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News from Chicago

Interest in all things Turkish is more pronounced this year then ever
before, starting with the number of groups traveling to Turkey from Chicago. 

Turkish Airlines managed to transport a group of 400 Americans (over three days) mostly from the Grand Rapids, Michigan, in September and another 200 members of a group left for Turkey in early October.

Since Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley and his wife Maggie have expressed an
interest in Turkey, Chicago has arranged for the visit of various cultural groups.  Chicago is a sister city with 23 capitals around the world....the

Turkish community here is hoping Ankara will be the 24th.

Recently Kenani Cemal and Sulukule group performed on three different
occasions to record crowds.  Invited by the Cultural Department of the City of Chicago, the gypsy fidlers participated in the World Music Festival.

Turkish Rock/Pop Music Concert by Ayna was enthusiasticaly received by
several hundred Turks recently in Chicago.

Other Turkish Culture activities included 20-booth exhibition in the annual
Travel and Incentive Show at McCormick Place where hoteliers, tour operators and artists such as Aydin Cayir, calligrapher, demonstrated his talents.

Mrs. Sel Erder Yackley, recently lectured on Turkey: Cradle of Numerous
Civilizations as part of the Live and Learn Series sponsored by Latin School parents.

Mehmet Ak, original owner and chef of Cousin's, has opened a brand new
Cousin's restaurant on the Northwest Side of Chicago.  More than 100 Turks and Americans attended the Grand Opening first week of October.

Prof. Dr. Ayhan Lash gave a lecture of "Auto Immune Diseases: Why So Many
Women" to the International Women's Associates.  She is a professor of Nursing at Northern Illinois University.

Turkish American Cultural Alliance is planning a Cumhuriyet Balosu on
Octber 26th at the McCormick Hyatt.

Stephen Kinzer will be speaking on Turkey to the monthly meeting of the international women's
associates Nov. 13 at a dinner in downtown Chicago.

Marianne and Stephen Kinzer had Semire Kirgiz,
Turkish Airlines Director (left), and Sedat Nemli,
Kempinksi representative in NY City, with Sel Erder Yacley over to dinner shortly after Kinzer returned from Iran.

New York Times Correspondent Stephen Kinzer will be speaking about his
acclaimed book "Crescent and Star:  Turkey Between Two Worlds," in mid November. Translated into four languages, Kinzer describes the role of this secular country among islamic nations as being pivotol and will talk passionately about his experiences of living in Istanbul and traveling all over Turkey for four years.

The Turkish Culture Group of the International Women's Associates are
planning half a dozen programs during the next six months, culminating in a Gala event at Four Seasons titled "Istanbul Night and Turkish Delights." IWA has 500 members from 90 different nations. "All of a sudden it is 'in' to be Turkish," said Meral Bensch, chairman of the Gala which will feature Turkish cuisine,  Turkish music, fashions, entertainment and items to be auctioned off.

The date is April 5th.  "We want to have 400 persons attend the gala and
would like a good turnout by Turks also. We want to make this an unforgetable event so we are looking for sponsors," said Mrs. Bensch.

For more information please contact Sel Erder Yackley at > seliko@earthlink.net

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