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He Should Have Stayed With His Body

by Barbara PARKER


There is evil in the world.  Varying types of evil.  Unfortunately I have met one particular evil person who abused me.  I know physic ability and can help others achieve physic ability.  A truly gifted person will know the magnitude of using their gift wisely.  Only an evil person will use their God given gift unwisely to hurt others.  Gifted people know God bestowed a gift on them for the sole purpose of helping others.  Abuse of this gift can lead to evil and the evil will destroy the gifted person. 

My gift is to know gifted people and to help them achieve their gift.  When I help them they are more highly evolved and aware that the special gift they have is given to them by God.  I train them to use the gift wisely and for the greater good of all humanity.  A man, Stacey Clear, I met brief was a gifted person.  I tried to explain to him his gift and he would not talk to me about it.  Instead I prayed that his gift was bestowed on him so I would not have to deal with him.

I knew what his gift was supposed to be used for, to save humanity.  I don't think even God knew of his evil.  His hate.  The man turned out to be what I call loose cannon.  He used his God given gift to abuse me and his family and friends.

Physic ability is used with the help of the Spirit Realm.  To have the ability requires the help of Spirits.  Clairvoyance is the definition of conversing with the Spirit Realm.  To abuse the gift and the Spirit Realm blasphemous and evil. 

Stacey Clear refused proper training.  He refused to be proper with his gift and it cost lives and will cost lives if not stopped.  He is the Anti-Christ.  Instead of behaving like Jesus he allowed the sick to suffer.  He allowed those to die.  He used the black not the light.  He tried to convince his friends to help in the abortion of babies.  He would astral travel and spy on others and use the information gleamed to back stab the victim.  He tried to starve others to death.

He lied about criminal cases to set up others for failure.

There is a word for people like this.  Evil people who pray on the masses using physic ability.  This person pretends to be innocent of appropriate wisdom of his gift.  He denies God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  He makes truly gifted people, those who use the light of God to help the greater good, look bad.  He gave the community of gifted people a black eye.  This person is worse than Hitler.  He is truly the Anti-Christ.

Fortunately this person reaped what he sowed.  He received what he dished out.  He drove himself crazy and ultimately committed suicide.  His evil turned against him.  Karma.  There is no excuse for such evil.  The human soul will not allow themselves to be this evil.  The mind and heart will kick in ethics and morals.  There is no excuse for pretending ignorance of evil.  Intelligence and we are all intelligent, will stop the evil within.  The heart will win the soul over.

This man was intelligent.  He was once a good Christian.  He used to pray.  He dished out evil and the evil killed him.  But even in death he denied heaven and the light of God.  He is in the Abyss where God ultimately sent him.  He is in hell.  He is a tortured soul.

To deny the truth of God is to blame God.  To Hate others is really hating ones self.  To not 'love thy neighbor' is a sin.  To kill is to sin.  To abuse others is a sin.  And to use a God given gift against others is a sin.  Hate and evil will turn against the person emitting the hate and evil and will drive the human crazy.

Upon death the soul must remain with the body.  The ritual of burial, ancient wisdom and rites of passage, blesses the soul thus the soul seeks the light of God.  Stacey Clear denied God, he denied the light of God and he is in the abyss.  He should have remained with his body.

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