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Winter 2002: 8th issue - **2nd Anniversary**

Mehmet DEDE

I ended up in New York in 1999 to study Music Business at New York University (NYU) after having earned a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in Turkey. My obsession with NY can be linked to the fact that I spent eight years of my childhood in Bonn, Germany and attended a quasi-American high school in Turkey.

Upon entering college in 1994, I began working at Number One FM, a place I spent four years at working in the radio/TV business and promoting shows and concerts.

A 1.5 years experience followed at Universal Music Turkey as Creative Manager. After arriving in New York, I took a three-month stint at Universal Music Group and for the past two years I have been part of the Giant Step crew doing cool shows. A newborn interest in the digital distribution aspect of the music business led to a graduation thesis on hypothetical future music business models and digital delivery schemes.

Having had my toes in different fields such as engineering, business, and arts I hope to set up my own organization in the future that will encompass a variety of mediums to deliver innovative and creative ways of artistic production and stimulate intellectual discussions, especially as it relates to music and visual/performance art. I hope this will give emerging artists a chance to present themselves without having to compromise on their artistic integrity.

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ITU: http://www.itu.edu.tr/1eng.htm
Number one FM:

New York University: http://www.nyu.edu/

E-mail: md443@nyu.edu

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