Donations made by in 2009:

Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies - New York University.
Towards to the "Summer's End with Adalet Agaoglu" programs.
$ 750.-
Samuel Paley, Vice President, The Light Millennium
The Anadolu Club.
Towards to the "Summer's End with Adalet Agaoglu" programs. ..
Turkish Culture and Tourist Office in NY (in kind) first class round plane ticket
Ist-NY-Ist for Adalet Agaoglu
The Talisman Publishing House - Printing the invitation for the "Panel and Book Signing for the Summer's End with Adalet Agaoglu" program, Turkish Center, NYC, April 30, 2009.
American-Turkish Society - Sponsoring a reception for the "Turkey Decoded" program on February 25, 2009.

Support Group Coordinator:

Dated: December 30, 2008

GOOD NEWS: After long struggling (about 15 months), and with a remarkable efforts  by Humeyra Kocak as the Support Group Coordinator, her own contribution, and contributions by the LMBoD, and all below together, finally we've renewed our basic software programs.

We were able to obtain them as $2,150.- market value products via Techsoup and Microsoft partnership program that included Microsoft Office for Mac 2008, and CS Design Prem 3.3 for Mac that including Dreamweaver and Photoshop.. Premier Video Editing or other professional off-line editing program is not included in any of the package. Perhaps, we will target to obtain it during the next year! 

Donations made by: 

GARDEN State Home Finance Inc. ............................
$ 50.-
Zarahan Imirzalioglu   
$ 50.-
Elif Semercioglu 
$   5.-
Dilar E. KOCAK & Humeyra KOCAK     
  $ 50.-

Mahmoud MONTASSER & Misha M. MONTASSER              

$ 15.-
  $ 15.-
Onur KARA                                                                               
  $ 20.-
Ali DENIZ & Nedret O. DENIZ                                               
UNITED Real Estate Services, Inc.                                        
$  50.-
Veyis AKGUL                                                                              
 $  60.-
Oktay ERSIN                                                                               
$  20.-
  $  50.-
Ercument MUFTAFI                                                                   
Yalcin OZAY & Sallie OZAY                                                      
 $  25.-
Bedri Murat KORAMAN & Defne KORAMAN                         
$ 20.-
Saduman OZTURK                                                                    
$ 20.-
Hakan ALBAL                                                                            
   $ 30.-

Emir BINGUL                                                                               

Donations by the Board of Directors of the Light Millennium:  

Samuel M. PALEY                                                                        

Humeyra KOCAK                                                                         
Fatos SIMSEK, North Carolina,
LM/IsikBinyili Rep., Youth & Content Coordinator
  $ 50.-

 DONATIONS from the below program:
"I Dream, Therefore I am" - Dec. 16, 2008 - NYC.

Sultan CATTO                                                                                 
$ 20.-
Ozgur Demiral                                                                                
 $ 20.-
Sansal Engin                                                                                 
   $ 20.-
Marne Rizike                                                                                 
    $ 20.-
Yun HeHun                                                                                        
$ 20.-
Neslihan CATTO                                                                               
 $ 20.-
Mark FORRELL                                                                                  
$ 20.-
Patricia RIOS                                                                                    
$ 10.-
Timur AYHAN                                                                                    
$ 20.-
$ 20.-

Towards to piano rental   (Through Aysen TERZI for $400 piano rental "I Dream,
Therefore I am" program, Dec.16, 2008


Thank you to ALL above mentioned names for your generous support and contributions to the Light Millennium Organization in the 2008.

Sincerely yours,                                                       

Bircan ÜNVER, Executive Producer & Director                                 
The Light Millennium          
A Not-For-Profit Public Benefit Organization                       

*The 2008 Donation report was sent via e-mail to the Board of Directors/LM and to the above mentioned sponsors on December 30, 2008.

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