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We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?

Media Release
August 1, 2002
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The Light Millennium

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Summer-2002, 9th Issue


We are honored to present the Summer-2002, #9th Issue of The Light Millennium.  This issue is dedicated to distinguished author and religious scholar Karen ARMSTRONG for her inspiring work in helping us to understand world religions and to the Arms Trade Resource Center at the World Policy Institute for its great mission in the struggle against arms and nuclear arms proliferation.

In this issue, there is a dual focus on spirituality, whether within organized religion or not, along with the pressing concerns of the persisting and growing nuclear threat.  We wanted to bring out the unifying principles between spirituality and the efforts towards global peace and justice.

We hoped to be open minded and inclusive of all endeavors towards a one-world mentality, as we urgently perceive a need to unite, and to see the common threads between all groups, in order to rise above our conflicts and the unparalleled danger unleashed by our harnessing of the atom.

We have come to the conclusion that the qualities that impel us to transcend our human nature, and to solve our social and political problems, to study science and to create artwork, are all from the same source.

Throughout time we have attempted to reach beyond our limits through imagination, creativity, exploration, and compassion. These are the unifying principles beneath all earnestly undertaken human endeavors.  As Ms. Armstrong says, believing in God is in a way a creative act.  Likewise the need for creativity in solving our political problems never seemed more urgent than right now, as we struggle to evolve into a mature, responsible, global social organization.  Perhaps this is part of our new faith...

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Be in peace, light and love,

Bircan Unver

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This issue dedicated to such distinguished author Karen ARMSTRONG &
The Arms Trade Resource Center for its essential role and mission.
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