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Bircan ÜNVER, Founding President

A Joint Celebration of Mevlana Celaleddin RUMI's 800th Birthday and the 7th Anniversary of the Light Millennium

The story of the main idea that gave birth to the organization

In 1989, when I first came to America, and for the following four years, I could not go to Turkey at all. And for this reason, I could not see my son Baris whom I left with my family and who was 8 years old at that time.

I had started my journey of America alone and I did not know how long I was going to stay here. When I was starting this journey, I had aimed for learning English and having an education on TV production, and for this, I had my savings of more than ten years just for this purpose. But I did not really know how I would make it real. The first year passed in Los Angeles. Learning about the Queens Public TV (QPTV) made me move to New York.

The first four years passed by striving for carrying out my ideals even though it was hard to make ends meet. Meanwhile, QPTV opened new doors for me in intellectual terms. It was offering a chance to everyone who wished to make his/her own programs and I took advantage of the courses offered there, and this was about not only producing but also airing them. So, I acquired a production capacity for myself to do what I always wanted to do. So, the first period, I produced and broadcasted nearly 20 programs, all with my personal effort and with finances that I could spare from basic expenses. At this point, the idea of enrolling in a graduate program on Media came to the fore. In addition to the necessity of making money for daily survival, using the time in QPTV left for me for working on my own projects and working in other production teams, now I had my graduate studies.

Especially the first four years, I was desperately in need of following up the news from Turkey through daily newspapers and books and of being in continuous connection with my family and friends. I could call my family and son only once in a while and I was constantly struggling to deal with the financial difficulties and lack of time.

My experience in QPTV and especially the graduate program I started in New School University on Media, then going to Turkey for three years (1993-1996), and coming back and restarting the program (1997), and the course “Media Theory” in line with the “Internet and On-Line” course (Spring 1997) combined and became an inspiration for (and in Turkish So, I aspired for not only getting information form daily newspapers about what was happening in Turkey or in other places in the world, but also for being able to present different lives, cultures and values in one platform and directly from the first hands. When I graduated in May 1999, the main idea I foresaw for this organization almost transformed itself into my essay for my 40th birthday Manifesto. The essay which I distributed by e-mail in the first week of May is at the same time the birth record of the Light Millennium.


From Personal Search to Institutionalizing and Becoming a Global Positive Platform

I initiated as a New York based not-for-profit and charitable organization in accordance with the US laws on July 17 2001. The organization aims to activate in multi media and multi platforms as well as an open informal educational institution for all. In this general context, Internet publishing, TV programs/documentaries and cultural events in different areas, panels, and special film screenings are some of the organization’s activities up to date. It also aims to be active in book publishing, film production and events in other cultural and arts areas. The organization’s mission and vision was first introduced in August 1999 on the Web, stating that it aims to promote freedom of expression, publish different ideas from people of all ages, ranging from amateurs to professionals, from every corner of the world, to make it possible for us to know each other and cultural values and to create a global positive connection and a global cultural value.

The organization institutionally has succeeded to make itself recognized in different social and cultural levels. As a result of this, Light Millennium attended the United Nations Department of Public Information, 59th Annual Conference in September 2005 for the first time. And following this, it has been associated with the United Nations/Department of Public Information effective December 12, 2005. It has published 14 Turkish (ISIKBINYILI.ORG), 20 English (LIGHTMILLENNIUM.ORG), 44 total (Turkish and English) e-magazines and produced and aired more than 50 TV programs under the Light Millennium TV Series.

In its essence, has also aimed to be an OPEN SCHOOL as an open platform for education via its multi-platforms. The organization's programs give specific importance in encouraging writings and presenting those from ways of life in conjunction to intellectual creativity as well as learning from each other, and cultural exchange—developing together—through its activities and events with these purposes. For this reason, the academicians, both Turkish and American, are the majority in its Board of Directors.

Light Millennium organization has reached today from its day of introduction holding its all events and programs based on hundred percent volunteer efforts. The organization aims to maintain its existence and future by using the opportunities, which the USA government offers to not-for-profit organizations. At the same time, one of its main goals is to institutionalize ISIKBINYILI.ORG in Turkey in accordance with the Turkish laws.

The contributors to the Turkish and English platforms in terms of intellectual products, events and TV programs have reached over 700. The number of hits received on its Web site in 2006 is over 13 million, and the number of active visitors is above 900 thousand. The organization’s main web site alone visited in over 110 countries since April 2005. It has voluntary representatives over 40 in four continents, and several countries, having USA, Turkey and Europe on the top. It has succeeded to make all the publishing and work without including any commercials and having any financial sponsors. In spite of this, all contributions and donations in terms of the content, venue, reception, or promotion have been gathered with in-kinds donations, various ways of collaborations and the common energy of the Board of Directors.

The Manifesto of the organization was sent to more than 40 e-addresses for the first time in May 1999. The introduction issue was published in August 1999. For this reason, the organization is celebrating its 8th anniversary of its birth and introduction.

However, e-publishing with multi-participations and the Light Millennium TV Series/Queens Public TV have initiated in January 2000. The Light Millennium has been operating based on its Publishing Policy and Mission and model with determination by continuing its activities and publishing in two languages since then. And light Millennium looks toward future years with hope with its publishing and programs enveloping all ideas from all ages, all areas globally. It also aims to continue its activities and programs in at least three languages.

These first 7 years have been the most difficult, turbulent and chaotic years of the 21st century, not just for our organization but for the whole world. For this reason, we are even more hopeful today than yesterday and we hold our belief stronger than ever that we will continue increasing our potency and efficiency by developing, becoming stronger within our Vision in those thousand years to come.

We thank our present and former Board of Directors, Advising Committee members, all volunteer representatives and contributing authors, artists, poets and academicians, all persons and institutions participating in our events for giving support and contributing in Isik Binyili, Light Millennium, Light Millennium TV Series, Turkish-Greek Synergy despite the conditions which at first seemed impossible. By taking strength from your support and contributions, we believe in our tomorrows more than yesterday.

Eight Years Ago and From Now On...

At this point, when we look eight years back, despite the impossible seeming conditions in the beginning, negative reactions and even lost friendships, our organization has been an inspiration to countless Web sites, either commercial or noncommercial, and many persons and institutions. It has succeeded to sow its seed of vision globally with artists, authors, amateurs, professionals, academic contributors, volunteer supporters and institutional corporations side by side that count more than 700. All e-publications, television programs and events that have been carried out under the umbrella of Light Millennium are the products of those seeds. And those products are now a part of the mutual consciousness of a global community.

With the hope of continuing our journey to awaken the mutual consciousness, to claim our own existence and form a mutual global family, by multiplying, becoming strong, sharing, supporting each other, becoming more active, joining in shared ideals and dreams with new participations from all around the world and all together, always going further, and further, for many ten years and hundred years...


- Translated from Turkish by: Figen BINGÜL, Secretary General of the Light Millennium

A Joint Celebration of Mevlana Celaleddin RUMI's 800th Birthday and the 7th Anniversary of the Light Millennium

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7th Anniversary - Spring 2007

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