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We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?

Letter for the Third Anniversary Issue: April 2003

Welcome to the 3rd Anniversary of
the Light Millennium:
I can only hold on to the future...

As one part of the world descends into war and chaos, Sri Lanka is blossoming in favor of peace and harmony. Thus, we dedicate this issue to the Peace Process of Sri Lanka and the prominent Turkish author Yasar Kemal, twice nominee for Nobel Prize in "Literature".

* * * * *

Our hope for a peaceful world has been stolen as well as Iraq's oil...

I cannot stand what is going on today. It is intolerable that people’s lives do not have any value for the rulers of this world. It is intolerable that billions of dollars are spent on producing powerful and destructive weapons.

Our governments are making a profit by killing and destroying even as they cut back on education, work-force and health, which has never been sufficient for the needs of the U.S. at all.

Despite failing to meet the needs of the people, the U.S. has been a "promise land." Instead billions of dollars are allocated for the killing machine. This is an obvious way of stealing Iraq's oil sources and people's rights by the U.S. and England, and using political and military strategies, masks, embargoes, and sanctions for this purpose alone.

Our hope has been stolen since September 11. This is very terrifying. I am afraid that this situation may also lead to another war when this one is over!

I cannot hold on to yesterday...
I cannot hold on to today anymore...
I can only hold on to tomorrow
I can only hold on to the future
I can only hold on to a hope branch of life which represents to better tomorrows...

* * * * *

This is supposed to be a joyful letter!

We all know that this will pass sooner or later. We will all pass on this planet, too. Still, I hope that the overall result of today's U.S. lead war against Iraq will lead to a common conscious against supporters of war.

As consumers we can use the "consumer" tool against a one-sided power. Do not consume anything directly or indirectly before finding out who promotes or sponsors these decisions, and practices, who is behind the scene, and then be much more selective what you drink, eat, watch, read, wear or use, and act accordingly. This may be a tool that can enable the rulers of this world to account the people and listen the voice of the people. Not just to listen, come and make up another story, rather to listen to the people and to change the policies according to people's claim.

I can only stand what is going on today by producing Light Millennium, in the hope of making it a global voice for all the people of the world.

Yes, we are celebrating our 3rd Anniversary, and we have reached approximately 210000 people in 105 countries, situated on six continents. The New Year - 2003 issue was visited by more than 75 000 people globally. Thus with each new issue, we have tripled our visitors. The Light Millennium's seed has been planted, and is growing, and hoping that it will continue to blossom.

Despite this, we could not bring in any solutions on maintenance, technical, seed staff aspects of the organization yet. But as long as we survive, we will definitely solve these essential problems in order to continue to produce, enable several other projects, and help the organization growth healthy, therefore making it an effective global platform.

Overall, The Light Millennium organization is very young. As "an open platform for greatness in humanity," it aims to represent YOU as "who you are", as well as YOU are "the soul" of this global platform without any manipulations. We do have a long journey to go in terms of achieving our MISSION. We have a deep nostalgia for better tomorrows rather than yesterday... Of course, better tomorrows should come and we have to work for it... For this reason, if you are not a supporter of war, then welcome to the Light Millennium...

Designed by Ayhan M. DUMAN

The Ways of the Light...

To live my loved
One more millennium
Where guns and wars
had left in history
Wrapped in chains
by which wheels have melt
where freedom is not
a HUGE LIE anymore...

The big fights will be
To live with you my loved
One more millennium...

Merging earth
With other planets
Beginning with the paths of light
That will last forever
Ever living such kind of love

As we wish,
To transform a source of light
As we wish,
Fly in the paths of light

Perhaps, only then!
With love and creation of our wings
As a magnificent light
We will dance endlessly with you
On the ways of light...
In the depths of space

(October 1999, New York)

Translated by Babur ALBAYRAK

Isik Yollarinda...
For Turkish Version

(This poem was inspired by Nazim Hikmet's "On the Twentieth Century".)

* * * * *

I wrote the above poem in October 1999 in Turkish, which is also a poetic approach for the essence of Light Millennium. In order to keep my hopes alive, I hold on strongly to producing the Light Millennium. With writings, poetry and arts, these can also be your tools to fight against what is going on in today's world by peaceful means. 

Perhaps we cannot change the direction of the world at this moment, but we can, of course make some impacts for tomorrows if we keep our HOPES ALIVE, and believe them strongly, working on their realizations in our lives.


As summary, I am desperate to live in a time WHERE WEAPONS AND GUNS ARE LEFT IN DISTANT HISTORY...

- . -

Angels of this issue:

Asli and Zeynep Velidedeoglu helped us for the transcriptions of the interviews. Thank you so much for both great contributions to this issue. I hope Asli and Zeynep will continue volunteering to the Light Millennium.

Babur Albayrak helped us greatly in translations from Turkish to English, as well as Asli Omur and Dmeri Kakmi on editing.

Finally, we have a printed version of the Light Millennium brochure, which Ayhan M. Duman designed in Istanbul, and helped out all of its printing process. Thank you to Ayhan and also thank you to Gülcan Ünver's genereous gift (Istanbul), for making it possible.

Overall, I thank all the board members, editing committee, volunteer representatives and correspondents (please see: STAFF) of the Light Millennium who made it possible to accomplish this issue. My endless thanks to every single one of you.

Photo: Rohan De Silva, December 20, 2002

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Updated on April 7, 2003
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This issue is dedicated to the Peace Process of SRI LANKA & prominent Turkish author Yasar KEMAL

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