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Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**

Part 1
Light of Truth



"Leave his own body and travel to anywhere in the universe..."


He was moved with the rhythm of nature one day. He needed an affair to start new things in his life. He just got out of a relationship with the girl at the moon. They were good friends to begin with but he somehow could not get involved and be there at that present, as she wanted him to be but his mind was wondering all the time. They were set apart because of busy minds. It was not possible to channel into each other.

Robert Dim, a dark man with bright green eyes at his mid-twenties. A secular man, living life the way he wanted to. He has taken good lessons through out the last 10 years that he was changed a lot. It was time for him to stand on his own and fight for a new life, which only he will control the ups and downs with the things he has learned from the master made out of himself. Robert was not living on planet Earth anymore. He was present as a mass but his mind was traveling most of the times. The last technique he found was enough to make himself leave his own body and travel to anywhere in the universe. His spiritual journey started when he was looking for a new affair.

During the era of the incident of learning, he woke up to a sunny day. It has snowed so much that winter, it seemed like summer was far away. Robert Dim felt so lonely in his one bedroom apartment in Boston’s Back Bay. It was as if the sunshine was tempting him to go out into the bright day without a purpose. The narrow street he lived on was inviting him as if calling out for him to step on the red-bricked sidewalks. He could not forget that beautiful half-Indian and half-English girl he met last week through one of Robert’s friends Leonard Dawson at the club on 80 Commonwealth Ave.  

Her name is Petra, pure white with blue eyes and crimson color dyed hair, which are above her shoulders. She lived in India for about 3 years before she came to Boston and moved next door to Robert Dim whom loved Petra and wanted to be with her because she was a very sexy girl with incredible facial features and body. Leonard, for that time being was also interested in Petra so Robert chose to take a step back. Robert was too naïve to search for an inner beauty while he was looking for affairs because his mind was too much controlled by others, he was not able to think or decide what he wants out of life so he carried his body outside on the street with his robotic manners, feeling tense all over his body. As soon as he stepped out he noticed that he was carrying a book but he does not remember picking up the book from the shelves that are at the corner of his living room. He looked at the book and decided to go by the Charles River and read a little if he can bring himself all together and focus on what the book is about.

He walked across the path, passing through the exercising crowd. Most of them had smiling faces. It was definitely a good day to go by Charles to read. He settled on the riverbank and opened the book, looking at the book but not staying with it, which was putting him off. He was not getting or understanding any thing about the book he was holding and trying to read. He looked across the river to the big buildings and thought to himself being there and doing nothing just looking at the river and the world of concrete surrounding Boston was joyful enough to not to read the book. He stayed there about 45 minutes just looking at the emptiness of his mind. Then he realized his mind was creating everything he was looking at and he was amazed with the view. For a minute he saw that the whole world he was looking at was standing upside down. It was turning all around him and he felt heavy so he decided to get up and walk for a little more.

After a while he found himself on a main street but he did not know how he got there, looking around he noticed a little Indian shop. He remembered that he has been inside there once a few months ago and bought a book called Light of Truth by Saraswati. The book was not for sale and belonged to the owner of the shop but he agreed to sell it for 20 dollars. Robert read the book a little and after a while there was enormous changes in his life as he was today.

Robert was gazing around the shelves of the shop. There was a couple talking to the owner. Suddenly he started to day dream about Petra that he was moved in everyway by her and was full of love, so much love that he could cry on her shoulder out loud. Then he realized that he did not cry the past three years. His emotions were stunning, he would like to own her and tell her that she will be the only one. He was going to share the most valuable experiences and the secrecy of Light of Truth with her, now that he developed incredible abilities that will amaze her. They, together would experience the miracles of life, only he could tell her these ideas he had for days, dreaming about her all the time and every time. He felt the revenge taken out of him for the things he had not done and for things out of control, out of reach from him. As a few drops was about to go down on the inward curves of his face. He heard someone talking to him:

" Did you read the book?" The owner of the shop asked him with an Indian accent.

Robert tried to get a hold of himself and he responded: " Yes, I did as much as I can but it was not easy to understand."

The shop owner looked into his eyes for a few seconds.

"You seem to know that she will come to you if you use the techniques in the book." He said with abnormal intonation in his voice as if he wants to hypnotize Robert. It was amazing for Robert to hear these words. He could not believe what the shop owner was saying. He was reading his mind.

"Yes" he said with a fake smile on his face.

He rushed out of the shop. It was time to go and read more. He remembered the verses in the book. He studied every meaning of the words in the verse, which he was supposed to repeat before starting the out of body process described in the book. He knew how to do it but he had to make an inner search before he starts the process. The seed of meditation had to be placed to his own insight to make it stronger along with his control of his energy form.

" I need her" said to himself, thinking about Petra.

The night fell; Robert was lying down on the big leather couch and reading The Light of Truth, he read a couple of verses and realized that his comfort was back, and he was at ease. He had a clear mind without any tension. Somehow he was able to focus on this special book. The last verse he read made him feel as if floating without any doubt, fear, weakness, or anger. He was ready to plant the seed of meditation later tonight.

In the middle of the night he suddenly woke up to experience his first meditation. He followed the rules in the book. It took him about 15 minutes and his concentration was on Petra all along. He wanted her to come to him. The seed of meditation was planted at the end of the process and Robert felt it while he was opening the gates of perception during meditation with the techniques he had learnt and found from the book. He repeated a couple of verses he recalled from the book and went back to sleep.

The sun was shining bright through the smooth summer day to Robert's face coming along from his narrow window. At first he thought he heard a buzz in the middle of his sleep. Then it came along it was coming from the hallway; there was somebody at the door. He got up and opened the front door. He was hearing the footsteps of his unexpected guest, climbing the stairwells. Finally there was a knock on the door. Robert was half asleep but he knew his life would not be the same after seeing Petra standing there. She was locked out of her apartment and needed to make a phone call. Robert was almost dazzled and he invited her inside. She was pure again and shining bright like she was torn apart from a star in the sky. Her eyes were like a pair of stolen gems from the highest temple.

They saluted each other. She stepped inside and Robert did not know what to say, he was mesmerized and could not say a thing.

" What did you do last night?" was the very first question she asked.

"He had a mission, a mission with a dangerous toy in his mind."

At the same instant Robert was trying to understand the meaning of this question. First he thought she knew what he did but then she might have asked it to find out if he had gone out to the club. He replied without control and “nothing” he said. The minute he was about to go into a conversation with her, there was another knock on the door. It was Leonard as if following the footsteps of Petra. He did not need any invitation and stepped inside. He had a big smile on his face; he walked towards Petra and kissed her on the lips. Then Robert has realized that they were together. He was a bit disappointed but was madly happy that he managed to bring her to himself. The presence of Leonard did not bother him and the kiss was very much expected. They left his apartment hand in hand with a smile on their faces. Robert was amazed and he had a mission, a mission with a dangerous toy in his mind.

His mission was to develop himself and play with the dangerous toy of lifting himself higher to the skies. He was ready to experience his first out of body experiment.

After a short term of focusing through meditation he started the process*. He was lying down on the carpet floor and his pulse and heartbeat was about to stop, a cold feeling started to move up starting from his hands. He was turning blue and slowly he released his energy from his body. (* The process is not explained in details here because it might be dangerous to try this method in reality)

In the middle of the room there was a cold body without a single heartbeat and pulse was laid. Robert's energy was floating above and he was lifted. He looked at his body one more time. The time limit for him to return into his body was not long because this was his first experiment. In time he was going to expand this time and he would be able to go into other bodies and take control of their actions. His first aim was to have a conversation with Petra through Leonard. He just wanted to listen to her without saying a word. The time he has was not long but the distance he had to float to was as short as next block

Robert just wanted to listen her while she was talking. He went inside through the air-conditioning beneath the window. He could see them clearly and he just sat there without a being listening to Petra. She said she was leaving for India next week. She was telling Leonard that they might not see each other for a while.

He stayed there for a while watching Petra and was scared a bit because he had to return into his own being and body, which he left in his living room. He repeated his verses and after a trembling shock he woke up in his living room. He was very cold and thirsty so he rushed to the kitchen and drank some water. He was still shaking but he had smile on his face because he was going to follow Petra to India and the experiment was working well. He could become the light itself and do as he wishes.

Next week he got into a taxi and went to the Logan Airport to catch the first flight to Delhi. After a while, he found himself in a room surrounded by windows, which had the view of The River Ganges. He knew where to find Petra but could not manage to uplift himself. There was a disorder in the pattern of his spirituality. So he decided to get lost in the streets of Delhi, thinking maybe this way he can get himself together so that he could give a message to Petra by going into whoever is next to her. He walked into the unknown and got to a park where he can lay under the sun and enjoy himself. Suddenly he realized that he was able to transform into energy again so he started the process lying on the grass inside the park, he left his body there and began to search for Petra all over the place where she told she was going to be in Robert’s previous elevation of soul.

There was a problem she was nowhere to be found. He searched everywhere but there was no sign of her anywhere. Meanwhile, at the park, there were about ten people around his body where he laid without a single heartbeat and pulse. He was moved to a hospital immediately. Robert unaware of his body was still searching for Petra. The doctors at the hospital in the emergency room were trying to bring him back with all the technology they have. After a while they declared him dead and sent him next to The River Ganges for the ceremony where his body is going to be burned and spread over The River Ganges!

End of part one

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