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The Letter for the 6th Anniversary
#17th Issue - March 2006, New York

On "Choice For Humanity"

by Bircan ÜNVER*

"Today, eight or nine countries continue to possess nuclear weapons. We still have 27,000 warheads in existence. To me, this is 27,000 too many."

There are countless articles, web sites, and columnists trying to mask fake, "peace" statements regarding the fatality of potentially, dangerous nuclear reactors. Nuclear Lobbyists are earnestly working to convince Turkey, but their story is not a new one. It is same story that they used in America that these reactors were for energy and peaceful purposes and not for producing nuclear weapons. And then the US built nuclear weapons in a race with the former Soviet Union. Afterwards, over 35,000 nuclear warheads decreased by the US's destruction to 27,000 after the former Soviet Union collapsed; however, we do not hear much about how the United States' nuclear warheads have been decreased. Nonetheless, I watched a documentary entitled, "Avoiding Armageddon: Our Future - Our Choice: Nuclear Nightmares - Losing Control" (2003), the U.S. Annual budget for improving nuclear weapons is over 7.4 billion, and for eliminatiing it, 1 billion... The budget says clearly that everything has been presented as being misleading to world citizens in relation to "decreasing" nuclear weapons and instead building nuclear reactors for pure "energy" purposes which has been a double standards since its beginning... What has been happening in the last couple of years, in particular since the Iran crisis arose; nuclear lobbying is again in action in the Turkish government and media - not fully explaining all aspects of having nuclear reactors... Needless to say, just like in other countries that have nuclear programs, they will also not be built in Turkey purely for "nuclear energy", but for making "nuclear weapons", and endorsing the nuclear energy aspect of it is how they will sell it to the Turkish people... Disappointedly, young intellectuals and some people seem to have aligned with the nuclear lobbyists and "pro-nuclear" stance on how nuclear energy is necessary and important for Turkey's development of today and its future.

Who really believes in them or who has been promoting strongly that "nuclear energy" is a necessity for Turkey is someone I consider as being impeccably taken care of by "Nuclear Lobbyists"... I have no way to distinguish between "who really believes in it from a scientific and long term healthy perspective", or "ignoring all the fatal risks and potential, but ONLY caring about how much they will get from the cream of that pie! I am horrified that one of the main daily Turkish newspapers promotes that the "nuclear energy" and building of the atomic bomb as the "late happiness of Turkey."

I could see what is coming to Turkey via these promotions and lobbying, and also what could be its fatal outcome not only for Turkey or the Middle East but for the entire World.

Professor Ole Danbolt Mjøs, Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee for the 2006 - Nobel Peace Prize, in his presentation speech for Mohamed El-Baradei's prize, portrays today's world from the "nuclear weapon" perspective in Oslo, December 10, 2005 as:

"The number of nuclear powers in the world has risen. In addition to the USA, Russia, Great Britain, France and China, Israel, India and Pakistan have nuclear arms. Perhaps North Korea, too. This is not to say that there have been no positive developments. South Africa discontinued its program, thus becoming the first country to have developed nuclear weapons only to abandon them. All credit to South Africa! Belorussia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan renounced the nuclear weapons which the Soviet Union had left behind in their territories. Libya has reversed its policy. Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea and Turkey have given up ambitious programs. Nevertheless, proliferation continues. It has to be stopped." ©

As Prof. Prof. Danbolt Mjøs has underlined:

"It has to be stopped."
" It has to be stopped."
" It has to be stopped."

If it CANNOT be stopped, then this is insane... When most of the government's high profile, decision makers and respected newspapers columnists know what the real agenda is, and what it will cause to Turkey, to the Middle East, and to the entire world that they could still promote that... This will be the most SUICIDICAL action that will be put into practice in all of Turkey's history for each and every person of Turkey if this CANNOT be stopped...

Instead of "arms" and "nuclear reactors and weapons", those resources should be channeled and invested in the people of Turkey, in particular to the young generations which will pay back greatly in 30 years... Otherwise, we may not have a Turkey, or Turkish people, or an entire World in 30-50 years from this point on... Not only in Turkey, but all countries including the developing ones have to invest to mankind...

The World has enough resources for all humankind if it is equally distributed. When any of you have glanced at how many hundred billions of dollars have been poured into the nuclear weapon's programs in many countries, it is easy to understand that human & natural resources and human skill & technology have been used against HUMANITY...
This is not because there are not enough resources; it is crystal clear that all the human, natural resources, skills and technology have been manipulated for destruction, in particular, for the last 50 years... Now, this MUST BE CHANELLED FOR HUMANITY. In 2005, Nobel Peace Prize recipient & General Director of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamed El-Baradei stated in his Nobel Lecture in the Oslo City Hall, December 10, 2005 as:

"Consider our development aid record. Last year, the nations of the world spent over $1 trillion on armaments. But we contributed less than 10 per cent of that amount - a mere $80 billion - as official development assistance to the developing parts of the world, where 850 million people suffer from hunger.

My friend James Morris heads the World Food Programme, whose task is to feed the hungry. He recently told me, "If I could have just 1 per cent of the money spent on global armaments, no one in this world would go to bed hungry." ©

There are several news related in the preparatory process of building NUCLEAR Reactors in Turkey by the Turkish government according to BIANET.ORG funded by the EU, including CNNTurk's news titled, "Nukleer Enerji'yi kullanmak zorundayiz..."(We must use the nuclear energy...), that was stated by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Sources in Turkey.


There are several alternative, scientifically proven directions for "energy" , and those will indeed prevent Turkey from turning out to be a "FATAL & TECHNOLOGICAL GARBAGE LAND". Therefore, Turkey should switch its direction for "renewal" or to other sorts of energy rather than to "nuclear" ones, which won't bring human casualties and natural DESTRUCTION, technological POLLUTION, as well as a NUCLEAR WAR THREAT...

This is a very important issue for Turkey and to the entire World, please submit your ideas whether you are in favor of it or not. If you are not, please also try to envision your suggestions on what could be the best solution in terms of REPLACING OIL DEPENDANCE, or what you consider is the best CHOICE FOR HUMANITY and/or TURKEY?

I cannot guess how many ($) billions have been involved at pushing the "pro-nuclear" and who will directly benefit from this... but these definitely won't be the peoples of Turkey, or peoples of the Middle Eastern, or the citizens of the World!

We invite you ALL, to imagine as El-Baradei illustrated in his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech on December 10, 2005:

"Imagine a world where we would settle our differences through diplomacy and dialogue and not bombs or bullets. Imagine if the only nuclear weapons remaining were the relics in our museums. Imagine the legacy we could leave to our children." ...............

Yes, we have also been imagining and dreaming that all nuclear weapons that will ONLY be remaining were the relics in our museums - that will be a definite CHOICE FOR HUMANITY...


* * * * *

Any ideas may affect this process positively or negatively... I have been inspired by Carl Sagan's illustration that when one butterfly's moving its wings can affect the other part of the World too... All these attempts may consider the butterfly's one-second flight, and who knows that might influence something positively on the summit of the pyramid in the US, in the EU, and in Turkey for this matter!

Having said all of the above, we need to aim in reflecting ALL IDEAS on the LM and ISIKBINYILI that might be a good solution for Turkey's energy needs.

Please reflect your concerns and ideas and be a part of the 6th anniversary issue of the Light Millennium (in English, Turkish, or both).

We will keep posting your ideas according to your submissions which are not limited to the previously announced (March 13) deadline.

With Peace, Love and Light,

Bircan Unver
March 2006

*The author is fully responsible for the content of this letter, and has written it from an independent perspective.

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