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Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**

Children Of The Sun: Ender GÜZEY

Özay ERKILIÇ, Art Historian

Ender Güzey is a productive artist who comes up with interesting and brand new ideas with every exhibition and project. The artist is graduated from Munich Academy of Fine Arts. After graduation he became the assistant of Prof. Zimmermann at the Academy. His exhibitions took place at many countries like France, Holland, Malaysia, Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Turkey. He is recognized with his performances and environmental projects.

Ender Guzey: Children of the Sun

Stone, bark, horse bristle, iron, clay, glass beads, straw and sea sand are some of the materials he use at his work. We can realize that there is a common theme among his work,  among his objects, paintings, sculpture or carpet! no matter with how different materials or medium he creates with.

Ender Güzey prefers natural materials at his "objects" and re-forms them according to his own plastic understanding. Blue is the main colour at his aquarell and oil paintings. The fantastic elements he uses at these paintings form an abstract expression and sometimes increase the tension. Quays, ladders towards uncertain misty sites makes us face the image of an unknown reality. We wander around the infinity of cosmos.

Ender Güzey's work are objects and motives which are beyond time and space with a feeling of infinity. He questions the humanbeing, reasons of his existance, relations with his environment and matter, his believes, fears, love etc., with a universal sense. He mentions the creative freedom of humankind in his timeless unity. He points at the continuity of the common instinctive tendencies, the thought that creates the "totem", the relation between time and space.... These are counters that are forming new and different realities while passing through each other. A double sided arrangement... The symbols are also reflections of an inner reality. The artist's perception of this magic universe from a wide perspective is enriched with mithology and myth.

Ender Guzey

This exhibition gives an idea of the artist's work but only a part of it. It is quite impossible to have a full idea about Ender Güzey is possible only by seeing his projects and performances, One of these performances is "Noah's Arch" which sailed at Bosphorus with the symbols and paintings of bull horns, sun symbols and straw, leaves etc. inside. The performance ended after sailing for a week, and then he gave the "Noah's Arch" to fire. Another project is; "From Constantinopolis to Istanbul / From Middle Age To New Age" . From Tophane region to Halic, he thought to set up thirty two bronze sculptures on a 1200 meters long road. In the memory of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, his soldiers, and the logs which the ships were slided on, he thought to mold bronze "logs". Ender Güzey's another important project is the "Light Bridge" which he made during a sculpture symposium that he was invited at a border region between Germany and Austria. There, he build this symbolic bridge connecting the two towns divided by the border.

This exhibition named "Children of the Sun" is a mixture of bronze and ceramic totem sculptures and paintings made by sea sand on canvas and wood. We are invited to meet an interesting combination with all the traces of Ender Güzey's themes and style. "Children of the Sun" could be a figure drawn on sand or could be a standing bronze sculpture "Sun Totem" or "Moon Totem". Timeless and eternel figures reflecting the light and colours of the sun...

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