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I Dream, Therefore I am - II
2025 NOBEL: A criterion for Nomination

"You are what you seek."
Mevlana Celaleddin RUMI

Essay by Bircan ÜNVER

Why do I take on the responsibility of defining criteria for Nobel Prize nominations in Turkey through this essay? First of all, I write these with the instinct and hope to give a vision to new generations and youngsters in Turkey as well as to all Turks who live abroad. Also, to show young people high targets and horizons and to help them perceive this within their own interest areas and skills and direct their energy toward those directions both individually and socially and sail toward those targets with a collaborative and ongoing effort in and outside of the country.

-Translated by Figen BINGÜL

                                               ..................................................................Dedicated to my students*

After watching the ceremony and interviews regarding the Nobel Peace Prize
on BBC on December 10, 2005, Saturday, the day I was reading the exam papers of my students(*) in Istanbul, Kucukyali, and also after watching the program titled "Nobel Minds" on BBC on December 11, Sunday, I started to dream about the 2025 NOBEL Prize!

For Turkey to receive not one but many NOBEL Prizes in year 2025, it is a prerequisite to dream about, plan, and work towards this goal. My frustration in the situation where there is a hope for help from political statements every year regarding the nominations for NOBEL in Turkey have combined with my trust and belief in the young people and my students, and with Rumi's "You are what you seek" philosophy; and these gave me the inspiration for this essay.

On the evening of December 17, 2005, again in Istanbul, while watching the live celebration of the 732nd Anniversary of "Seb'i Arus"** on TRT-1, Rumi's "You are what you seek" philosophy gave me the answer and vision I was looking for. Rumi's philosophy directs us from the pragmatic search of the material world towards the search of the individual's, humanity's, world's, and the universe's beyond the material. What the definition of the "search" beyond the material world for each of us is also the "search" itself.

Our being determined and conscious of what we are looking for in our journey leading to this search is the main condition of the journey for us to be able to be ourselves. As long as we can continue this journey throughout our lives with a high willpower, it will be possible for us to find our "essence and identity" through our search. We will only then have the chance of leaving the earth with that honorable essence and identity we have reached through that journey.

To achieve and represent justly what we are searching for does not at all depend on how much of what we are searching for has been brought to our practical lives during this journey. What is important is the journey of search and the distance taken during that journey, not whether the search has been finalized or not as an end result. At the end, another one in life will be able to take that torch and carry forward from the last point it has been brought.

* * * * *

At this point, I will try to define my search one more time and determine a new target by describing my reasons and criteria for nomination for the 2025 NOBEL Prize:

First, my search:
1.  a) To make the Light Millennium ( active in full capacity, a strong voice for the majority;

b) To make publications effective at the global level as an alternative media, without any commercials, or where commercials or politics do not buy ideas;

c) To make it an alternative media, not limited with the existing world media values that are now valid (which represent less than 5% of the world population), but representing needs, search, and dreams as a common voice of the 95% of humanity with its all dimensions,

d) To continue to emerge, build-up, and eventually provide an effective alternative power and balance globally against all international political, commercial or economic sanctions taken against the big earth family or being threatful to human health, education, development, and the future.

2) To increase the number of contributors/participants for the contents of the Light Millennium above 10 thousands, even 100 thousands, in 2025; to be published regularly on a monthly basis; and the number of visitors/readers to reach above 30 million per month globally and to systematize this.

3) To be published 2 or 4 times at least in 5 languages and with an original content in each language with open participations from ways of life in each language.

4) To activate the "Light Millennium Global Diversity Home & School Project" and make it active in more than one continent. "Light Millennium Global Diversity Home & School" Concept: ISTANBUL DIARY: A Dream of 5 Billion Dollars... ( - Definition of The Light Millennium - Global Diversity School Project)

5.  a) To promote and develop free speech and idea production in every level of life, parallel to every country's original cultural structure and dynamics, including business, social, gender, age and traditional aspects; and to make the idea diversity and richness distributed and shared globally.

b) To make the Light Millennium a leader in developing and locating the "freedom of speech," not only limited to intellectuals, artists, media members, but throughout earth societies, equally within all existing social levels.

Returning to Rumi's statement, especially since the Light Millennium's introduction in the Web in August 1999 <>, the instinct, passion, and desire to bring these ideas to life have defined my purpose and search for existence in this world. In 2025, if I am able to realize, even if not the whole, but the most part of these criteria that I have defined since 1999 and been consistently developing, then I, at this point, nominate myself, together with the Light Millennium organization, for the 2025 NOBEL Prize!!!

The nomination course may proceed differently technically. In this essay, I share with you that 2025 Nobel Prize is one of the points to be reached at and the first stop of the journey of a dream and a search that will take nearly 20 years.

In the degree of reaching success in terms of bringing the requirements and criteria to life within the next 20 years, I can assume that I will be nominated for and receive the 2025 Nobel Prize, as in Rumi's vision.

While defining this search, let's say that I have brought all the foreseen criteria or most of them to life, but still I, or the Light Millennium, haven't been nominated for the 2025 Nobel Prize. Then, this will not be that important! Because in that case, it will be the greatest prize by itself to know that I have realized what Rumi had foreseen.

* * * * *

In this essay, I'd also like to touch upon another criterion. In Turkey, the nominations for Nobel have always been associated with a matter of politics and sensation for some reason. The nomination for Nobel until now has come to the agenda either through some given interviews or articles in particular to a foreign press, and published abroad, or not at all.

Maybe, what has moved me to write this essay is the disturbance I have felt from this along years. I now protest through this essay that the way to Nobel nomination goes through political and speculative maneuvers, or at least it has been interpreted and presented so in Turkey. [Eventually, and as most of you know, in October of this year, Orhan Pamuk has won the NOBEL 2006 Literary Award! After all, it seems that all those efforts embedded with international political manipulations have worked out for him. However, I hope that this won't be a model for the future generations of Turkey or anywhere else in the world.]

Why do I take on the responsibility of defining criteria for Nobel Prize nominations in Turkey through this essay? First of all, I write these with the instinct and hope to give a vision to new generations and youngsters in Turkey as well as to all Turks who live abroad. Also, to show young people high targets and horizons and to help them perceive this within their own interest areas and skills and direct their energy toward those directions both individually and socially and sail toward those targets with a collaborative and ongoing effort in and outside of the country.

Starting from this point, to inspire our schooling children and youngsters of more than 20 million (and I would like to remind that this number by itself is more than the whole population of many countries!) towards international targets like Nobel, Pulitzer, Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, is not a utopia. It is a necessity and one of the common ideals and purposes of a modern and developing Turkey. It is necessary to create channels, mainly by all educational institutes, various media branches, in collaboration with the major corporations in Turkey and those abroad who have already established an international business or business interest in Turkey, in order to help our youngsters look beyond a consumption-based culture and narrow perspectives, develop their own skills and interest areas and direct themselves to inventions in the creative, scientific, technological, and space science, and other special areas which require a long term education, investment and dedication. And when we are able to present the main requirements for this, even if not in every school, but in every city and town around the country, and by doing so, when we are able to seed and grow these ideas within the next 20-40 years, and when those youngsters develop, work, produce and mature with those goals, then we will be able to present and leave behind us a bright Turkey beyond dreams as a reward to the future generations as well as to the world.

And when that time comes, we will have many nominees and recipients for a Nobel and other great international prizes in every area.

Provided that we dream and encourage new generations in this direction and place the foundation stones around the country and open the roads and horizons. The rest will certainly follow by itself.

* * * * *

When these foresights are realized, no one in Turkey will condescend to be nominated for Nobel or such prizes with scandalous statements. Especially the TV and newspapers will not include Turkey in their news with hurtful expressions both within and outside of Turkey. Moreover, in those interviews, nothing said is new or different or hasn't contributed anything to humanity and the world, yet! And they do not serve any purpose other than reinforcing the source of those ideas which people, especially the Turks living abroad, keep hearing as chronic pattern of bombardments, and are very exhausted of!

At the same time, in my opinion, especially regarding the Turkish-Armenian problem (of which I consider the beginning period of is 1900-1915!), the Ottomans, as much as Armenians, have been manipulated and victimized by the imperialist powers from a global imperialist perspective!

Along with our pride in the Republic's independency and modern Turkey, the Ottoman Empire has lost its 5 million square meters of land during 1915-1923. Its total population and countries it governed, and the richness, the outcome of its having been weakened by wars and manipulations of imperialist powers of that time, and its having been dissolved by Armenians, regardless of their lives having been used for that goal, and other ethnic groups from within are still not completely brought to light, or the truth or information about this is still not explained to the world publicly. But it is very badly needed to bring out this information with all its dimensions for developing partnerships between the two neighboring countries as well as making an important progress for the "Global Peace" purpose.

* * * * *

If we return to the dream of receiving the 2025 Nobel or other international prestigious prizes on behalf of Turkey or Turkish native people who live abroad, just think about this: If we determine the potential and capacity of our young people by scanning city by city, town by town, even village by village, in order to educate them toward 2025 and beyond… And due to those determinations, if we prepare the inspiring, encouraging conditions for them, and let the work begin in this direction, then the first steps will be taken toward this goal.

By creating economically supporting environment, by giving scholarships, or by establishing a foundation for the children who have these skills and capacity, the first healthy foundations will be built. And this will at the same time be a very important part of the investment model for the humanity and future.

We should never doubt that the growing values will honor Turkey by receiving the most prestigious prizes in the areas of science, arts, culture, sociology, and technology and space around the world. This will also act as a bridge to bring bright and well-trained Turkish people in the powerful decision-making positions in the international arena and will serve our country to be represented effectively.

* * * * *

Within this content and understanding, as a result of an investment for future, it will be possible for us to grow new generations whose world of dreams is not emptied, who are not mechanized, and who own main humane values. And bringing this to life will be a main channel to represent our own cultural values and richness on the world stage regardless of where we live.

As a result, the prerequisite for us to be a leader country on earth in terms of human source quality, production, invention capacity and creativity, is to canalize the planning and investment sources to this understanding within the next 20-40 years. If this is applied in a decisive manner, our country will have international success within every field. Only then, the Turkish image will be able to have the place and value it deserves.

Then, who is afraid of darkness? Who is afraid of Armenian allegations? Who is afraid of those who want to change the course of such prizes with political and scandalous manipulations?

*I have dedicated this essay to all my students who dream about 30 years later, enrolled in Anadolu Bil Professional School (Bakirkoy, Istanbul), in Fall 2005, "Scenario and Narration Writing" course at the Radio and Television Department.

** Seb'i Arus: Departing date of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi (1207 - 1273), defined as "The Wedding Night - Embracing with God" by RUMI himself prior to His Departure. For this reason, every year of December 17, is celebrated as the "Seb'i Arus" day in Turkey.

For more information on prior and 2006 Nobel Prizes, please visit:

Note: 1) The very first draft of this essay was written in Turkish in February 2006, and was e-distributed in May 2006 to some Yahoogroups and e-addresses, and its final version was published in July, in the Summer-2006, #12th issue of ISIKBINYILI.ORG in Turkish. English version of the essay is updated by the author on December 6, 2006.
The latest version of above essay was e-distrubuted over the Internet by: Figen Bingul, General Secretary of the Light Millennium, and Bircan Unver, Date: Between December 7-9, 2006.

Photo by: Rohan DeSilva, taken on December 16, 2006 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


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