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An Open Proposal For SPONSORSHIPS:
Turkish & Greek Synergy
Under the umberalla of
The Light Millennium, Inc.
A-Not-For-Profit Organization


1) What makes us different? :
2) Sponsor contribution(s):
3) Who can sponsor? :
4) Benefits of sponsorship:
5) Existing platforms and publications:
6) Why has the subject of sponsorship taken place in this issue? :
7) Web Promotion & Distribution
8) Sponsorship and communication:

1) What makes us different?

*  Product publication, membership, or yearly subscription fee is not required.
* Copyright fee is not required. Both parties, The Light Millennium and the participants of the magazine, contribute their work in order to create a global free platform.
* Advertisements are not allowed.
* The basis of our publication is to benefit the public and offer them a platform, which they can present their views freely.
* Publication policy does not allow war-propaganda and political campaign.
* There is no distinction between professional and amateur writers/artists or gender or generations.

2.  Sponsor contribution

Within the sponsorship framework the support given by organizations to the Light Millennium, Inc., will contribute to this publication an understanding of cultural differences, a better understanding, strengthening and development of global peace.

Sponsorship is a conscious and common energy that is formed and developed globally.  It is an approach and contribution to the understanding of different cultures.  At the same time, sponsors will assist in the accumulation of archival documents and documentary for future generations to use as reference.

3.  Who can sponsor?

Our target sponsors are commercial companies, corporations, holdings, international companies, and government(s), regional and municipal funds.

It is possible to cooperate with targeted sponsors if they have the qualifications paralleled with The Light Millennium's aim.

Also, grants and funds that are given by official organizations are considered as support and a source of income for The light Millennium, Inc.

4. What are the benefits of sponsorship?

Sponsors will enable The Light Millennium to gain attention, strength and establish themselves within the media so that they can publish freely.

According to the amount of their support, either through the Internet platform, TV programs or in futuristic issues, they will be given credit within the framework of their support.  Their sites will be linked with other web sites.  Also, their corporation logo will be applied to the related issues or the web sites.

If the sponsor organizations have the same outlook, production and services, as The Light Millennium, Inc., and their company profiles will be viewed on these sites. In other words, we will highlight our sponsors for their existing "humanitarian" services or projects.

We will have specific link within our web site of each sponsor numbered according to his or her level of support.

If an organization wants to support a publication issue, either in English, Turkish or both, that specific issue will state the following:

All issues including sponsor supported issues, will be placed in the archival section of our website.  Sponsors as well as visitors will have the opportunity to view a specific issue on any given year.  All sponsor organizations will be known throughout America, Turkey and Europe and will acquire a reputation in good standing for their support for a not-for-profit multi-media platform.

We will apply to several foundations, organizations and grants to receive various type of grants and funds in order to establishing substructure of the organization as well hiring a seed staff in this year (follow by the submission of the 1023 form to the IRS.). 

Our success will help more sponsors for their national and global recognition, which will directly related what we intend to accomplish.  They will also be reachable from all over the world via our platform, which will raise their global image.

5.  Active e-publications and television series:

* Turkish & Greek Synergy project and web Site (www.turkishgreeksynergy.net)

* The Light Millennium, global platform, e-publisher (www.lightmillennium.org)
* Isik Binyili, global platform, e-magazine: (www.lightmillennium.org/turkish)
* The Light Millennium TV Series  (Queens Public TV, Channel 34 and 35)

 6). The subject of sponsorship:

Until now, we have not made an attempt to include sponsorship or funds in Turkish & Greek Synergy web site's vocabulary.  Until incorporated on July 17, 2001, above mention projects were accomplished as an individual production, and their status were solely as "personal projects".

From the Introductory issue of The Light Millennium in August 1999 to July 17, 2001, The Light Millennium TV Series since January 2000, and Turkish & Greek Synergy since October 2000; the projects produced, published and broadcast without any financial or technical sponsorship by Bircan Unver. She basically transformed all her time, labor, personal capacity and any single penny she earned from her "free-lance videographer" job, into above projects.

Still, the original idea of the project has kept and has been realizing as "public interest" and not-for-profit purpose since its inspection. Therefore we have been incorporated towards this goal. Our second goal is to be granted a "tax-exempt" status by the IRS.

With the volunteer participants of the platform, we paid much importance on the continue to the e-publication, its recognition and increasing its participants. Thus from the beginning, our aim does not include a commercial intent but pays attention to public usage of our publications.  Currently, we submitted our 1023 tax-exempt application to the IRS by May 20, 2002.

7) Promotion & Distribution

Our organization also seeks sponsorships for the web promotion, increasing web traffic, distribution globally over the web as well as promoting in other multi-media platforms.

8) Contact Information on Sponsorships:

In hope to carry out the existing projects without advertisements and provide limitless use of our e-publications and multi-media platforms for public, we need and urge your support.

We also want to our sponsors to benefit from their support.  If any information is needed in regard to the above-mentioned subjects or projects, you may contact the e-mail below for further assistance: contact@lightmillennium.org

We invite "YOU" as our sponsors to take part in for the active and existing below projects:

* Turkish & Greek Synergy
web site (English & Turkish, planning also to publish in Greek based on sponsorship),
* The Light Millennium Global E-Platform
(in English),
* Isik Binyili
(in Turkish),
* The Light Millennium TV Series
(in English & Turkish),
* And also in our near future Online Discussion Platform & Book Projects... (Please also see > Projects page)

The principle element within our publication is openness within the framework of donations, logistic support, existing and future projects and grants and funds.    We intend to inform our sponsors of our financial and logistic support in regard to project and publications.

We aim to improve, develop, and update more frequently as well as expand and make it globally much more recognizable each and every of above mention projects based on "sponsorships", "grants" and "funds" which are under The Light MIllennium, Inc.

Thank you very much for your consideration and attention.

Sincerely yours,

Bircan Unver
General Director
Turkish & Greek Synergy
Under the umberella of
The Light Millennium, Inc.
A-Not-For-Profit Organization

We have not sought any advertisement or do not accept any commercial
for none of above mention projects since
our first e-publication and broadcasting of the Light Millennium TV Series.

Turkish & Greek Synergy web site incorporated under the umbrella of
The Light Millennium, Inc., which is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT
organization based in New York since July 17, 2001.
The Light Millennium, Inc., founded by Bircan Unver.

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