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Letter of this issue:
Dedicated to: The Children of the World
New York - August 2004

Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2004 issue of the Light Millennium...

Still do not know!

Bircan ÜNVER
E-mail: contact@lightmillennium.org
Photo: Baris ÜNVER

If we still do not know what should be our stand point in daily life or how to make this world better, then we have to learn it from the youth and children of the world. Also, if we think that we are so sure what we stand for, that still may not reflect who you would like to be, what you would really want to do, how to contribute your surroundings, and have an inner peace which may lead you to an external one.

I consider that this is the outcome concept of this issue.

We've been inspired greatly by all the children & youth's poetry whose contributed to this issue. For this reason, we would like to share three poems within this letter in terms of reflecting youth's approaches to today's world, as well as the Spring/Summer-2004, #14th Issue of the Light Millennium. The selected 3 poems are from the "When Peace Comes Poetry Project" submissions. These poems will clarify much better what I mean in the very first paragraph in this letter, and hoping that you will inspire by them too...

* * * * *
All one kind


Living in this land of plenty,
We often forget the poor and hungry.
Millions of children left out in the cold;
Never given a chance to grow

And all the while, many prosper and grow,
Their ears deaf to the cries of these souls.
Compassion and kindness is all that they ask
But many feel this is too great of a task.

If only we could view each person
As sister, brother, daughter, or son,
The worth of each life would be
Realized and would see
That we are all one kind;
We are all entwined.
The pain of each felt by the whole,
The pleads of each heart heard by all

* * * * *

A summary of this issue:

We have reached our 14th edition of the Light Millennium with the Spring/Summer- 2004, #14 Issue.  This issue has embraced from 7 years to high schools including adults via "When Peace Comes Poetry Project" & accompany the dedication issue; the "Children of the World" globally. At the same time, it represents presentations from the conferences and events; as well as represents stories, essays, and script in general other forms of writings in addition to poetry from all ages and various professionals in media, music, non-governmental organizations, and academia...

The Light Millennium web site has received over 3.5 million hits since December 2003. We are very proud and excited that our seed has been growing and expanding globally with your ongoing participations. You are, --the participants-- "soul of the Light Millennium", and "we are for the greatness in humanity". We will move forward, and able to expand our circle more and more with your ongoing supports and participations...

* * * * *

The Peace and Harmony We Need
Townsend Harris High School, Flushing, New York

Peace, a word dreamt about since the beginning of time
Peace, a state that was difficult to achieve back in 1939.
There was almost half of a world in fight
It all began in Poland on September 1st, a gruesome night.
It was the Axis versus the Allies, the bad versus the good.
Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin wanted to take over the world and they understood
That this would mean a fight to death and a lot of work.
The tranquility and peace on the Earth was destroyed by these jerks.
People lost their jobs and many were hungry.
These dictators forced everyone to fight for their country.
Relationships were torn and families were lost.
All over the world, the peace was gone, and people fought at no cost.
Germany and Italy threatened the rest of the sphere.
The US entered the war zone in 1941 after Japan smeared
Pearl Harbor off the face of the map
Franklin D. Roosevelt was infuriated and declared the war would be done in a snap. 
After a couple of endless years of war, the US dropped the A-Bomb on Japan,
Thousands were killed, many were innocent men.
The dictators in Germany and Italy had fallen months before
Europe, the old continent had to be rebuilt once more.
In June 1945, fifty nations signed The Charter of the United Nations.
Here the countries would discuss peace and have patience.
It now has 166 nations that work for peace and security
The betterment of humanity is discussed and so are the past and its obscurity.
So, as you can see the past wasn't so great
It was filled with fighting, anger, blood, and hate
So from now on let's save the innocent and discuss our disputes
Let's keep the peace, not copy our past and stop from fighting over something minute.

* * * * *

About the When Peace Comes :

For the "When Peace Comes Poetry Writing & Reading Project"; students participated from the AMITY School, ATATURK Elementary School (TAKB), Hillcrest High School, Pioneer Academy of Science, HAFTR High School, and Townsend Harris High School in New York, Long Island, and New Jersey areas. Also, from the 411 School in Petersburg, Russia; we do have 6 participants for the Children of the World issue, and we are much honored with their participation. Overall, children are the stars of this issue. We also have developed an ongoing project for the Children of the World, titled, "Light Millennium - Global Diversity School Project."

Hoping that this issue will be a channel to express and reflect all ideas relating all children in each and every country in the world in terms of understanding them better and getting familiar with every part of the world's children's problems, thoughts, dreams, expectations, connect, understand each other better, and work on the ideas and projects about how to get over prejudges towards solving those problems...

We are also proud to announce our upcoming event with Arif MARDIN on Wednesday, October 6, 2004 at the Marmara-Manhattan in New York City (more detail information will be announced the end of August.)

* * * * *


Surrounds Us 

by Jane KIM
Townsend Harris High School, Flushing, New York
Whether out on the streets
Or in a twelve-story mansion
Whether in the French Revolution, year 1789
Or in the twenty-first century, year 2003
Poverty surrounds us, each and every one of us.
The poor are with us,
No matter our status
Either the poor in spirit
Or the poor in material wealth
Poverty surrounds us, each and every one of us.
The first and second estates, no matter how high their status
Or what their title is
The poor were there to fight for their needs
The poor third estate surrounded them
Poverty surrounds us, each and every one of us.
The president of the US, no matter how high
His status or his title
A walk down the streets of the projects
Shows the poor begging for their needs.
Poverty surrounds us, each and every one of us.
Peasants were seen all over
Fighting for bread
The homeless are seen every few blocks
Too poor in spirit to even ask for bread
Poverty surrounds us, each and every one of us.
From the streets of Paris-July 1789
To the streets of Times Square-November 2003
Closing our eyes doesn't make it go away
No matter our status, no matter our title
Poverty surrounds us, each and every one of us.

* * * * *

About the Light Millennium and the next issue:

We had our 2nd Annual Meeting, and election of the new board of directors on May 25, 2004. The new Board of Directors is updated on the STAFF page. However, we seek to diversify more and extend the board members up to 7 until the mid of September. If you are interested to contribute, helping the growth of the organization as well as to be part of it, please contact with us by e-mail: contact@lightmillennium.org

* * * * *

Our next issue will be dedicated to the theme "Babies and Women with AIDS in Africa" & "Refugees in Karabag/Azerbaijan"

Deadline: On Friday, November 5, 2004. Please send your submissions related to the upcoming dedication issues as well as share with us your ideas, experiences, expectations, and dreams.

For your comments, submissions and requests: contact@lightmillennium.org

With peace, love and light,

Bircan Ünver

The Light Millennium
A Not-For-Profit / Public Benefit Organization

New York

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Please note: Louise Mercado is no longer with the Light Millennium as of December 31, 2003.

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