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After the Extraterrestrial War

by Barbara PARKER

As described in my last article regarding the 'Truth About the Apocalypse,' earth is in danger of death and destruction due to an evil race coming from outer space.   This evil race has destroyed 10-15 planets and has been prophesized by others, on earth, to me.  Plus my own contact has verified the ET War.

Good beings have had their planets destroyed.  Huge populations have died off.  They were blind sided.  Survivors of these atrocities need and want to come to earth to save their own lives and the protect earth and humans on earth.  They need to come soon.  There is no way to stop this evil without the Good ET, they have destroyed before and are heading for earth.

The Good ETs will come first and prepare earth and humanity.  They want to live freely with us.  They want to arrive unhindered.  They are highly evolved intellectually, loving and peaceful.  They know the importance of saving planet earth.  They will bring women and children on their ships.  When they arrive they would like to establish homes for themselves and family members.  They do not want to be feared or revered.  They are not god's just beings like earth beings.  They look like us.

Because the death to their planets and the death that will occur on earth a natural growth and repopulation period will begin.  There are women on earth who are pregnant for the purpose of repopulation. That is how prepared and systematic the Good ETs are.  They are the 'Elect' as stated in the bible. 

The beings coming from distant planets (some are destroyed planets, some not destroyed) are totally prepared to save earth and the system is working already.  They have systematically showed themselves since the 1940's to avoid scaring those on earth.  You have to remember or keep in mind that others from other planets originated on earth.  So to show themselves to us since the 1940's is to not instill fear but to keep us from being afraid of them.  Remember the movie 'Close Encounters of The 3rd Kind?'  In the movie earth beings met with ETs and we were not afraid of the meeting.  The situation was calm and loving.

Please know I write this article to facilitate change.  Do not be afraid of change.  Do not be afraid of beings from other planets.  Just know that after the evil race destroys earth, life as we know it will be different.

As stated in the bible 'this generation will come to pass.'  Life as we know it will be different because we will know of other beings from other planets.

Know that the 'Elect' will save our lives.  They will rebuild the planet and there will be a repopulation period and peace again.  'Fear not for I am with you always' Jesus taught us these words. 'I will rain my spirit on all men in the end times,' God stated these words. 

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