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A Brief Profile of Dr. Süleyman GOKOGLU

Dr. Süleyman GOKOGLU

Dr. Süleyman Gokoglu is currently a Senior Scientist at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Gokoglu is an alumni of Robert College (lycee, 1974) and Bogazici University (double major in Chemical Eng. and Math, 1978). He has been a resident in the U.S. since 1978. He received his MS and Ph.D. degrees from the Chemical Eng. Dept. at Yale University in 1980 and 1982, respectively. Since then, he has been working at NASA Glenn Research Center. In December 1998, as result of two separate dual-ladder promotions, a process which enables scientists to reach higher grade levels without having to become managers, he has been awarded the Senior Scientist title, which is the ultimate level possible in the U.S. government scale as a researcher. He served in many NASA aeronautics and space flight programs, related to both supersonic transport and microgravity science, as a Team Leader and Project Scientist. Most recently, he served as the Project Scientist of the Mist
project, related to fire suppression using water in the form of mist, which flew onboard the recent unfortunate Columbia space shuttle flight, STS-107. Another of his projects, related to fire safety, is slated to fly aboard the International Space Station in 2006. He also holds an Adjunct Faculty position at the Ohio Aerospace Institute and taught short courses for professional societies. His field of expertise is heat/mass transport phenomena in chemically reacting flow systems, advanced materials synthesis and coatings, combustion, and turbo-machinery. He authored 22 archival journal articles (2 invited reviews), 2 book chapters, 45 conference proceedings (6 invited), 29 NASA technical reports and has been an editor of 1 book in these areas. He was an Editor of the Journal of Chemical Vapor Deposition between 1992 through 1999.

Dr. Gokoglu has assumed many responsible roles in Turkish and Turkish-American organizations. He participated actively in the formation and development of such associations both in Turkey and in the Unites States. Dr. Gokoglu is currently a Trustee of the Bogazici University Foundation (BUVAK). As a result of his passionate interest for higher education at large in Turkey, besides the care for his alma mater Bogazici University, he became a Founder of the Bogazici University and Robert College International Alumni Association (BURCIN) in the US in 1993. He was the first President of BURCIN during 1994 through 1996, and has served on the Board of Directors of BURCIN ever since its inception (http://burcin.org ). In his efforts to explore ways of helping higher education in Turkey, he utilized the United Nations Development Program as a participant in the Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriate Nationals program during the summers of 1997, 1994, 1990 and 1988. He spent no less than two weeks each time at various Turkish universities and TUBITAK MAM, teaching short courses, delivering series of lectures in his technical field of expertise, and serving as a consultant to some University Foundations in the area of technology transfer. He also got his academic title of "Docent" through the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) in 1986. During his residency in the greater Cleveland area since 1982, he has always played an active role as a member of its ethnically diverse community, and is the current President of the Turkish American Society of Northeastern Ohio (TASNO, http://tasno.org ).

Dr. Gokoglu is married and a father of two daughters. His wife Tuba, a business major from Case Western Reserve University, started her own business last year under the name of TURA Oriental Rug Gallerie after seven years in corporate banking. His older daughter Seda is a high school senior as a boarding student at Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio, and the younger daughter Aysun is a sixth grader in their hometown Brecksville, Ohio.

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Süleyman GOKOGLU: NASA stands "for the benefit of all."

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