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Turkey deserves EU memberships
more than Central and Eastern European Countries...


I’m a Turkish citizen and for her EU membership and want you to back up Turkey to become a member of EU for several concerns I’ll mention below.

(26 September 2002, Ankara) First of all, there are both advantages and disadvantages of every activity. At first glance; her population, religious belief, present economic and financial conditions and indicators of Turkey may be seen our disadvantages. But, i.e. subsidies and support to farmers are given by the funds taxpayers bore. So, these transfers cause misallocation of funds, unfair competition and unfruitful expenditure businessmen and entrepreneurs may evaluate more efficiently.

More importantly, Turkey has historical ties with Europe. Even, there are a great number of people throughout Europe today. More than half of foreign trade volume of Turkey is being made with EU, conducting customs union implications. Considering NATO, Council of Europe, WTO and such European and international organizations, Turkey kept intended to become a part of Western World, mostly earlier than many European countries. As well known, Turkey has applied for EU membership in 1959 after 2 years Rome Agreements signed, even before England when EC consists of six countries.

On the other hand, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, M. Kemal ATATURK imposed on Western institutions, laws and rules and showed Western World as a target, path towards modern civilizations, having their science and technology adapted. Turkey now is more modern than Eastern European countries, other candidate countries to the EU, having more capable business idea, liberal economy backgrounds and free individual ownership.

In conclusion, Turkey has a great potential to share with the EU countries for economic activities with younger population, rich natural resources, fruitful geography and climate surrounded by three seas. If EU leaves prejudice on Turkey’s membership, it may give her a chance as well as did to Greece, Portugal and Spain, and now -in my opinion- she deserves more than Central and Eastern European Countries’ membership. Also, I wish you would visit Turkey as a tourist for at least a week preferably in summer any tour agency near you provides you, so that you may find concrete answers to your various questions, hesitations and worries.

I hope and deliberately expect from your democrat personality that act without double standards and assumptions, hence you will open the way in the upcoming Copenhagen Summit of the European Council to Turkey, offering a timetable towards membership, starting “screening” process of acquis, at least same procedure supposed to be followed by Bulgaria and Romania.

Thanks in advance for your objective and impartial approach to Turkey’s application to be a member of the EU family.

Undersecretariat of Treasury
7th floor, Emek
Ankara, Turkey 06510

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