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The Light Millennium - LIGHTMILLENNIUM.ORG

The (LM) is a non-religious, non-political, not-for-profit (501-c-3), non-governmental (NGO), independent public benefit multi-media and culture organization. The LM has become associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations effective (UN/DPI) on December 12, 2005. Formed in 2001, based in Queens, New York. On the Web since August 1999...

The LM was formed based on the first article of the United States Bill of Rights, Freedom of Speech, in conjunction with the United Nations’ Universal Declaration Article #19, on Freedom of Expression. It invites citizens of the world to submit, in an appropriate artistic medium, ideas and experiences that will help foster better understanding between people of different cultures and beliefs. The organization frequently presents ideas from the United Nations on its key issues as well as ideas from the all walks of life. Since LM’s association with the UN/DPI, channels its capacity and potential sources in support of the UN Vision, MDGs and with the same manner Beyond 2015 for the Sustainable “HUMAN” developments on its multiple platforms yet on the voluntary basis.

LM has collaborated with the Department of Public Information during the NY base UN-DPI/NGO conferences including the recent 65th UN DPI/NGO conference, in which it sponsored and presented the panel “A Quest to Fulfill Hunger of the Body and Mind Post-2015: Is genetically modified food a solution?” as well as with other major universities such as CUNY-GC, Baruch, Columbia, NYU, Princeton, Yale, Stevens Institute of Technology, and non-governmental, civil society organizations, as well as with several government agencies and member states of the UN for an event and/or LMTV based collaboration with such government entities as the Turkish Mission, Turkish Consulate General, NY Turkish Culture Office, Swiss Consulate General, the Sri Lankan, El Salvadoran, Kazakhstani, Macedonian missions... Further, LM is a member of the Global Movement for the Culture of Peace (GMCoP) and actively took part in both the 2013 and 2014 UN High Level Forum on the Culture of Peace. 

(with voting capacity) based on the November 21, 2014 Annual Meeting Election:

BIRCAN ÜNVER, Founding President, (Re-elected), TV and Web Producer, Head NGO Representative at the United Nations Department of Public Information since 2005;
Ambassador CARLOS GARCIA GONZALEZ, Vice President (New Board Member), Former Permanent Representative of El Salvador to the United Nations and Director of United Nations Relations at Enviro Board Corporation;
SULTAN CATTO, Vice President (Re-elected), Professor in the Ph.D. Program in Physics at the CUNY Graduate School, Adjunct Associate Research Scientist in Henry Krumb School of Mines, Columbia University, and a visiting Professor at the Rockefeller University;
HANDE SUBASILAR, General Secretary (Re-elected), Art Historian, PhD Istanbul Technical University and NGO Representative at the United Nations Department of Public Information;
MÜJGAN HEDGES, Treasurer and Sponsorship Coordinator (Re-elected) and NGO Representative at the United Nations Department of Public Information, Heart Care of Virginia Medical Office Accountant (Retired);.
ISA ALEMDAG, On-line Board Member, IT Consultant (Re-elected - emailed his Renewal Form on Nov. 18, 2014), Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO of Horon Solutions, Information Technology (U.K.).

ABOUT BOARD of DIRECTORS with Brief Biographies

ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS (No voting capacity):

* ETEM EROL, Professor in Middle Eastern Studies, Yale University, CT. (TBC for the new term)
* EDWARD FOSTER, Professor, College of Arts and Letters at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey. (Continuing)
* AYSEGUL DURAKOGLU, Professor in Music, College of Arts and Letters at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey. (Continuing)
*TALAT S. HALMAN, Professor in Literature Department of the Bilkent University, Ankara,
Turkey, National President of UNICEF in Turkey (July 7, 1931 - December 5, 2014).


* Profile of the Light Millennium - 2010

* LM-News Call for Dedication Theme, The New term Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and the Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative

- The Light Millennium and the Civil Society Institute together formed the Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative.

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* Publishing Criteria

* Association with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations

* 2006 Profile of the Light Millennium

- Reflections from Sri Lanka & Tsunami
- " Don't let globalization to kill cultural diversity..."
- "Adalet Agaoglu talked on the Turkish Novel in New York" &
- "The Geography of Novels," in Toronto.

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- Media Release of the New Year-2004 Issue
- LMTV: Crescent & Star: Turkey Between Two Worlds
- Media Release of the Summer-2003 Issue

The Light Millennium is YOUR MILLENNIUM...
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EVERYTHING SHOULD BE UNDER THE SUN: YES to the Global Peace Movement, YES to Loving & Caring Each Other, YES to Greatness in Humanity, YES to Saving Our Unique Mother Earth, YES to Great Dreams For Better Tomorrows, YES to Emerging Positive Global Energy, YES to National and Global Transparency, and YES to Lighting Our Souls & Minds.
We have only one WORLD yet! If we destroy it, where else will we go?
NO to New Nuclear Weapons - NO to Star Wars - NO to New Nuclear Targets...NO to Weapons In Space -
NO to New Pretexts For Nuclear War - NO to Nuclear Testing - NO to All Types Of Weapons & War & War Culture...

This e-platform is under the umbrella of The Light Millennium, which is A Charitable, Under 501 (c) (3) Status, Not-For-Profit organization based in New York. Introduced in August 1999 on the Web; Established in January 2000; and Founded by Bircan Ünver on July 17, 2001, and associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information since 2005.

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