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Noema Chaplin is an Executive Committee Member of UNA-USA’s Council of Organizations (Member of UNA-USA since 1997), Board Member Communications Coordination Committee for the UN ( ), Member CSVGC (Committee of Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns), UN Observer for Servas International, Member of the Committee on Mental Health.
Noema Chaplin provide high quality Coordination, Communications, Marketing, Networking, Research, Public Relations, Consulting.

As a representative of United States Servas, Inc. to the UN, promote Peace and Justice through cross cultural understanding with collaboration in similar organizations.

Noema Chaplin serve as a Liaison between State Members and United Nations Agencies. Participated more than 250 High Level Events: Conferences, Forums, Summits, Dialogs, Workshops, etc. like: “Partnership for Effective Peacekeeping Forum”, “Global Financial and Economic Crisis and it’s Impact on Development”, “Forum@Four: Alliance on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice”, “Millenium Development Goals High Level Event”, “Climate change: How it impacts Us All”. Member of the Planning Committee for 2004-2008 Annual DPI conferences. Reports are published on the " US Servas" and "Servas International" websites in 136 countries:;;

Plan establish photo’s gallery about our activity as a Professional Designer.

Scientific research "Violence against Women as Universal Phenomenon" published in more than 120 countries: United States , England , Sweden , Norway , Germany , European Union , Canada etc. (Campaign under the UN Secretary General "End Violence against women"). Published article “60 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Today and Future” (; in the International Year of Human Rights.

As a President "International Federation Collaboration" and former President of International Institute for Entrepreneurship ( Strategic Partner for USAID), with practical international experience, created a Pioneer project: Association of well known Organizations in areas: Science, Environment, Health, Business, Art, Culture to establish partnership. Worked close with Chambers of Commerce ( United States , UK , Canada , Germany , Sweden , Finland , France); Winrock International, World Learning.

Noema Chaplin has over than 10 years experience as CEO in the Military Medical Academy (Department of Education, Psychology and Space Research), European Bank for Development ( Member Board of Governors), Babson College (International Colloqium for Entrepreneurship Educators and Advisors), Political and Economic Scientist, Designer Engineer.

Noema Chaplin got professional education in different areas: NYU (Management and Marketing); SUNY NYC (Political Science and Economics); TRUMP University; Enlightened Wealth Institute, PACE University (Real Estate and Notary course’s), UNIVERSITY of TELECOMMUNICATION (Master Degree, Designer Engineer); Professional Courses: Finance, Investment, Audit, Design, etc. Fluently speak English and Russian.

- Perspective for Peace and Human Development
- World Financial and Economic Crisis and it’s impact on Development

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