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Letter of the Summer-06, #18th Issue

From LM-Kids Corner -
Rumi & Clarke Inspirational Writing Awards Project -to
Nothing will be removed!

by Bircan UNVER

---------------------------- Original Message ---------
Subject: two short essays from Irem Lara Unal
Date: Sat, June 17, 2006 6:58 pm
To: ""

"Dear Bircan,

Please find attached a short essay about an environmentally friendly school that I dreamt of. Another short essay I included is about the DARE Program. Please let me know what you think about them.

Two of my cousins are writing papers, stories, etc., that they will send them to me. A lot of my friends promised to write and send their essays to me as well. I will try to send the papers to you before the 18th issue goes out. I, myself am writing and I want to get all "kidz corner" essays in the coming issues.

I will encourage more people to write everywhere I go. I love being the kids rep. for L.M.

Thank you

-Irem Unal (I am going to try and turn "kids corner" into a Lightmillennium legacy.)"

 * * * * *

Dear Friends,

Irem's above e-mail from North Carolina has touched me very much. Therefore, I'd like to share with all of you my feelings of great morale and energy, that what we have been trying to do is WORTH continuing, regardless of life's conditions and difficulties!

THANKS IREM, you have empowered the LM, and have given us a real new dimension that is also part of the essence originally within the LM's Mission and Vision. Without KIDS & YOUTH's participation, WE, as humanity, as the global family, won't be able to make any progress!

I greatly appreciate Emin Pamucak's contributions and advice to the LM.

As most of us are aware, ideas do not work by themselves. I have much experience in having a huge cliff between "ideas" and their actual "realizations"...

Still, I am more optimistic than ever because Irem has joined us and is willing to make a legacy through the LM... To me, this is also proof that dreams/ideas can turn into a reality in time, if you have worked hard enough for it!

WE, or anyone else, or ALL of us, cannot build a better world only by being selfish, working only for one's ego and self-interest, and then presenting all those ideas and practices to others as "not mainly for one's ego or interest" but for others' benefits or interests!!!

However, WE COULD RISE TO ACTION and make those dreams/ideas real...

Of course, the definition of WE is not limited within the LM, or who we know or connected to. Rather, it really refers to everyone from 5 to 100 years old, from every social and cultural level/background of life/culture/country, from every corner of the world. It refers to those who are willing to share his/her interest areas, dreams, and expertise with a globally seeded community, as well as willing to establish volunteer partnerships and a new common ground where we can invest more into creativity, love, arts, and caring for our environment as the world, as a whole, as one big family...

Below are lines from the homepage of the January 2000 issue:



Irem has inspired me greatly... Thank you very much IREM... Please read Irem's two essays in relation to the dedication issue, "Environmental Concerns," which I am certain that you will be inspired by too!

I also thank Marianne A. Kinzer who suggested "environment" as a dedication issue, and has contributed a very positive and optimistic article which could be a model for addressing environmental problems.

Please feel free to send your suggestions/ideas for the Fall-2006, #19 issue's dedication theme via e-mail to>

For this issue's quote, I have selected lines from Harvey Tordoff's essay, "Ecological Footprints", and I thank Harvey for his contribution to the dedication issue.

* * * * * 


Light Millennium held its 2nd Board of Directors and Annual Meeting on June 6, 2006 at the City University, Graduate Center in New York City.

The new positions for this term on the Board of Directors are as follows:

President: Bircan Unver
Vice President: Dr. Samuel Paley

General Secretary: Figen Bingul      
Treasurer: Erhan Berber will be nominated thru e-mail      
Business Planner: Burak Alpaslan
Board Members: Edward Foster, Prof., Stevens Institute of Technlogy, and Akif Kirecci, Asst. Prof., Stevens Institute of Technology

Newly formed Advisory Board (in alphabetic order):    
Prof. Sultan Catto, CUNY-Graduate Center
Serpil Guran, PhD, Research Scientist, New Jersey DEP (Department of Environmental Protection)
Prof. Hayrettin Kilic, Green Tank for the Trunch Foundation

Stephen Kinzer, Former NY Times Foreign Correspontent & Lecturer in Journalism at Northwestern University.

LM-Kids Corner Representative:
Irem Lara Unal, North Carolina

LM-Teen Representative:

Burcu Yilmaz, North Carolina

LM-Youth Representative:

Jeanene Mitchell, Student, Columbia University, NY
Ozan Cakmak, Student, Middle Eastern Technical University, Ankara, Turkey


On Overthrow: A Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq - An Interview with Stephen Kinzer: Currently, I am working on editing this piece, and planning to schedule its airing at the end of July 2006.

LMTV-Poetry Project - Poets on two continents: From Hudson to the Bosphorus.
Turkish poems in English. QPTV Studio is scheduled for Friday, June 30, 2006. Edward Foster
will be the host, and I will be the executive producer of this two-part of 28 minutes of studio program.

LMTV- I also video-recorded a video interview project titled "UN-NGO Profile: Michaela WALSH." The interview was made by Dr. Judy Kuriansky (DPI associated representative), and I plan to complete its editing and to air it at the end of August.

We have presented the first interview of the UN NGO Profiles, Michaela WALSH, interviewed by Dr. Judy Kuriansky in the Summer-2006 issue of the Light Millennium web site, and planning to continue this series with Dr. Judy.

Light Millennium has registered to participate for the Department of Public Information of the United Nations' 59th NGO Conference from September 6 to 8 at the United Nations:

Participants will be:
Bircan Unver
Figen Bingul
Prof. Hayrettin Kilic
Jeanene Mitchell (Youth)
Ozan Cakmak (Youth)

* * * * *

RUMI & CLARKE: Inspirational Writing Awards Project

Inspired by Mevlana Celaleddin RUMI
Designed by: Pelin BALI
Sir Arthur C. CLARKE, Colombo, July 5, 2006
Photo by: Rohan De SILVA

Light Millennium has been planning to launch a writing project since its February 4, 2006 Board of Directors Meeting. The project is entitled RUMI & CLARKE: Inspirational Writing Awards Project. We needed to get of Sir Arthur C. CLARKE's permission for His name to be used, and this was granted in May 2006. The organization has planning to promote and launch this project in conjunction with the Fall-06 issue.

- An Introduction of the project
(as work in progress)
- Two Universal Man: Rumi & Clarke

* * * **

Nothing will be removed as long as the Web site and the organization exist...

Despite the PUBLISHING POLICY and our practices since the Introductory Issue, we have received a few (although rare) requests to remove a previously published story or poem... We have clearly stated in our Publishing Policy, which is available on the site, and have promoted as much as we can. In particular the first contributor had been asked to read the Publishing Policy, and submit to us accordingly. Removing any piece which is already on the Light Millennium's web site is disrespectful to what we have been trying very hard to achieve over 6 years, as well as disrespectful to our own works and time invested. In addition to the organization's Publishing Policy, Mission and Vision, we cannot afford going backwards since all our works and efforts have been purely volunteer works.. This is a volunteer partnership on that very piece once it has been posted on the web... We do our best to promote all the contents globally and we do expect respect for our works, Publishing Policy and Vision.. For these very reasons, we would like to underline once more that everything published on the LM's web site will be on the archive; nothing will be removed as long as the Web site and the organization exist. (This is also part of the organization's vision in order to create an archive of our time!)

Furthermore, after a piece has been published on the organization web site/s, and its author/contributor or related institution or organization has been informed of the publishing (this might be a group e-mail or announcement by the Light Millennium), for the first 2-4 weeks or maximum of 3 months following the piece’s very first appearance on the WEB, changes or corrections by its author or related institutions may be requested, though the document cannot be removed.

Each potential participant MUST agree with the Publishing Policy
of the organization in order to submit any ideas/visuals to the Light Millennium organization.

However, after three months of each piece's e-publication on the Light Millennium's web site/s (or ISIKBINYILI.ORG or TURKISHGREEKSYNERGY.NET), we cannot guarantee any changes or corrections.

We have been a 100% volunteer organization, and each idea/visual as well as all production works/maintenance expenses of the e-publications, events and TV programs have been donations to the organization since 1999.

For this reason, please consider that
we cannot expend effort to work backwards! Consequently, please be aware of that after three months, there are no changes or corrections. Hence, it is your responsibility to inform us of any corrections or changes that you may require within three months.

Lastly, if you are considering to re-submit your work to any other web sites or publishers, or might want to remove it after its publishing on the Light Millennium website, then PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT IT!

Under all circumstances, please remember that LM always WELCOMES new submissions and ideas, as long as the author is in accordance with the organization's Publishing Policy. This is very essential for us because working towards the future has been our engine and source of energy to continue our programming and activities since the organization's inception.

Overall, this is a volunteer partnership based on each submitted work, which is, at the same time, a joint investment for the future as well as supporting the organization's vision. For this very reason, we do expect your understanding and tolerance of the Publishing Policy for a long lasting commitment... Thank You.

* * * * *

Light Millennium's Virtual Home, or as it was defined in the very first January 2000 issue, "Galaxy," will be more hopeful and borderless with the Kids Representative, Irem, Teen Representative, Burcu Bozkurt, and also new two Youth Representatives, Jeanene Mitchell and Ozan Cakmak...

Stay tuned.. We will have more good news...

With peace, love and light,

Bircan Unver

The Light Millennium, Inc.
A Charitable - Public Benefit Organization

- Updated on July 2, 2006, New York

Important Notes

1: All manuscripts submitted become the property of the Light Millennium, Inc. Contributers are solely responsible for the content of their own works.

2: Once ideas/manuscripts have been submitted and have appeared on the organization's web site/s, these ideas/manuscripts CANNOT BE REMOVED from the organization's Web site/s AT ANY TIME. The organization has aimed to create an "archive of our time". From the inception of the Light Millennium until the present, all submitted ideas and written works have been presented on the Web, including the Introductory Issue. These are all available from the organization's Web ARCHIVE.
(Please also read the "Letter of the Summer-2006 Issue")

Summer 2006
Issue# 18
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