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"The Glowers"

Curated by Ülkü ÜNSOY

with the selected works of:

  • Julie Mardin / Digital Images - juliemardin.com
  • R. Gregory Christie / Paintings
  • Ruth A. Antrich / Paintings - artoncards.com,
  • Sevestet / Installation


Highlighting the UNISUN theme:

"We can all be different, but still “be” in a harmonious closeness over a moving panorama

Opening Reception:  Tuesday, October 1, 2002  6:00pm-9:00pm with Poems & Performance & Peace
The Event includes a “Second Reception” on: Thursday, October 17, 2002 
6:00pm-9:00pm before we close the show ­ with MORE PPP!!!
ART FOR HEALING GALLERY . 405 W. 50th Street (W of 9th Ave.)

An artist herself, Ulku Unsoy says in curating THE GLOWERS:
“We SEE, THINK and CREATE to INSPIRE.  And so we go on to look at a BETTER WORLD and TRUST.”

Please join us to see the recent works of four NY based artist in dialect - lingua franca with the World,  unveiling the possibilities of universal ideas, within a remarkable harmony ­ Created TOGETHER!

This minute-modest- small- diminutive ­wee ­teeny weenie ­weensy ,

yet beamy -open to the world- amenable show GLOWS right up

with steps from tradition to abstract, in the midst of…

each artist sparkling individually and differently,

while also creating a glorious harmony as all-in-one,

as they conduit the ideas independently,

their works revealing the yearns of our era,

As ONE and as ALL, lighting the most collectively asked questions of MANKIND.”

The Glowers exhibition shows a unique combination of opposites in diverse mediums.  It unites the dissimilar art works of various sizes and materials that are used in varying techniques, to communicate a call for: interacting positive energy.

About the four GLOWERS of “THE GLOWERS”

“We move the edges of the four walls, by four GLOWING artists, connecting their vision out into the world.”

by Julie Mardin

Julie Mardin / Digital Images - Exhibiting photomontages of “sandwiched transparencies” since 1996 in various museums, galleries and non-profit spaces, she now explores the digital tools achieving the awe-inspiring effects in her brilliant compositions.  She illuminates saying ­ “The use of bright colors and bold graphics plays on the media and pop culture's techniques of merchandising. A society perpetuates violent partly through its own violent toys and the fanciful way that it markets them.  As the use of force remains our primary means of solving problems, I feel the need to simplify my images, and to make a case for the positive paths that are in danger of being abandoned.  I touch on ecological concerns that also relate directly to the pacifist urges of my earlier work.  Symbols of combat still do appear besides those of utopian ideals, showing the depth of the struggle, and the need for constant soul searching.  I hope to create some kind of dialogue between the two extremes, and thus some kind of healing through hope, and a whole-hearted embrace of idealism, with a taste of irony, and even self-mockery, thrown in for good measure.” - www.juliemardin.com

Ruth Antrich with her work
Photo courtesy of Art for Healing

R. Gregory Christie / Paintings - His work connects the viewer with art, moving them further on to connect with others through art, by the concepts which he inspires. He is an adept observer of a society and a civilization who views it from the outskirts-either from a highly spiritual standpoint or from the vantage point of a mendicant.   Beyond his moving visual art compositions, his words out: “All of us, linked by nature, are not all that much separated by culture. It takes tolerance and time, however, to comprehend another's desires and needs. And those who search long and hard enough--those who truly look and strive to see--will find an Asian or an African who needs the same things out of life as a European or a Middle Easterner.  They will also find the expressions of beauty and creativity that all cultures offer.” Christie’s many accolades include the 1997 Corretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Award & Smithsonian magazine selecting the book he pictured as a “1997 notable children’s book.”.  Kirkus Reviews praised the book as “a challenging endeavor, and an accomplished one,” and Lee & Low published a third book in May, 2001 entitled DeShawn Days by Tony Medina, illustrated by Gregory. His artwork has also appeared in the New York Times, the Village Voice, The New Yorker, Parenting Magazine and on numerous CD and album covers.

Ruth A. Antrich
/ Paintings - Ruth Antrich’s painting methods incorporate a multitude of textural elements and abstractions playing with transparency effects on two-dimensional sculptural formats.  Her various works have been in many exhibitions since 1987, both in USA and International  exhibitions and a 1993 trip to Senegal, West Africa re-directing her art. Ruth's fascination with the culture of Africa led to a brief period as a makeup artist for a Harlem-based children’s dance group which became the source of inspiration for her current “Imaginary Tribe” series. Ruth’s Words: "I am intrigued by this microcosm of the world and the rainbow of life here in New York ­ Since masks have traditionally been used to dramatically express different meanings in various cultures, I work within an improvisational perspective.  As I develop each mask painting, I imagine them to be meaningful to all people, regardless of their backgrounds and culture, conveying a tribe that is the tribe we all belong to ­ the human tribe.” - web-site: artoncards.com

Sevestet and Julie Mardin during the opening
reception of the exhibition

Photo courtesy of Art for Healing

Sevestet / Installation:  The rhythmically shifting balance between the closely integrated themes of “Destruction…Riven…Renewal…Decomposition…Reconstruction…” are provocatively captured by her giant size paintings on free-form canvases.  She uses the darks and lights complimenting one another, around the warm -mostly red- colors, in stirring compositions.  Her historical sensitivity for the contained dispersion and fusion of energy reflects in her work suggesting her concern for the social upheavals of the present and future.  Coming from a great ­ancient- city Istanbul, she valued, carried and connected her early intimacy in the arts throughout most of her life here, in another great ­new- city New York. She says: “All aspects of our lives, and styles have encouraged me to become a lover of life and people.  I have always believed that our creative experiments and works, reflecting some part of ourselves, should be the universal language. They are expressed as social values, human sharing, and human integration.”

Loren Ellis and Ülkü Ünsoy, during the opening
reception of the "Glowers"

Photo courtesy of Art for Healing

About Unisun World and "The Glowers"

"We can be all different, but still in a harmonious closeness over a moving panorama" 


UNISUN is a non-profit administrative organization which was created with the purpose of “Opening dialog between the people of different communities and cultures through arts and creativity”.

UNISUN works on building a broad network and an influential mosaic, supporting intercultural events.  The “Speedy Evolutions” on the human communication systems are playing a massive role in “Global Unification”.  UNISUN projects take the other important role of creating new bridges for the shortfalls of the growing new demands between people, especially for those who need to cross these bridges  around the idea of globalization. 

Our special projects are designed to make the gaps smaller between people of different backgrounds.  This approach gives an opportunity to involve many GLOWERS - Visionaries & Artists - to participate in this ongoing process.  UNISUN WORLD represents a growing number of selected artists who can show the universal aspects of their work from diversified backgrounds.  Artists works have the significant potential to make differences in the World.  UNISUN focuses on this potential and brings people from different cultures together through  art events and programs, to highlight and emphasize universal common traits.

UNISUN WORLD is open to collaborate with other national and international cultural & educational associations in upcoming projects.  The increasing lists of participating artists, supporting friends and organizations from educational, cultural, social and business relations are the most valuable resources to pursue this goal. 

* * * * *

About Art for Healing, Inc. NYC and “The Glowers”
A not for profit organization supporting the visual and performing arts


Our mission remains:     

"To enrich life through the arts; one is healed spiritually, mentally, then physically."

For centuries, it has been a well-known fact that physical and mental healing can be achieved through interacting with the arts. A peaceful level of enjoyment and understanding of life can be found through artistic participation. After 9/11, museums and galleries reported record attendance of visitors looking to art as a healing force and sanctuary. Art for Healing believes it is even more important than ever to enjoy and enrich our lives through the arts. 

Art for Healing, Inc., NYC supports emerging, professional, visual and performing artists with exhibitions, teaching opportunities and appearances at various private and public spaces. Our goal is to bring exhibitions, musical, poetic and dramatic performances to hospitals, nursing homes, underprivileged children’s centers, libraries and other institutions that are in need of exposure to the arts. 

The Art for Healing organization offers interactive programs, such as art classes, readings, meditation with the use of art techniques, healing with colors, video screenings and community outreach programs for professional artists, as well as for interested people with little or no experience. “Parent and Me” is a special program we are developing encouraging the interaction between a parent and child through the language of creative - expression, which also enhances the development of problem-solving skills. Our workshops are designed to inspire creative, self-expression and communication. Working with the hands, one’s mind grows and a calm and peaceful feeling is reached. 

During our receptions at our midtown Manhattan gallery, we encourage our exhibiting artists to be present in order to have a dialogue with the public. The artists will present their ideas about creativity and how art heals their spirit and enriches their lives. This gives the public a deeper appreciation of the artwork. Independent curators select local artists for exhibitions and this experience educates the curator in interacting with artists and the public. The curator will also discuss with visitors why and how an artist was selected for a particular exhibition. 

Loren Ellis, M.F.A, Director, artist and teacher, recognizing the importance of art education in our community, founded Art for Healing, Inc., NYC in May of 2000. Loren participates as an exhibitor, organizes workshops and seminars as well as assists curators with arranging exhibitions. As a free service, artists, actors and poets are welcome to use the Art for Healing Gallery between exhibitions to share their work and to educate and enrich life for all. The organization often has materials available to both visual and performing artists. 

Art for Healing encourages experimental collaborations and presents programs that present visual and performing arts at the same event so that everyone present can share this unique experience. Ultimately, through Art for Healing, our society is enriched by the arts that we nurture and everyone enjoys a peaceful, spiritual healing and a deeper appreciation of life. 

"Glowers" is presented by Unisun World Org. in association with  Art for Healing Inc.

Unisun World
Curator and Director at Unisun World: 
Ulku Unsoy >
e-mail:  uuarts@hotmail.com

Art for Healing Inc.
Director and Artist at Art for Healing:
Loren Ellis e mail >

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