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Writer, Producer, Director, Video-editor and/or Host more than 140 television programs within the context of “community media” in New York since 1992.
Formed The Light Millennium (LM) – A Multi-Media and Culture Organization under the U.S. Non-Profit Law based in Queens, New York officially in 2001.
Organizer/co-organizer, director/co-director and/or moderator/co-chair near to 70 in various format of public events/panels/conferences/presentations/multi-participatory poetry events on behalf of The Light Millennium Organization since its inception.
Speaker/panelist in several international conferences, universities , public events including the United Nations Head Quarters (NY), Canada, India, Turkey, Armenia and South Korea.
Led the organization’s association to the United Nations in 2005.
Launched/produced and presented “UN NGO Profiles”, “Ambassador Profiles”, “Dreams for Humanity”, “Major Art Exhibits” subseries under the Light Millennium Television Series.
Originator (launched) of The Light Millennium Television (LMTV) Series on Queens Public Television on January 13, 2000.
Written and Introduced the Concept of “The Light Millennium” and its Turkish counterpart “Işık Binyılı” on the Web
in August 1999 <>.

M.A. in Media Studies - Diploma
1999, New School University, New York City, New York.
Thesis project: "All Ideas: Freedom of Expression in Turkey.", a video documentary.

BA in Fine Arts - Diploma
1988, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (MSFAU), Department of Traditional Turkish Arts, Istanbul, Turkey.
Also took additional selected courses in the Department of Art History of the MSFAU which are: Art Criticism, Contemporary Arts, Contemporary Philosophy and Evaluation Criteria of Fine Arts.

Field Production, Queens Public Television, Flushing, New York, Period 1991-1992.
Off-Line Editing, Queens Public Television, Flushing, New York, 1992, 2002.
Studio Production Training & Upgrades, Queens Public Television, Flushing, New York, 1992, 1996, 2016.

2001 to Present: Founder-President, Executive Producer and Director, The Light Millennium (LM) based in Queens, New York.
2000 to Present: Executive Producer, Director and Editor, The Light Millennium Television (LMTV, monthly, weekly series and special programs).
1999 to Present: Web Designer/Publisher – (in English).
1999-2005 & 2014 to Present: Web Designer/Publisher, IşıkBinyılı < (in Turkish).
1992 to Present: Independent Producer, Director and Editor
at Queens Public Television, New York.
Developed, produced, directed, edited, provided for cable-casting more than 136 original television programs to QPTV; and also since 2012, to MNN.Org (mainly in English, also a few in Turkish).
1999 to Present: Content developer and contributor, The Light Millennium and IsikBinyili.Org
2010 to Present: Yerelce.Com (Blog, based in Belgium)
2000 – 2007: Turkish Times, SanatHaber.Net, dPaper,, Portreler
1990-1993: NY Hurriyet Newspaper and Hurriyet-Gosteri Art Magazine
1984-1990: Freelance Correspondent/Art Journalist
For various publications in Istanbul, Turkey. Including; Nokta, Sanat Olayı, Söz, Kadın, Sanat Çevresi, Hurriyet-Gösteri magazines and Cumhuriyet Newspaper.
1976-1983: Assistant to the Chief, Former Istanbul Bank Head Quarter, Istanbul, Turkey.

• Head
NGO Representative to the United Nations Department of Public Information
Of The Light Millennium Organization with a capacity to appoint five NGO delegates to the UN.
• Member: of the UN/DPI-NGO Annual 59th (2006), 60th (2007), 61st (2008) and 65th Conference Planning Committees (2014), and member of the Multi-Generational (2006), Media, and Events & Fundraising subcommittees in 2006, 2007 and 2014.
• Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill for ANUVIBHA, Anuvrat Global Organization, Jaipur, India (Since 2014 to Present)
• Member: The Global Movement Culture of Peace; served 2nd and 3rd Planning Committee on the High Level Forum of the Culture of Peace (since 2013 to Present).
• Member: Planning Committee of the UNITED FOR A CULTURE OF PEACE Through Interfaith Harmony, UNGA Hall, Feb. 14, 2013)
• Member: NGO Mental Health Committee– Promoting the Well Being of Media annual programs (2007, and 2008 as co-chair)
• Member: of the Non-Profit Coordination Committee of New York
Independent Producer, Director and Content Provider: Queens Public Television since 1992.
• Content Provider: Manhattan Neighborhood Network since 2012.

2016: Moderator, Organizer and Speaker: “Visions for a Universal Education Protocol towards Global Citizenship” titled Workshop as a part of the 66th UN DPI.NGO Conference on “Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the Sustainable Developments Goals Together” in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea at the HICO Convention Center on May 30, 2016.
2016: Curated and Presented “Visions for a Universal Education Protocol towards Global Citizenship” titled Exhibit based on a set of questions as a part of the 66th Annual UN DPI.NGO Conference in Gyeongju, Republic of Korea at the HICO Convention Center on on May 30 – June 1.
2016: Participated and contributed to the following conference from an NGO perspective under the main seminar’s theme on: “Emerging Trends, Challenges & Innovative Approaches in Management & IT”, Organized by Ideal Institute of Management and Technology, Delhi-92, India (Jan. 21)
2015: “Outer Space Activities, Code of Conduct - Multi-Lateral Negotiations” UN HQ, July 27-31.
Observer | NGO Intervention:
2015: Presentation on: “Radicalization of the Middle East: A Secular Perspective through Women and the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda”, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. (March 14)
2014: World Cities Day – Panelist, UN HQ (Oct. 31).
2014: “Sole Warranty for Sustainable HUMAN Development Goals: Article# 19”, International Anuvrat Conference, Delhi, India (Sept. 27).
2014: 2014: Speaker-Organizer/Co-director: Outcome of the 65th Annual UN DPI.NGO Conference - Workshop: “A QUEST TO FULFILL HUNGER OF THE BODY AND MIND POST- 2015: Is genetically modified food a solution?” panel – (Aug. 28).
2014: “United Nations and Millennium Development Goals – From an NGO Perspective” (in Turkish), Gedik University, Istanbul, Turkey (April 3).
2013: The 90th Anniversary Celebration of the Lausanne Peace Treaty, Columbia University, New York. (Nov. 14)
2013: Speaker, Concept & Co-Organizer: Pioneer of the Millennium Development Goals: ATATÜRK
Dedicated to: MDG#8 – A Two-day International Conference, April 19-20, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey – Conference’s final report, presented papers and videos of the April 19th -
2012: Written/Produced and Hosted two studio panels:
1) “Peace: Reality or Utopian Dream?” 2) “Green-Clean Economy and Power for ALL” (March 12)
2011: 11th Anniversary of The Light Millennium Television Series (Power Point), presented at Stevens Institute of Technology prior to the “Challenges of the Cultural Diversity and Globalization” panel (Nov. 28).
2010: 10th Anniversary of The Light Millennium, Power Point Presentation prior to the “RESET” Book
launching program, Baruch College, N.Y.C. (June 10).
2010: Four seminars to the middle and high school students in Yerevan, Armenia (January).
2010: “2015 & Beyond in Science and Arts II”, Baruch College, N.Y.C. (May 7).
2009: “Alternative and Public Benefit Media”, Marmara University, Communication Faculty, Istanbul (Turkish), (Dec.24).
2009: “Public Access TV & Alternative Media”, Eastern Mediterranean University-EMU, Magosa, Cyprus (English), (Dec.16).
2008: “On Freedom of Expression and Public Access Television”, Mangalayatan University, Aligarh, India, (Nov. 14).
2008: Key Note Speaker: Presented “Under The Sun: A Shared Ground & A Shared Future” during the 7th ICPNA, 3rd Plenary Session,
Nov. 11, 2008.
2008: Dignitary and Panelist: Inaugural Meeting, 7th International Non-Violent Peace Activist Conference (7th ICPNA), Jaipur, India
(Nov. 10-12).
2007: “RUMI: To Unite - That is Why We Came” for the 7th Anniversary of The Light Millennium TV-LMTV at Queens Public TV Studio (August).
2006: “2015 & Beyond in Science and Arts I”, CUNY Graduate Center, N.Y.C., (Nov. 1).
2006: "UN Vision and Millennium Development Goals Speak Through the Arts", United Nations, 59th Annual UN DPI.NGO Conference (Sept).
2005-2006 Lecturer: “Narration and Script Writing”, Anatolian BIL Occupational School, Bahcelievler, Istanbul, Turkey (October 2005 – January 2006, in Turkish).
2004: “When Peace Comes – Multi-facet Poetry Event” Concept, Co-organizer, Co-host & Presenter. (April 23)
2003: “Peace and Women – Poetry Event, Host and Presenter. (April 24)
2002: “A Presentation of The Light Millennium”, NYU, Student Activities Center. Organized by ITSS, NYC (March 8).
2002: “To Many More Millennia Dear NAZIM” A Centennial Birth Anniversary Celebration of Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet, Co- Host & Presenter. (May 2)
2001: “A Poetry Breeze From the Shores of Turkey”, event, co-host and presenter. (May 2)
2001: "A Common Essence of the Internet & Public Television" International Women Day, Panelist, Organized by Turkish American Women Alliance, Turkish House, NYC, (March 3).
2000: “Short Video Documentaries” (“Peace, Reality of Utopian Dream? (1992), “Rene Magritte” (1992),
“Freedom of Human Spirit (1992), “The Greek Miracle, Dawn of the 5th Century” (1993), “Erol Akyavas: Dogunun Izleri” (1997), “The Walls of the World: Burhan Dogancay” (1998), and “On the Twentieth Century: Nazim Hikmet”; Turkish Culture Festival, Turkish Center, NYC (May 4).
2000: Launching program of The Light Millennium Television (LMTV), Introductory speech, “On the 20th Century: Nazim Hikmet” (short documentary) at QPTV Studio, Flushing, New York (Jan. 13).

(according to the year from the earliest to the latest)
1. Turkish Culture and Tourism Office in New York (2002, 2005)
2. General Consulate of Turkey in New York (2009, 2015)
3. Federation of Turkish American Associations, N.Y. (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)
4. Assembly of Turkish American Associations, W.D.C. (2004, 2015)
5. Ankara Library in Toronto, Toronto University, Canada (2005)
6. Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N.J. (2004, 2005, 2011, 2013)
7. United Nations Department of Public Information - UN DPI.NGO Conferences (2006, 2007, 2014)
8. Blue Crescent, Istanbul, Turkey (2006, UN DPI.NGO Conference)
9. Coordination Communication Committee to the United Nations, N.Y. (2006, UN DPI.NGO Conference)
10. International Red Ribbon (2007, UN DPI.NGO Conference)
11. Turkish Cultural Center, New York (2007, UN DPI.NGO Conference)
12. City University of New York/CUNY – Graduate Center, N.Y.C. (2006, 2007, 2010, 2014)
13. Peace Action, N.Y. (2007, Annual UN DPI.NGO Conference; LMTV UN NGO Profiles, 2011)
14. Climate Caucus, Connecticut (2007, Annual UN DPI.NGO Conference)
15. General Consulate of Sweden in New York ("Turkey Decoded")
16. Columbia University, N.Y.C. (2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2013)
17. New York University, N.Y.C. (2009)
18. Yale University, N.Y.C.; (2009)
19. Princeton University, N.Y.C. (2009)
20. Civil Society Institute, Yerevan, Armenia (Sept. 2009 to Jan. 2010)
21. Baruch College, N.Y.C. (2009, 2010, 2013, 2015)
22. American Turkish Society, N.Y.C. (2010)
23. Helping Hands, Inc., Texas (2011)
24. United Nations Associations for Haiti (2011)
25. Foundation for the Support of the United Nations (2011)
26. Ataturk Society of America (2013, 2015, 2016)
27. Permanent Mission of Turkey to the United Nations (LMTV Ambassador Profiles, 2011; MDGS & ATATÜRK Conference, 2013)
28. United Nations Alliance of Civilization – UNAoC (2011)
29. Permanent Mission of El Salvador to the United Nations (LMTV Ambassador Profiles and Universal Children Day - 2012, 2013, 2014)
30. Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan to the United Nations (2013)
31. Permanent Mission of Macedonia to the United Nations (2013)
32. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO (2011, 2013)
33. The Global Movement for the Culture of Peace (2013, 2014)
34. Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the United Nations (LMTV Ambassador Profiles, 2015)
35. Saint Peters University, New Jersey (2015)
36. CG Global Consultant (2014, 2015)
37. US Federation for Middle East Peace (LMTV 2013/16)
38. Federation of World Peace and Love (2014, 2016)
39. Advancing Eco Agriculture (2014)
40. Stirring the Pot Production (2014)
41. Turkish American Women League (2015)
42. Ataturk School in New York (2015)
43. United Nations Department of Public Information NGO Relations (May 18 event)
44. Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan to the United Nations
45. Global Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A. | GLOSAS/USA (2016)
46. Multicultural Council of NY, Inc. (LMTV, 2016)
47. Korean American Foundation (LMTV, 2016)
48. Geriatric Care Foundation (LMTV, 2016)
49. Luz Maria Foundation (LMTV, 2016)
50. Anuvrat Global Organization – North America (LMTV, 2016)
51. National Space Society (LMTV, 2016)
52: United Nations Department of Public Information | The 66th UN DPI.NGO Conference through
Workshop and Exhibit Subcommittees of the Planning Committee of the Conference
53: Federation of World Love and Peace (Workshop: 66th UN DPI.NGO Conference, 2016)
54. Association of World Citizen (Workshop and Exhibi/Videographyt: 66th UN DPI.NGO Conference, 2016)
55. Multicultural Council of New York 66th (Workshop: UN DPI.NGO Conference, 2016)
56. Ataturk Society of America (Workshop: 66th UN DPI.NGO Conference, 2016)
57. Julie Mardin Photography Studio – Digital Artist (Exhibit: 66th UN DPI.NGO Conference, 2016)
58. Ali Sarikaya, New York Ataturk Art & Cultural Center (Exhibit: 66th UN DPI.NGO Conference, 2016)

• Founder of The Light Millennium – A Global Multi-Media & Culture Organization. Created, designed, and introduced it on the Web in August 1999, and incorporated as "The Light Millennium, Inc.," as a public benefit "global multi-media and culture" organization with the status# 501 (c) (3), effective on July 17, 2001 based in New York.
• E-published 32 original issues in English and 25 in Turkish with global participations from all the walks of life.
• Organized/co-organized, collaborated and presented near to 70 EVENTS since 2000 including at the United Nations
as part of the UN DPI.NGO Conferences.
• Founded of IşıkBinyılı.Org (Işık Binyılı Multimedya, Kültür, Sosyal Destek ve Geliştirme Derneği - according to Turkish Non-Profit Law based in Istanbul, Turkey on Jan. 11, 2010.
• LMTV presents a monthly series (twice a month and specials) on QPTV’s four channels;
• LMTV presents bi-weekly series on MNN.Org. | &

2015: Alliance of Community Media National Hometown Media Award (U.S.)
Program: “Pioneer of the Millennium Development Goals: ATATÜRK High Level Inaugural Session - Concluding Remarks and Interactive Session” (produced, 2014) (6/6) | Dedicated to: MDG#8 Global Partnerships and PEACE
Independent Professional Producers Division | Category: Educational Activities - “The Best” (August 13
2013: Three awards/recognition presented by Queens Public Television during its “Mixer Party” (Feb. 28):
2013: Vanguard Producer, presented by Queens Public Television.
2012: Honorable Mention, “2015 & Beyond: In Science and Arts” (produced, 2011);
Community Viewers Choice Competition, awarded by Queens Public Television.
2012: Honorable Mention, “The Next Ten Years: On the Fourth UN The Least Developed Countries Conference” Featuring: H.E. Ertugrul Apakan, Ambassador of Turkey to the United Nations (produced, 2011); Community Viewers Choice Competition, awarded by Queens Public Television.
2012: Technical Aid Grant by Queens Public Television for two studio based panel discussion programs: 1) “Peace: Reality or Utopian Dream?” 2) “Green-Clean Economy and Power for ALL”
2011: “Exceptional Lifelong Service”; awarded by Nation to Nation Networking | NNN
2010: “Award of Merit”, in “Arts/Cultural/Performance/Plays” category; awarded by: The Accolade. TV Program: “Francis Bacon: Humans Are Violent”
2008: Peace Worker, Awarded by: Anuvrat Global Organization, Jaipur, India.
2008: Honorary Guest. Presented by: Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kamal, Former President of India.
2008: Global Peace Volunteer. Awarded by: Turkish-American Forum News Paper, NY.
2004: Distinguished Woman Award in New York. Awarded by: Daughters of Atatürk Organization, CA.
2004: First Place in "Ethnic" Category, 2004, "Crescent & Star", Presented by Stephen Kinzer.
Awarded by: CAPA Video Festival, Flushing, New York.
2004: First Place in "Visual Arts", "Matisse & Picasso at the MoMA".
Awarded by: CAPA Video Festival, Flushing, New York.
2001-2002: Golden Web Award. "Excellence achieved in Web Design, Content and Creativity."
"The Light Millennium Internet Magazine".
1998: First Place in "Arts", NorthEast Video Festival. Program:
“The Walls of the World: Burhan Dogançay”.
1999: Special Jury Award – Hometown Video Festival. Program: "The Walls of the World"
1997: Finalist, "Erol AKYAVAS", Hometown Video Festival - Erol AKYAVAS: The Mark of the East”.
1994: Finalist, Hometown Video Festival, 1994. 20th Century Latin American Arts, MoMA (Based on the exhibition).

• 1995: "En Kutsalı Yaratmak" (To Create is the Most Sacred), in print, Say Publishing Company, Istanbul, Turkey. Interviews with artists, commentary on art exhibitions, and essays, in Turkish.
• 2016: “Sanatın Labirentlerinde..." (The Labyrinths of Arts) in print, Turkish, Istanbul.
2008 – Previous as e-book:

2016: Universal Education Protocol towards Global Citizenship (updated version of the GDH-SP |
2004: Global Diversity Home and School Project (GD-HSP)
2009: Turkish-Armenian Synergy Initiative -
2012: [Envisioned] United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations General Assembly (
2014: What Is My Action Plan?
2011: Co-author of the U.S. Turkish Library and Museum Project (
1999: A Personnel Essay: A Thousands Years More... (Gave a birth to the concept of the “Light Millennium”, which later has become Manifesto of the organization.)

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Born in 1959, Mother of two sons and lives in Queens, New York since 1996.
Prior to 1996, she also lived for a-year in Los Angeles (1989-1990), then in New York from Sept. 1990 to May 1993.

For 2011 web-profile (March 13, 2011). | Updated on January 2, 2017.

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