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Honk for PEACE!

Photographs & Article

by Julie MARDIN

(New York) On March 8, International Women’s Day, Brooklyn Parents for Peace and Brooklyn Heights Peace Action organized a rally in front of Hillary Clinton’s midtown New York office.   There were several other anti-war events in the city that day, and this was just one more spark in what was already apparent as a massive world wide movement.  This particular event was to send a warning to the "missing in action" Senator, calling on her to find her voice on this war or these constituents would be missing in action for her come next election time.  They were there to issue her a pink slip, as members of the colorful women's anti-war group Code Pink had done in her Washington office just the day before.  One estimate of the turnout was about 600 people, the sidewalk filled with families, from toddlers to dignified, silver-haired citizens, sporting pink capes, scarves and feather boas.   

The music and speeches took place amidst the ongoing sounds of car honks, in response to the protestors’ Honk for Peace Signs.  With a line up that included college professors and cross dressers, one group, the Missile Dick Chicks, wore missiles as big silver phalluses, plugged their ears and pretended to dismiss the speeches of their colleagues.

Along with all the creative and theatrical modes of expression, there was a very high level of analysis to the speeches, stressing the contradictions between Hillary's purported support for children and her decision to vote for the War Powers Resolution.  Many called for her now, five months later, with the president declaring his right to unilateralism and pre-emptive war, to support the Kennedy-Byrd Resolution demanding a new vote.  

As the crowd broke up, many were still lingering and exchanging ideas for tactics and possible strategies.  One lady who had come all the way from Canada elucidated on the possibility for the UN General Assembly stepping in where the Security Council had failed to uphold the UN mission.  Another lady spoke of the circumstances by which the US could be taken to the International Court of Justice.  Now that the US has fully engaged itself in this war, these possibilities have to be looked into and pursued as quickly as possible.  Can we find ways to halt the madness?

Sign a petition to support UN Resolution 388, calling for the General Assembly to call for a cease fire:

If our leaders won't act responsibly and humanely than who will but the American people?  We have to hold our leaders accountable.  Sign a petition supporting the movement towards impeachment:


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This issue is dedicated to the Peace Process of SRI LANKA & prominent Turkish author Yasar KEMAL

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