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The Power of Thought or How I Became a Contactee

by Barbara PARKER

The following article will help others know how became a contactee.

Remember there are other cultures out in the universe and I know of at least 15-20 other planets with beings on them just like us on earth.  Other schools of thought think there are more.  Each culture has abilities like we do but perhaps different.  One thing that is universal to all cultures on all planets it the  power of thought.  Thought power is powerful and perhaps that is why S.E.T.I  has not been able to obtain messages from outer space because the 'others' use the power of thought for communication.  Perhaps they use all of their brain and humans tend to use only parts of their brain. 

I learned of the power of thought while becoming certified in hypnosis and ended up being enlightened.  During my training I read books by Ruth Montgomery  and Shirley McClain they understood past-life regression thus the original extraterrestrials on earth.  Plus they understood about Para-normal, enlightenment, and the different cultures that come and go to earth.  It is a learning process.  We all have information in our sub conscience due to past lives and text book learning plus experiences in life help us all to learn the truth of the universe.

As I was learning I welcomed friends to meet with me in guided group meditations.  I called it the meeting of the minds.  Think tanks are like this.  During the sessions we all came up with answers to problems. Either personal problems or cases or work related problems.  I happened to describe what Ruth Montgomery wrote about extraterrestrials and the power of thought took over.  Imagine a group of people discussing meditation, Para-normal and extraterrestrials around a kitchen table.  That is when I became a contactee.  They came to me in dreams. 

The power of thought is far reaching, to the ends of the universe and faster  than the speed of light.   It can make you or break you depending on how it is used.  A truly enlightened person is not afraid and will have positive thoughts.  Basically I described extraterrestrials in a positive way and I was not afraid to discuss them and behold they contacted me.  They came to me. 

They have the ability to communicate with you in your dreams, they can move objects through the 3rd dimension, put implants into your sinus cavities and impregnate you in your sleep state.  A lot of this is done through the 3rd dimension and without you feeling a thing. 

Try reading Ruth Montgomery, and Shirley McClain.  Read Ruth Montgomery's book on past life regressions.  Then invite open minded friends over and discuss extraterrestrials on a positive way.  Do not be afraid and await answers, see  what happens.

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July 15, 2003

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