescue excavation at Zeugma from a nearly devastating flood in 2000 and present preliminary results of the study and publication program now in progress.

Turkey, the site of two wonders of the ancient world, is a present-day marvel - the cradle of civilization, the very center of world history and a modern Westward-looking republic. It is a country of fascinating contrasts, where antiquity is juxtaposed with the contemporary, the familiar with the exotic; where sun-swept beaches beckon less than an hour away from snow-capped mountains and everywhere visitors are treated to the extraordinary warmth of the Turkish people.

For information, call 1-877-FOR-TURKEY or contact the Turkish Tourism Offices in Washington, D.C. at 202-612-6800 or in New York at 212-687-2194, and visit www.tourismturkey.org or www.turizm.gov.tr.

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