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Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**
Latif BOLAT's Multi-Media Presentation in Chicago


Press release by Sel YACKLEY

More than 200 people attended a multi-media presentation at Chicago's Cultural Center, March 11th by Latif Bolat of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Bolat and his musicians were invited by the City of Chicago to sing, dance and show slides in the Sufi manner. The evening's program included the showing of slides, demonstrating the whirling dervish twirling and music by Bolat and his accompanists. 

Mrs. Semra Prescott (left) thanks Latif Bolat for his presentation  While Neriman Gezen (seated) and Fatos Aktas look on.

Earlier in the day Bolat made a private appearance at the home of Meral Bensch to address two dozen women who are interested in the mystical powers of Celladdin Rumi, a 13th century philosopher and spiritual leader of Anatolia. This was part of a monthly program presented by the Turkish Culture Group of International Women's Associates in Chicago.  The  group is chaired by Fatos Aktas, wife of the Consul General of Turkey.

Presentor Latif Bolat, a highly educated, spiritual musican spoke mostly about recited poetry and sang songs accompanied by his 'saz' instrument.  He mesmerized those in attendance discussing Islamic beliefs form its beginnings to the 19th century with emphasis on the Spiritual and Mystic.  He explained the life and times of Rumi (a 13th century philosopher who lived in Anatolia, now Turkey).  Sufism is based on meditative powers of an individual who finds the higher power within himself.  A great many American-born Moslems (other than the Black  Muslims) are believes in Sufism which reaches utopia once the believer learns to whirl and become a whirling dervish.

A leader of a Sufi group in the western part of the United States, Latif Bolat is a well known speaker and musician who also appeared at the opening of the "Empire of Sultans" exhibit at the Milwaukee Museum of Art over the weekend.  He will be the opening acting when the exhibit travels to North Carolina.  He resides in Santa Fe.  His website is www.latifbolat.com 

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