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The Truth about the Apocalypse

by Barbara PARKER


I am a contactee and I am aware that Extraterrestrials are coming to Earth this year. They need to be herald in unfettered. I am happier for the information they bring. I have been contacted via different ways including seeing them, touching them and being healed by them. ET's are loving beings and very helpful. They are coming to earth to help earth with earthly problems and they are gifted to do this. The ones I know fear what would happen if they just appeared.

They seek a greeting or a group to herald them in for fear they might be shot down by our military. Although humans are predominately good there are some on earth with a dark side and they have threatened my life because of the information I know. I have had to hide from evil and the ET's heal me for the stress of the threats. Again a group would be best for this endeavor to bring them in.

They are very highly evolved and know peace and love. That is their way. I know numerous cultures from numerous planets and each planet has gifts and teachings to impart to us all on earth. They have taught me much, some good and some bad. Their planets have been destroyed by evil beings from outer space. If you need confirmation of this evil then read books from Ruth Montgomery regarding aliens. At least 20 planets with cultures have been destroyed by this evil race. This evil race will hit earth soon. The extraterrestrial war coming is like the Apocalypse described in the bible. Please read Mark Chapter 13 and Luke chapter 21.

All my life I have been gifted in one way or another. I have been guided. We are all guided by God, God is everything. My path in life has been
guided and the more I learned the closer I got to the truth. Truth is out there and the truth has been in front of us all. Seek the truth and you will find it.

I learned about physic ability, I learned of the spirit realm and the Holy Spirit. It was much later I learned about the Apocalypse.

Because of my interest in hypnosis I read books on what other therapists found when regressing the client on their past life. To know of their past lives heals the client. It can heal them of ailments and mental problems. Other hypnosis experts wrote of the past during these sessions. It was beyond my wildest imagination that I realized just how much my hypnosis experiences would teach me. I have the uncanny ability to trigger off psychic ability in others. Others prophesy through the channeling in of their higher self or spirit guide because of sessions with me.

Extraterrestrials are in our past, our history, they lived on earth, and during past life regressions I learned of the existence of extraterrestrials.

This information correlates to history books and the bible. Native American’s tell stories over and over throughout their generations. They know of white beings coming. Hieroglyphs tell us of the people from the sky. The bible tells us of Ezekiel’s wheel and whirlwinds. Over and over again I have found data or correlations depicting extraterrestrials on earth. Edgar Casey knew of Extraterrestrials, Sitchen read the hieroglyphs and equated them to Extraterrestrials. Because of my learning the Extraterrestrials came to me and contacted me. ET’s guided me to more leanings such as monoliths/megaliths, and time space continuum. ET’s told me of the evil that destroyed their planets.

Their planets are gone and they want to come to our planet to save it. They want to live with us and they want their own children safe. The original plan was to set up communities to live in. Befriend our culture and become known to us slowly. They do not want to frighten us. They do not want to be known as gods as in history. They just want to save earth thus save themselves. We need them and they need us.

I do not know what the plan is now. They need to come unfettered and invited. They have children and they want their children safe.

Know that the Apocalypse will be quick and devastating. Know that we have help from benevolent ET’s. Do what you can to ponder over this.

Use your intellect and your power of prayer or spirituality. Try to seek truth and know what will happen to you and our future. Do whatever it takes to save earth from totally devastation. Know that if they could have come sooner they would have helped to stop the Mid-East war.

Extraterrestrials and the Mid-East War

God created earth this way and extraterrestrials have lived on earth as a universe we are not in communication with each other, interplanetary, like we should be. On Earth we have humankind or earth beings, and on other planets there are physical beings as well, mostly looking just like we do.

Beings on other planets are gifted, some prophetic. They are highly evolved intellectually and spiritually. At one time, before I met them, I thought they were too unemotional, not as loving as they should be, however, after working with them and knowing them I have found they are very loving, kind, articulate, and humorous.

ET wars have been fought in our atmosphere in the past and if you research news articles of old regarding flying objects they depict these small wars. Some texts in the bible also depict these wars. For now the cultures I know want to come to earth to protect us from the war coming. Then they will help us rebuild our planet.

The evil coming to earth is really the Apocalypse as depicted in the New Testament and the Good extraterrestrial (I call them 'Gets' for ease of discussion) want to save life or us, as we know it will halt.

For they are helping me when I impart knowledge about them. The good ETS need to come unfettered and the more humans know the better off we are just do not be afraid and do not say negative things about the good ETS. The only bad ones are the ones who want to destroy us. Just discuss the good for now and I will let you know when to impart about the ET war. The Good ETS do not want the fear factor in humans so a nice steady pace discussing their good attributes is best. In ancient times ETS were worshipped like Gods and they do not want to be worshipped this time. They just want to live with us unfettered and be accepted.

If we all understand our own abilities. If we actively work together, if we ponder on how to stop the Mid-East war and save Earth from total death and destruction we can save ourselves. If we allow the GETS to come to earth unfettered they will save earth.

I was watching the news some time after 911. On NBC that was statistics about the Afghan Orphan. The data stated that there were 1 mil. orphans and a percentage would die because of the cold winter coming. This upset me greatly and I told the Extraterrestrials to save them. Unfortunately they were not able to because of the war raging in Afghanistan. However my concern endeared me to them even more. They were touched by the idea and really wanted to help but could not.

I began receiving more information regarding bin Laden, the Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hessian, Qaddafie, etc. I tried in vain to bring peace to the Mid-East with this information given to me by GETS. I painstakingly researched the data and wrote numerous reports and emailed them to the President, FBI, major newspapers, etc. No one listened to me. All my efforts were stopped! Always keep in mind that there is evil in this world that will do anything but squelch God’s light. Know that the GETS wanted to stop the Mid-East war because they do not want too much death on earth. Know that God wants this war stopped. GETS want to save all life on earth, the Mid-East war and all wars are too deadly for earth and all planets in the universe. Life on Earth must be saved for the survival of the entire Universe.

True gifts from God, truly gifted humans need interaction with other humans to enhance the gift. Think of us all as individual think tanks and interaction with others as a conductor of thinking power. Contact with GETS facilitates this gift; they are conduits of God’s gifts as well.

I hope they come soon because they still want to stop the war in the Mideast. I think I am getting funding, major funding, to house them. Please know this and wish us all luck. If I get this funding I can establish a location, almost like a like community, and they can come. Wish us luck or pray.

We all want to save the children in the Mideast.

- . -

E-mail to: Parker7755@aol.com

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