We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?
Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**

Now What?

Selçuk PERIN

December flew and the New Year turned on projecting everyone into the second year of the millennium. Europe had its first common goal realized. They traded their local currencies for the Euro. The Taliban has been mated and a new order is getting into place in Afghanistan. Israel and the Palestinians are at it again. Old foes could never sit at the same table I say.

Argentine plunged into bankruptcy and millions are on the streets. Begging for work, food and their dollars in the banks.

We have approved a new World order. Liberalism. We have approved the displacement of productions in the name of productivity and profit.

Yet we have forgotten the consumer. Why? Because, although we are manufacturing at better prices, including the shipment, we are still selling at the same prices.

Who is that consumer? Those whom we have set into unemployment, taken away their salaries and buying power. We have created a new consumer in another location. Yet those consumers are not able to buy anything they manufacture. Price too high!

So the wishes circle is again on the moveÖ We take away her, give a little there and the balance sheet shows profit and the stocks rise.

Isn't there something wrong with our system? It seems to me that there is. Maybe I'm alone thinking like that.

The Euro has appeared in our wallets in Europe, yet fresh vegetables have doubled in prices in three weeks. Maybe it is the heavy rains that have caused that? Yet the consumer has to be present and buy. Egality? Fraternity? Fidelity?

I really do not know which Saint to call in for help. Not to help me! To help those who sleep in metro stations, those families who lives with the minimum allowed by the Social Services. How do they feed their children? Pay their rent, electricity and gas? How do they continue to live at the margin of the society? Who cares for them?

So many questions and no balance sheet!

So much misery and no shoulder to cry!

So much to do and no help underway!

Will that be ending soon?

Or are we doomed to see the poor poorer, the rich richer and middle class disappear from our system?

Oh by the way! The middle class is disappearing. They cannot move up. So they are coming down and joining the poor to become a number in the system.

The education system is at its worst level. The kid's finishing school seems to know less and less every day. Selectionism is at its high at all schools. If you cant bear it, leave. Seems to be the motto.

Did we evolve to the second (or was it the third) millennium to live and see this?


Brussel, 28/01/2002

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