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On The Road

An Art Statement of Kezban Arca BATIBEKI


A combination open to the to the tools of conceptual art without turning back to the horizons of the classical canvas painting on The Road:

Kezban Arca Batıbeki used some special materials to give a sandy feeling to the canvas in her latest works under the title “On the Road”. By making the texture rough, and with the help of the toys, model cars, tin soldiers she has combined the two dimensional lines of painting with the three dimensional objects of the real world in one ground. She has gained a “painted” feeling touch to the sandy surfaces that give the effect of a desert, even to the unpainted material.

Some sound and noise effects are broadcasted in front of specific works to emphasize the story inside them. She aims to open a metaphorical playground to the possibilities one may face on the roads or maybe in his life. When we have a close look at some of the most vivid and lively works of  “On the Road” which captivates colorful cars, lorries, palm trees and flowers, the first impression awakening a childish joy in one’s heart changes dramatically into a feeling of disaster. The viewer starts to recognize hopeless people, traffic accidents, ambulances, uprooted trees, war, dead people on the roads, and the deer which would be dead soon one by one...

She does not bother to emphasize the dramatical side of the stories the works are telling us. Instead she uses the vibrant, happy, pop-art colours as usual. She keeps the pain and tragedy away from some eyes by this way; she leaves a space for the ones who want to escape from the close up stories.

In a way the whole exhibition “On the Road” can be considered as a work of installation. Kezban Arca Batıbeki puts small objects together on canvas which defines the limits of the works instead of spreading them around the exhibition area. By doing that she reflects the first signals to where she may sail in teh future.

" K.A.Batibeki has been expanding the main idea of "On the Road" which is named after the novel by Jack Kerouac. They all keep a thin line between the classical canvas painting and conceptual art and forming a big whole story at the very end;A Human Story.

As we are all approaching to awar nowadays,the anti-war philosophy and the belief in personal freedom defines the main character of K.A.batibeki's latest works.Beside the quartet named "Stone","Land",Water" and "Dust",the Turkish Flag" whose shadow is captured on a bloody red canvas framed by red artificial roses, a work named "Action Man" where a giant toy soldier killed on an Action man reproduction undercovered by blood and sand are all becoming the signature of the artist's political attitude.And not only the main themes and concepts of the works gained her such praise ; it was also the shocking effect of the three dimensional figures on the canvas painted and installed in areal life situation and a proposal of different readings for different art disciplines under a single title.

* * * * *

A Profile of Kezban Arca Batibeki

"On the Road" happens to include the new road signs in
Kezban Arca Batibeki's painting career.

She was born to artist parents on 7th of October 1956, Istanbul. Her mother  Nurhan Nur is an actress and her father is a world famous film director; Atif Yilmaz Batibeki. She started reading, writing and painting in her early years. When she was 5.5 she was already studying with 10 year old kids in the primary school. She was invited to be educated in Paris by State of Turkey to be included in the “Gifted Children” project but she wouldn’t do it because of the divorce of her parents. She was a lonely child in school since all classmates are much older. She graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Marmara University in 1980. Her first sketches were published in a popular music magazine “Hey” in 1970 followed by another popular magazine “Ses” in 1974. She was discovered by another publisher in 1974 and started her graphic design career pre-school.  Her first work "Pal Street Kids” was a great hit became a cult book in years with her cover and inside design.  “That is Life” by Atif Yilmaz in 1974 was the first step in her film industry career as an art director, then followed by “Ibo and Gullusah” and “Dus Gezginleri”.

In the following 10 years her illustrations were on the cover of every magazine in Turkey; Hürriyet Gösteri, Sanat Olayi, Milliyet Sanat, Milliyet Yayinlari, Karacan Yayinlari and Gelisim Yayinlari... She made a children’s movie for Swedish State TV and designed some sets for children’s plays for Istanbul Municipality Theatres. She is married to Koray Arca since 1983. She first started painting in London in 1984 where she stayed a long time. From 1984 until today she opened 12 solo exhibits, participated numerous national and international ones. She was awarded twice the grand award in one of the biggest national competitions, and won a 2nd prize in another one.  And there was no time left to have a baby at all...


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E-mail: kezbanarca@superonline.com

This issue is dedicated to the Peace Process of SRI LANKA & prominent Turkish author Yasar KEMAL

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