$1 Open On-Line Membership Campaign

The Light Millennium's "$1 Open On-Line Membership Campaign" launched through NYCharities.Org.

"What's in it for me?" & A Dream for 1 Million Active Participants>

- Sustainability & Targeted Programs of The Light Millennium>

"Fostering Global Connectivity","Promoting 'Freedom of Expression' from all walks of life in every corner of the world," "Removing Prejudices," and "Working towards to cultural globalization and global peace."

The Ground of the Light Millennium:

The Light Millennium is an open alternative global multi-media platform and cultural organization for ALL, operating since its inception in 1999.
The organization does not serve to a limited group or community, nor does it require a membership for an annual fee.
LM is an independent entity that does not belong to any religious group or political parties.

It aims to present diverse ideas from all walks of life and from all social and economic levels globally. It is a unique, alternative platform and cultural organization, which encourages intellectual productivity, and strives to present these ideas in order to increase the number of its active participants regularly on its multi-platforms. The ideas presented from a multi-diverse perspective will serve to a wider spectrum, as an example of an ever-increasing participatory approach, in order to reach the aim of “fostering global connectivity” in accordance with the “Mission & Vision” of the organization.

Multi-Platforms & Divisions:

Since its “Introduction” issue (1999) up to date, the Light Millennium has been able to operate, produce, and run all its programs based on 100% volunteer contributions, in terms of production, labor-time, skill, content, reaching-out; and in-collaborations and in-kinds donations for its public programs such as:

* Lightmillennium.Org –in English (22 original issues)-;
* Isikbinyili.Org –in Turkish (19 original issues)-;
* Turkishgreeksynergy.Net – (2 original issues both in Turkish and English)
in English & Turkish- total 43 issues of e-publications;
* Light Millennium TV Programs (produced and presented 65 original programs, and sponsored 11 programs to be shown under the LMTV which are produced by third parties) on Queens Public TV’s 4 channels#34, 35, 56 & 57 since January 2000, and
* Public Programs/Events including the United Nations (organized & presented 55 programs).
For the Mission and Vision of the Organization>
* Recently formed Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative with the Civil Society Institute, Yerevan, Armenia.

These are what we have accomplished as a volunteer based and non-funded organization.

Please visit NYCHARITIES.ORG for your Open-Membership>

Open Membership will be on an annual basis and under the following categories:

1) NEW MOON $1X1= $1 (annual) (If desired, member’s full name, city, and country will be e-published under this category).
2) CRESCENT: $1X6= $6 (annual) (If desired, member’s full name/company name, city, country and related website will be e-published under this category on the organization's website under the “Donation” page).

- For potential international open on-line members, “Crescent” category, with an annual $6 on-line membership is suggested depending on the expense of international transactions.

3) FULL MOON: $1X12= $12 (annual) (If desired, member’s full name/company name, mailing address along with an e-mail address and web site will be e-published under this category on the organization's website).

c) BEYOND THE MOON or any other amount than above categories: $..... annual (Full moon + web site and logo/image with a hyperlink will be e-published under this category on the organization’s website.)
- Join the Light Millennium with $1 as member and partner through NYCharities.Org>

The Aims of the $1 Open On-line Membership:

Although, since the beginning (1999), the organization has aimed to e-publish the Light Millennium global platform monthly in English and Turkish and also to be published in 3 to 5 different languages in order to present a diverse cultural background, this has not been possible.

We aim to have 1 million open members & partners in the next 5 years, hoping this will eventually enable us to sustain the organization, make publications in 3 to 5 languages, and move from local public television programs (LMTV on QPTV.Org) to LM-Internet TV, as well as producing international concern documentaries, and launch book printing and magazines based on the Light Millennium’s original content and public programs.

In order to be able to take further steps towards the Light Millennium’s Mission as well as to sustain the organization’s present and future, we have come to a point where we need to involve all potential interested people as open and “Online” members and partners of the organization. For this purpose, we propose an annual contribution of minimum $1 from each open and on-line member, who will be listed on the organization's web site. For international on-line membership, please see the Crescent category in the related page on the NYCharities.Org.

Depending upon the success of the $1 on-line member-partner campaign, the organization aims to realize its predefined and introduced programs, initiatives, and projects, as well as the new emerging and developed ones you would like to realize through a collaboration with the LM.

Accordingly, LM will continue to collaborate or partner with the existing and new educational institutions, NGOs, non-profits, private sector, foundations, individuals, the United Nations, and other global major institutions, who will bring in a completely new perspective to its overall perception as a decisively contributing organization to promoting and presenting “freedom of expression” from all walks of life as well as to “global peace culture.”

By doing so, the organization aspires to become one of the “key” “alternative media and culture” organizations globally.

We will be able to accomplish all of the above and beyond solely with your participation to the organization, forming a globally active/participatory community towards the “global peace culture.”

Thank You,

The Light Millennium
A Global Multi-Media & Culture Organization
- Associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations - UN/DPI-NGO

Disclosure: The Board of Directors of the Light Millennium approved to launch this project at its November 2007 BoD Meeting. The worn-out equipment, necessity to renew the software programs and incompatibility issues led delay in launching this campaign as planned.

- Join the Light Millennium with $1 as member and partner through NYCharities.Org>
- "What's in it for me?" & A Dream for $1 Million Active Participants>
- Sustainability & Targeted Programs of The Light Millennium>

About the Logo of the Lightmillennium.Org:

From time to time we face a question in relation to our logo (right), asking if our organization is a “faith-based” one. Once, we were even asked to change our logo in order to obtain financial support; they inquired if the logo refers to “alien abduction.”
Perhaps now is the time to address these questions: The Light Millennium is not a faith-based organization. Rather, it aims to represent all cultural backgrounds on the same platform, on an equal level of importance, regardless of religion, ethnicity, or gender (even though currently we can operate only in English and Turkish due to limited capacity).

In response to the question in reference to “alien abduction,” LM believes that when all of the nuclear and conventional weapons are completely abolished on the face of Earth, then the entire World and humanity will advance promptly and greatly towards a much more higher level as a whole, which will enable the humanity to make its long-awaited leap to other planets, where potentially “life” could be established through human contact. Our logo simply symbolizes the vision that in the near or far future, the humanity will have a contact with extraterrestrial beings, which will bring in light and will secure peace on the Earth, as well as making human experience and life continue beyond the Earth.

Latest update: On November 18, 2009 by Bircan Ünver
- Proposed, written and updated by: Bircan Ünver, Light Millennium
- Edited by: Figen Bingül, Lightmillennium.Org
- Text updated on: October 16, 2009 and posted on Nov.1, 2009
- First draft: April 12, 2009 – First Version of the Open On-Line Membership: May 11, 2009

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We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?
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This e-platform is under the umbrella of The Light Millennium, which is A Charitable, Under 501 (c) (3) Status, Not-For-Profit organization based in New York. Introduced in August 1999; Established in January 2000; and Founded by Bircan Ünver on July 17, 2001, and associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information effective on December 12, 2005.

1: All manuscripts submitted become the property of the Light Millennium Organization. Contributers are solely responsible for the content of their own works.
2: Once ideas/manuscripts have been submitted and have appeared on the organization's web site/s, these ideas/manuscripts CANNOT BE REMOVED from the organization's Web site/s AT ANY TIME. The organization has aimed to create an "archive of our time".
From the inception of the Light Millennium until the present, all submitted ideas and written works have been presented on the Web, including the Introductory Issue. These are all available from the organization's Web ARCHIVE. (Please also read the "Letter of the Summer-2006 Issue")

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