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Two Universal Men:
Mevlana Celaleddin RUMI/Seb-i Arus &
Arthur C. CLARKE/Birthday
Dervish designed by Pelin Bali. Sir Arthur C. CLARKE is at his office in Colombo, December 2005.
by Bircan ‹NVER
December 17, 2005, Istanbul

Mevlana Celaleddin RUMI and Arthur C. CLARKE: Two Universal Men
who have made it their lives’ landmark and touchstone to spread the Earth's past, present, and future universal values. These two universal men who will light the way for all times have something in common: Mevlana Celaleddin RUMI (1207 - 1273) left this world on December 17, 1273 which He defined as "Seb'i Arus."* And Arthur C. CLARKE was born on December 16, 1917, a day before the 644th anniversary of RUMI's passing.

Let's take a look at these important dates on which these two universal values have met: There is a difference of exactly 710 years between their comings into the world. Mevlana united with his GREAT SACRED LOVE, ALLAH on December 17, 1273 in Konya at the last breath of the Seljuk Empire, twenty-six years before the Ottoman Empire was founded After exactly 644 years, just at a time when the caldron of WWI was boiling, CLARKE opened his eyes to the world on December 16, 1917 in the town of Blenheim in England.

This date which follows one after another one, when two universal values met brings to mind universal coincidences as much as the ìuniversal languageî described in the book titled The Alchemist which has been written with inspiration again from Mevlana. When this universal language is construed, I have been thinking for a while that the continuity has been carried on from Mevlana to Clarke and that there is a universal connection between them.

After we, as Light Millennium (, had organized an event with Prof. Dr. Talat HALMAN and her daughter Defne HALMAN, titled ìRumi: Soaring to Ecstasyî on November 18, 2005 at the Turkish House, I had asked Prof. Halman for a copy of his speech to be e-published on the Web site of the Light Millennium. When I was working on that text to be published, I suddenly realized this connection.

Since that day, my mind gets caught on this universal coincidence or language from time to time. And with the need of transferring those thoughts into writing I compose these lines.

* * * * *

On one hand, Mevlana who had left the Earth 732 years ago, but whose values are embraced by mindful people all around the world with a need more than ever in our age and who lives among us effectually more than ever today. On the other hand, Sir Arthur C. Clarke who lives on one of the most beautiful and poor islands of the Earth since 1956 like an ordinary citizen in Colombo, Sri Lanka, having made Hector and Valeri Ekanayake and their three daughters his own family.

This island has been exposed to a civil war between Singhalese and Tamils since mid-1950s; and despite its natural beauty, marvelous culture, myths and legendaries it has been left as one of the poorest islands of the world.

Yes, the world only will be saved from the chaos of today when the Earth and Universe raise this kind of great people not in every 710 years, but 710 of them in every year. It will only be possible to get rid of the biggest catastrophes, especially the ones ìcaused by the hands of human for human, for the Earth and Universeî through the rising of the values of again people and humanity; it will then be possible to protect the Earth and humanity.

Mevlana had left the seeds and universal values, emphasizing that the whole humanity and Earth is a family, to us and to the universe 732 years ago.

Today, 732 years later, just take a look at where we have arrived as a result of WRONG POLITICS= ADMINISTRATION= COMMERCE= PRODUCTION structure founded on all around the world!!!

The progress in the areas of technology, science, medicine, communication and transportation unfortunately have turned into not the progress of humanity, but as a result of wrong doings and bad administrations along the ages, into a weapon and threat against the majority. Because what owns, uses, and manages all these sources, what guides the whole humanity like its own chess gameís pieces is unfortunately even less than 1% of the whole population of the Earth.

What we, the Earth, and the whole humanity should take on is very, very big: To turn this 1% into 99%!

In Iraq, in the Middle East, and all around the world, chaos, wars, pain, disasters, big lies, big frauds in all levels are continuing as if theyíre in a race with each other. Meanwhile, there are the Iran and Korea scenarios driven before us that to stage these scenarios will be much worse than dynamiting lava in the center of the Earth.

* * * * *

Mohamed ELBARADEI, who received the 2005 Nobel Prize (IAEA  International Atomic Energy Agency, December 10, 2005), in the interviews he gave regarding his prize says about the war scenarios prepared against especially Iran: ìEither the humanity will be saved altogether or we will sink to the bottom altogether.î (CNN International, Johathan MANN, December 10, 2005).

Yes, El-Baradei, too, must be one of the intellectual grandchildren of Mevlana.

As long as there emerge EL-Baradeiís, and the common consciousness of claiming the Earth develops, it will be possible for us to become a whole as a family around the universal value and purposes as Mevlana had visualized. It will then be possible to carry the humanity toward the future, toward 3-5 million years ahead, and toward other planets. It so will be possible to carry on the existence of humanity at those places by satisfying the spiritual and mental needs beyond the basic needs of human, developing capability, skills, and equipments as Sir Arthur Clarke envisions. And as EL-Baradei has emphasized, ìWe still have a chance.î

* * * * *

At the point where we have reached today since 732 years before, we, as the whole humanity, are at the borderline of existence-destruction in terms of humanity values, the distribution of sources, and equality at the level of right to live.

For this reason, letís give hand to hand, head to head, and concentrate on this issue to make the Earth and humanity catch the ìGOLDEN AGEî in the next 732 years, in parallel to Mevlana and Clarkeís visions and values, to make this the MUTUAL DREAM of 7 billion people. Only then we can put an end to the threat at the borderline of existence-destruction altogether.

On the days of Mevlanaís 732nd Anniversary of the Seb-i Arus* and Clarkeís 88th Birthday, I, with all my heart, wish the light and values they have spread replace the darkness originating from human.

 _ . _

Translated from Turkish by Figen Bing¸l

*Seb-i Ar¾s:
Seb means ënightí in Persian
Ar¾s means ëbrideí in Persian

ìSeb-i Ar¾sî literally means the ìnight of the brideî suggesting the wedding night. Mevlana used this phrase for his own death night. He likened the night he would unite with God to a joyful wedding night.

--With our thanks to Kenan Kilimci.

Media Release (English)

Below essay e-distributed over the Internet in Turkish on December 17, 2005.

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Note: In the original text, both dates were stated as December 17, but Sir Arthur's Birthday is actually on December 16. The original content is revised on this page.

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