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Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**

For Immediate Release
Chicago I


TACA's  Women's Branch Initiates Monthly Activities

by Sel Yackley
Midwest Correspondent


The inaugural event organized by the Women's Branch of Chicago's TACA was a big success, according to Neriman Gezen, organizer of the Art Show held at TACA's building on North Harlem Avenue, Chicago's northwest side last month.  More than 70 ladies attended the afternoon tea where works of Turkish female artists were displayed. Fatos Aktas, wife of Hon. Consul General, Yavuz Aktas, was the brainchild of this event during which she displayed some of her landscape scenes in oils. Also helping with the days events were Hatice Dinc, member of TACA board and Sezgin Uskup, a long time resident of the Chicago area.  Mrs. Aktas is instrumental in organizing a women's branch of TACA which will have monthly activities in the building .

The Art Exhibit included works by Mrs. Aktas, Meltem Tunar, Inci Arslan,
Yasemin Kackar, Pelin Yazar Canez, and Huma Gruaz. 

The Art Exhibit included works by Mrs. Aktas, Meltem Tunar, Inci Arslan, Yasemin Kackar, Pelin Yazar Canez, and Huma Gruaz.  The variety of art on display was "highly pleasing to the eye," according to Ms. Gezen.  They included Turkish motives, landscapes from such places as Sydney, Chicago, Istanbul, oils, water colors, Karagoz and Mevlevi influenced paintings and abstract works.  Moderator Sezgin Uskup urged those in the audience to help rejuvenate the women's group in support of TACA.

Refreshments and home cooked appetizers were provided by Mrs. Aktas, Ms. Gezen, Mrs. Uskup, Perihan Jasinski, Maral Bencsch, Meral Atac, Muge Hanioglu and Yurdagul Ozgen.  A La Turka resaurant donated table clothes.  This event raised around $700 for TACA.  "Not only did we have a great time, but this became the beginning of much to come," said Mrs. Aktas.  "This was strictly a way to recognize talented female artists in the Turkish community," said Ms. Gezen.  "This was exhibit only, there were no sale of items."

Fatos Aktas, with her Sydney painting.

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TACA's Calendar
Chicago II


More than 20 volunteers gathered at the home of Consul General Yavuz Aktas in April to give TACA a shot in the arm.  The re-organized Women's branch of TACA is ready to help the leadership with official diplomatic functions as well as membership enrollment, fund raising, cultural events and redecorating and maintenance of the building on North Harlem Avenue.

The general assembly meeting for the election of new officers will be Sunday, April 28th.

The year-old TACA board, under the leadership of Mehmet Celebi, has been asking for help.  Already this young group of Turkish Americans has organized more than 35 activities involving nearly 3,500 participants.  The www.tacaonline.org website is an excellent instrument of communication, according to Hakan Hazneci, the creator and maintainer of the site.  Calendar of activities is a big help to avoid multiple functions in one week, according to Celebi.  "We also try to get the world out via email."  Our services include posting jobs, items for sale as well as monthly evening functions and community alert announcements. "Since everyone on the board is working, the Women's Branch, will be an excellent addition to our organization," said Celebi.

Neriman Gezen, Sezgin Uskup and Maral Bensch were chosen as tri-chair for this branch and the first task was to get the building ready for the 23 Nisan children's bayram celebration.  May's activity by the Women's group is the reception for Ambassador Faruk Lologlu's wife and other visiting dignitaries.

"Our long term plans are on an ongoing basis...We have decided to organize an activity a month---mostly on Sundays. Below is a sampling a flexible scheduled submitted to TACA board to make sure there is no conflict on dates.  These will be on TACA's calendar of events," said Mrs. Uskup.  


April 21---23 Nisan Cocuklar Bayrami (reception.beverage.favors for children)

May 11---Brunch/Reception for Elci ve Bakanlarin hanimlari 11 a.m. at TACA bldg

May 11---whatever needs to be done at the Dinner Dance

June—spring cleanup and decorating the building

July--helping with TACA picnic

August---possible Rummage Sale

Sept---an afternoon tea for Turkish ladies and friends

Oct 26---Help with Cumhuriyet Balosu

Nov 10 --Ataturk gunu

Dec. 8---Bayram yemegi

Jan 12-03 Dinner Dance

Feb 16---Youth (talebelere) Bayram Yemegi and Valentine's Day celebration

Mar 16---Brunch

Apri 20-03--23 Nisan Bayrami again

May 19--03---Youth celebration function


Most of these activities will result in raising funds for TACA. Anyone wanting to volunteer to help with TACA activities should contact Maral Bensch at 773 388-1394 or email Sel Yackley at seliko@earthlink.net

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