We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?
Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**


"Congratulations for all you have achieved with the "Light Millenium." We were very happy to share that special event with you and your guests. We are so proud of you... And, we wholeheartedly wish much success in the future!"

Aysegul, Reha & Naz DURAKOGLU
, New York

"...I could read the English version and your ideas touched me deeply. Especially the Turkish-Greek Synergy is for me "a wish coming true"!I am Greek and I would be very happy to contribute my best in your forum. I would be happy to be a volunteer editor for Greek.Please send me some information about what the contribution could be or what you need for the Greek version.

I was reading Aziz Nesin and Nazim Hikmet and I was singing Livaneli's songs in a time (many years ago) when the idea of peace between the two countries seemed a hopeless dream. I have lived and studied together with Turkish friends in Germany, I have dear friends in Istanbul and all over the world.I have heard wonderful stories about Greeks and Turkish people living in good neighbourhood from elders in Greece. I was so touched when finally, after the disastrous earthquakes, both countries came closer.

Since 2000 I live in England doing a master degree in Psychotherapy. My background is in medical research (Immunology) and different healing techniques. Art and spirituality are for me bridges for understanding between peoples. These are the areas where I could, if you wish, personally contribute with some writings."

Dr. Marilena PAPANASTASIOU, London

"I finally had a chance to read your beautiful web site. What a tremendous accomplishment! You have done a great deal to make this a better world. I will be starting a web site soon, and I will let you know when it is online.

After 10 years of working on wrongful convictions, I feel it is time for me to concentrate more on investigative journalism. That is why I am starting my web site. I also have three books of my own in the works and commitments to publish two or three books by other investigative journalists. By expanding my horizons, I hope I will be able to be more selective in and successful with the wrongful conviction cases I work on.


Thank you for your dedication to justice as well as truth and beauty.

Martin D. YANT,
Author, Journalist & Private Investigator, Columbus, Ohio

* * * * *

Subject: Love your concept.......free speech... YEEEEEEEEEEESSS !!!

Dear Developers of Light Millenium,

Thanks you !!! Thanks you !!! Thank you !!!.

I am very happy to find your sight and know you exist.........
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free speech and free exprssion is one of my passions.......... I feel we are simpatico.......... and the connection feels energizing.


I am developing alittle piece in my head about the important of free speech for ur personal and collective health....... I am an art therapist, so I think in these ways. Shall I forward it to you later? ...... When it is ready........ ?

Your forum may be a place for me to develop my ideas and get feedback before I develop it as a article for submission to an art therapy journal?

I attended the Free Speech Lectures at the Tulane University Law School sometime back when I lived in New Orleans. Interesting. There is alot of writing about free speech, and its importantace, that you may want to include, from open minded law professors........
I appreciate your work.........
I will check back in and look for it...........

Long may your float on the WWWeb waves.........
Roberta SHOEMAKER-BEALS, Art Therapist in Wimberley, Texas, 5 March 2002

* * * * *

I looked very briefly to the new issue of LM, and it looks much better than before. I am working on a new poem, the first draft is complete, I need to polish it and make few corrections. I will e-mail it to you once I am done for consideration.

Mehmet UCA, New York, March 3, 2002

* * * * *

I want to celebrate the LM Anniversary with best regards to Bircan Unver who created this world of self-expression which gives us the opprtunity to express our thoughts and ideas on a platform with all the participants following the main idea of Light Millennium and welcome each other on one

. . .

I love the new issue and I traveled along the archives and see the huge development through out the time you start and today.

Babur ALBAYRAK, Istanbul, February 28, 2002

* * * * *

The contents of this issue are extraordinary, and the presentation as well.

Dr. Halit UMAR, Rotherdam

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We have been celebrating our 2nd Anniversary.
Thank you very much to all for being part of the Light Millennium.
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