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Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**

Fiction For the Moon:
"May we ever be complete?"


The moon, the ultimate frontier of mankind that was discovered at the end of the decade in the late sixties. In fact this event was a rediscovery because there was life on the moon before the mankind from the earth discovered it. Unless, there was an interesting difference between the moon that was discovered by human beings comparing to the previous moon, which the moon people lived in. The universe was busy with cosmic explosions of all kinds then and it was going through an enormous change.

The smoke and the mist on the surface of the moon, after numerous meteor storms, were making the conditions on the moon, hard to survive for the moon people. Within the last moon year the meteor attacks began to increase in size and number. The history of the moon people went back for about 50,000 years after the Big Bang and they were still trying to survive against the harsh conditions. The cold immune system that they have built with the natural resources, which made the moon people invincible against the blistering cold and all other harmful conditions in and out of the moon. The surface of the moon was richer than the underground. There were more to find there but they were forced to live under the ground because of the adaptation they have gone through with the conditions there through out their existence. All of the sources they had underground had been well known but the sources on the surface were the big unknown as the moon people were testing them within the last century hoping to find a better way to live.

They had to test them underground because the conditions there were different comparing to the surface. The trial and error methods of the unknown sources affected the abilities they created among them. Some of them gave good results and the rest were useless. The life on the moon was slowly coming to an end referring to lack of important sources. Somehow whatever they had under the ground was enough for them to live a lifetime but the seventh sense that they had built in time, made them search for a better and longer life for their upcoming generations. Their seventh sense helped them share and love each other without prejudice. They shared these sources of nature that are present for them and they knew what they were looking for was outside, but not inside the shell.

The Moon people had the seventh sense by nature and it allowed them to be free of ruling on one another. Everyone lived in harmony and was liberated naturally and every personality was equal to one another. For this good reason they did not need or did not have any authority to regulate or rule them. Their system was fully individualized by the given gifts of the nature of the moon but they were not satisfied.

The caves they lived in were made out of cells that are partially covered with large pieces of see through, thick and clear rock formations for them to see the sky. These rock formations were the remains of the ice age of the moon, while it was turning around the sun and itself, it cooled down and melt down to form the clear rock formation with the remains of the cold era of the ice age, they were solid and were slowly disappearing. This was an important factor, which affected their future plans. They had to control their population according to the size of their underground caves. The monotone life style was getting boring and everyone needed change. Inside the caves the moon people lived on the soft blue rocks, which are so soft that they were able to give them shapes with their bare hands by creating different designs. It was easy to recognize every cave because each of them had a different construction and shape. The climate, inside the shell, under the ground was formed with the special properties of the soft blue rocks that have gone into a phase with the effect of the sun and at the mouth of the caves, the climate inside did not mix with the conditions outside, the rocks close to the entrance of the cave balanced the heat inside naturally. The cold air circulation outside did not mix with the cool air circulation inside. The moon with see through rocks (clear rocks) looked like a shining ball of crystal from outer space with people living inside it.

With the available special resources, they found out that they were able to go out of their caves and search the surface. They built this kind of strength with the help of source of natural food called Drone, which was present with them under the ground. It was made out of clear rock formations and grows naturally on the inner surface of the clear rocks facing inside the cells. Drone helped them search the surface for more, their hopes to find a new, and a better way to survive. In time, more and more people began to visit the surface by using Drone. They got to know each other and gave each other clues about the tests they did with unknown materials and its results.

Drone was such a material that it took lots of time to grow back on the surface of the clear rocks facing the cells, after they are picked up by the moon people. The amount is limited to a certain point. The Moon people had their own resources. They did not have the urge to fight over Drone because people inside the caves who collected them can only use the drone collected with their own bare hands. A piece of drone collected by someone else is useless for others and it loses all of its protective properties such as making them able to walk on the surface if it is used by someone else. Drone taken away from one by others is only a waste of resource so the moon people never had the thought of taking other's resource no matter what kind it is. They were not able to survive on the surface other than using Drone. Therefore, the moon people used Drone to store more Drone on the surface. This way they were able to use their own source from certain designated points when they needed more time to search the surface. Drone is such a material that moon people have a certain amount of time to be on the surface. It slowly loses its effect in time after it is taken into their body so by storing more on the surface they get to explore the surface for a longer period of time. Everyone knew where he or she had stored their own pile of Drone. Moon people can easily feel when they need more Drone to stay for longer periods of time on the surface because they start to lose control of their cold immune system and they can't breathe easy so they use more Drone to keep on exploring. However, Drone does not lose its properties when stored on the surface, the surface conditions does not change the properties if stored and left on the surface.

The WarmBlue water was present under the ground but moon people were not able to carry it on the surface because the characteristic of the WarmBlue water coming from under the ground was changing its properties on the surface. Some of the moon people tried to drink from the WarmBlue water on the surface and they were not able use Drone after drinking it, where so many lives were forced to stay underground just by nature. They remained in their caves all the time. The WarmBlue water springs is spread like blood veins of a human, inside and all around the thick shell in the caves and cells. Its source is the center of the moon. It has an important property called fluorescent which make the streaming water phosphoric which enable them to see each other in the dark. The fresh, bright shining, enriched WarmBlue water is also limited and the Moon people are worried about their future.

The air Moon people breathe in the caves is also a production of the clear rocks that creates the oxygen, the clear rocks reflect the oxygen, with enriched properties, inside the cells when it goes into micro-synthesis with sunlight, which is the source of energy. The air produced through these clear rock formations contains oxygen with enriched materials of vitamins and minerals. These transparent rocks reflected oxygen inside the caves from its inner surface. They emit the energy from the sun and reflect it by filtering it into oxygen, and then it spreads by circulating inside the caves with the currency of WarmBlue water.

The moon people did not have sense of touch for each other. They had strong aura around them and it was changing into different colors in different environments. Every color, their aura change into, had a different level of strength which was visible to others and they were human enough to multiply which they felt the lack of their offspring because of the limitation on the resources for their upcoming generation. They multiplied with the clash of their aura. The moon people coming together up close shifts into blue aura as one body and after the clash the released energy brought out a new baby mooner into their world.

The moon eclipses take place and the moon people have hard times because of lack of underground resources and the disorder in the currency of blue water, which causes lack of blue water and low rate of growth of Drone make them remain underground and wait for the eclipse to end. During the eclipse, darkness covers the entire moon without sunlight. The fluorescent property of the blue water helps them see each other when they remain inside the cave. Although the currency is low, they get enough light to see even into little details. With the big shadow of the planet falling on the moon, they talk among themselves that one day all these problems will disappear and that there is a future planet out there which they will move onto and have a better life. Meanwhile there is not any sign of life on the surface. It is like everything has stopped except the glowing light from the WarmBlue water.

The phases of the moon slowed down the activity among the moon people because of dark nights. Both partial and complete darkness because of the big shadow of planet falling on the moon caused cold and dark days and nights. The moon people during these times choose to stay underground because storms take place on the surface. In addition, the decreased sight because of darkness causes danger on the bumpy surface for the people walking. They might get stuck or fall into deep holes or craters. The clear rock formations might also crack when stepped on during expedition. The cracked clear rock formations means death for the people in those caves because they are almost the final guardians of their lives. Drones left on the inner surface of the rocks make the clear rocks very strong.

They remained underground during meteor storms. While the moon got hit with these storms, the clear rock formation gets damaged, and the strength of the clear rocks got weaker every other time during meteor storms. The clear rock formation was due to ice age on the moon, which is a final phase, although very secure, and strong, these formations get weaker every time a cosmic meteor hits the surface of the moon. That is why the moon people have the urge for the search for a new place to live. They started this search with expeditions on the surface of the moon.

During the last few decades, there was nothing left on the surface of the moon to test or expedite to be used as a source. Therefore, the moon people did not use Drone to walk on the surface because they have tried all the materials and none of them gave good results. At the same time they were under heavy attacks of meteor storms. They chose to remain under ground until that big day when their planet was knocked out of its orbit when a big and fast paced meteor hit their planet.

The moon slid out of its orbit and hit a planet. The moon people were hiding underground because of heavy meteor storm and the long awaited moment came suddenly, the moon was like their space ship with the strengthened, see through, clear rocks, and it finally hit the big planet close to them, the satellite of earth of those times sheltered them during the fall, many of them survived after the big crash. They had a new place to live and they called it Earth. There was a new satellite in the sky in the orbit of the planet Earth; the large asteroid that knocked the moon out of its orbit remained at the old orbit with the same name "THE MOON".

After a short journey they fell on earth through the milky way, the first life of human being on earth has began but today all the people on earth are trying to accommodate themselves to the harsh nature of the earth although it has been thousands of years. Today the human beings on earth are still forced to getting used to the conditions of the Mother Nature on Earth. The main reason for all the spreading diseases and sicknesses is the result of this matter. The moon people that came on earth and thought to find a perfect life are still having problems. They are faced to fight until this very moment. Their pure life form they had on the moon was not in effect any longer place on earth. It will take thousands of years until human beings accommodate themselves to Mother Nature on Earth. They were not able to see each other's aura anymore. It was going to take lots of time, maybe even decades for the moon people to adapt themselves to the conditions of the Earth. They also chose to live in natural caves the nature of earth created but this time they were not completely protected. They had to go through numerous metaphors during the adaptation period. And the long history of human beings started and today we are still trying to adapt ourselves to our planet EARTH.

The seventh sense and the cold immune system the moon people had were no more under their control and the people on earth to day are still trying to get used to the conditions on their new planet. This is why today we are still fighting to get used to the conditions at our home planet. All of the problems our people on earth are facing are because of this stage of aligning we are going through after the very well balanced life conditions we had on the planet we were born into. After all the entire world was a very nice place to live.

I think a lot about this question: "May we ever be complete?"

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