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The Hatred In Our World

by Patsy Wilcher

Every time you turn on the television, listen to the radio, or read the newspaper, the hatred that goes on in this world is evident. It seems as if now days that’s all you hear about. It doesn’t matter if your black or white, Catholic or Baptist, Muslim or Jew, there is a hatred that transpires through it all.

The September 11th bombings showed to what extent some of that hatred can go. The anger and hostility that the suicide bombers held toward the United States was simply unimaginable. But why is there such hostility towards one another? The answers are too numerous to mention. It’s religion based, it’s geographically based, etc. We could go on and on.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002 a bomb ripped through a cafeteria at Jerusalem's Hebrew University killing seven and wounding four others. We sit here and try and make sense of this tragedy but simply cannot comprehend the mind of a person who would do such a thing.

[1] Recently United States President Bush was quoted as saying, "I am just as angry as Israel is. I am furious." President Bush mourned the deaths of five Americans in a Jerusalem bombing as he met Thursday with King Abdullah of Jordan on how to move the Mid-East peace process forward. But can peace ever be truly formed. Many people worldwide don’t think so.

King Abdullah was stated as saying to President Bush, “You have really given us hope that once and for all we will be able to move forward as Arabs and Israelis to be able to live in peace and harmony and have a tremendous future."

Bush has warned that America will strike against terrorists who attack Americans. Asked whether the United States planned retaliation, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said: "The United States is already engaged in a war against terror, and the war will continue."

But how long are we to endure the constant wars that battle on as we sleep? Will we ever wake up and realize that although we live on separate parts of this world – we do still live on the same planet. How long will it be until there is no one left because each country used the hatred inside of them to explode nuclear weapons on the other? In my opinion it’s only a matter of time.

Some major changes need to be done worldwide in order for a change to take effect. I applaud the leaders of our nation and the leaders of other nations for trying to start this change. However, I don’t know if in my lifetime if I’ll ever see it happen. I can only hope for the sake of my children and future grandchildren that peace will one day be a reality and no longer a dream.

Personal Bio of Patsy Wilcher

Peace, Love, and Freedom

These are the three things I wish the world would live by and the things I have tried to instill into my children. Be kind to one another even when it seems impossible to do.

I am a current returning college student majoring in Criminal Justice/ Nursing. I have always been very active in my community and in worldwide volunteering. I have been an advocate for domestic violence, child abuse, terminally ill children, child safety, and drinking and driving. I have also helped to research endangered species throughout the world. I am a woman of many causes and devoted whole-heartedly to each and every one of them. I am the daughter of an ex-Army Sergeant/Pastor.

My father instilled in us to be dedicated in what you do and to achieve no less than 110%. It is these values that have made my brother and I what we are today. With my mother along side him they have showed us that we can be anything we want to be. It is to them that this profile is dedicated with all my love.


[1] Extracted from USA Today, July 31,2002 Edition

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