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Immediate Release
April 2, 2006 - New York

A Celebration of the Light Millennium's 6th Anniversary
In collaboration with Columbia University

Biographies & Filmographies of the Directors & Producers...

On Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Time: 6:30 - 9:00 PM

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Columbia University,

International Affairs Building, Room# 403
At the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 118th Street.
New York

Contact or for more information:
Bircan Ünver, Producer of the event
For Direction - Jeanene Mitchell at Columbia University:

Biographies & Filmographies of the Directors & Producers:


Murad ÖZDEMIR: Born in 1975, Özdemir has produced and directed several video films. Currently, he is a research assistant in Galatasaray University, Istanbul, Turkey.

He assists a number of courses like"Documentary Filmmaking" and “ Anthropology of Communication” both at graduate and post-graduate levels. Özdemir graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Communication Sciences with a bachelor degree in Cinema and Television. He also holds a MA degree in Cultural Studies from Istanbul Bilgi University. At present, he is a PHD student in Communication Sciences, Marmara University, Istanbul. Özdemir aims to develop a visual understanding of culture through his films and academic work. He is a member of the Association of Documentary Filmmakers in Turkey. In addition to video works, he also composes music for films.


Kamerayı Bırak Çayını iç, (Put the Camera Down), 21’ 1997 (Documentary)
Kene, 7’, 2000 (Experimental)
Tinkos Balık Tinkos (Tinkos Fish Tinkos), 35’, 2001 (Documentary)
Hey Onbes¸’li « artist: akide », 7’, 2002 (Music Video)
Bu Dünya Bir Pencere (This World is a Window) « artist: Emin I˙güs», 4’, 2002 (Music Video)
Afternoon Class , 8’, 2006 (Documentary)
Masculin/ Féminin, (Ethnographic Documentary ) “In Production” 2006

* * * * *

Ersan OCAK:

Ersan Ocak is a Turkish filmmaker with a variety of projects including not only conventional documentary films, but experimental video films, video performances, and video installations all stemming from his academic background. Taking his social science background as a basis, Ocak began by making short videos and went on to explore the documentary both as a genre and language. Using his knowledge of oral history, he has been making experimental documentaries on cities. Since the beginning of 2004, he has involved in a documentary film and research project on crime of honor in the southeastern region of Turkey. Ocak’s work in the documentary film continues to research and experiment with the camera’s and montage’s potential for new audio-visual regimes. Through this approach, he has made several documentary films, experimental video films, video performances and installations, and has published articles and essays. Ocak is currently a PHD candidate in Fine Arts at Bilkent University, Ankara, while also working as an instructor at Baskent University, at the Department of Radio Television and Cinema.

Break of Day, in the compilation film “Time Piece,” 9’, DVCAM, 2006.
Through, 3’28”, Di8/Betacam/DV, 2001 (2nd International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, opening film)
Salzburg, 13’27”, Di8/Betacam, 2001
Women of the Republic, 22’17”, Betacam, 2000 (with Berrin BALAY)
Curiosity, 11’45”, DV/Betacam, 2000 (with Andreas & Gülden TRESKE)
Earthquake, 21’47”, DV/Betacam, 2000 (with Berrin BALAY)
An.Kara, 14’30” , Hi-8/Betacam, 1996 (with Aras ÖZGÜN)
It’s Coming Soon, 5’30”, U-matic, 1994, (with A. Bülent ACAR & Aras ÖZGÜN)
Routin, 2’24”, Hi8/Betacam, 1994, (with Ayfer KIRAN)

* * * * *

Mustafa ÜNLÜ:
Mustafa ÜNLÜ has directed numerous documentaries and other biographical, promotional and educational films in conjunction with multiple organizations all over the world including, the department of Turkish Radio and Television Corporaton, “32nd Day” a current affairs/analytical journalism program, Shakti Productions, and Kutup Ayisi Documentary Productions. In his work he has explored diverse subject matter ranging from the Dalai Lama in Dramshala to the Gulf War directing 17 films in all including the 12th of September, If the Earthquake Comes, and A City Being Throttled. Believing that documentary cinema is the only way to pass on to the next generations those cultures and species that may not be exist in the future, most recently Unlu has concentrated on portraying subjects that are destined to soon disappear. Unlu has participated in many National and International Festivals, workshops, seminars and pitching forums in Turkey, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Italy, and Japan. He is also one of the founding members and a current board member of the Association of Documentary Filmmakers in Turkey.

“TIME PIECES – Night Club Ordeal” – Co-director, 2006
“OLD TOWN’S NEWSMEN” – Director, 2006
“THE MEDITERRANEAN” – Co-director and producer, 2001
"SURYOYO" Co-director and producer, 2000
"12 EYLÜL (SEPTEMBER THE 12TH)" – Director, 1998
"JOHNNY TURK" - Writer and Producer,1995
"VEHBI˙ KOÇ" – Director, 1992
"KIBRIS BELGESELI˙ (CYPRUS DOCUMENTARY)" – Production Manager, Researcher and video editing director, 1989

* * * * *

Nurdan ARCA:

Nurdan ARCA has worked as a documentary filmmaker continuously for 17 years. She is the cofounder of the Production Company Ajans 21 with partner Melek Ulagay Taylan, through which she has produced and directed 9 documentaries and received two international and numerous other awards. In 1968 she helped to organize the first ever short film festival in Turkey. She has degrees in Economics, Political Economy, and Filmmaking.

In-Between-Midday in Istanbul, 2006, 7 mins.
Damming the Euphrates, 2001; 35 min.
Is Anybody There? 2001; 4:30 min.
The Encounter 2000; 52 min.
Dostlar Company, 2000; 37 min.
In Pursuit of Lost Time, 1999 50 min.
Time Capsules, 1998 14 min.
Space Crystals, 1996; 22 min.
Music of the Heart, 1995; 22 min.
The Fourth Dimension, 1993, 40 min.
Paintings of Longing, 1986; 22 min.

* * * * *

Ozgur ARIK:

Ozgur ARIK has worked mostly on short fiction and documentary films. Born in 1976 in Eskis¸ehir, he graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Communication TV-Cinema Dep. in 2002. He especially worked on documentary filmmaking experiences during faculty years. He is currently working on his master degree at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts on documentary cinema and working as a research assistant at GI˙SAM in The Middle East Technical University. Arik has participated in several international film festivals in Greece, Japan, Germany, and Hungary, and has won numerous awards for his films.

A letter from Halfeti (1999)
Vanished with Water (2000)
Ribat (2001)
The Hazy Luminous (2002)
Wedding to Severance (2003)
Lesson : Knowledge of Life (2004)

* * * * *


Sehbal SENYURT is a documentary film director & camerawomen most known for her documentary called “The Adyghe” which has been watched by over 5 million viewers. Her other films such as “History in the Depths” or “Sun Moon and Star” have also been broadcast many times on various TV Channels as well as shown at public screenings. Sehbal started her career making primarily historical documentaries. Nowadays she is working mostly on social and anthropological films. She is the first camerawomen in the documentary field in Turkey and one of the leading founders of the Association of Documentary Filmmakers in Turkey.

Sehbal likes to tell a story by using an indirect, spiralling structure instead of a direct, linear approach. She likes to play with the idea of time by exploring the concept that “inside of a single moment there exists the past and future at the same time.” For her, research serves as background knowledge. The core of the story comes up on the field. After a period of deep research covering different aspects of the story, she then prefers to listen to what the story tells her. She is interested in the feelings of events, instead of events themselves. She tries to discover the meaning of events instead of merely what happened. Each story becomes a way for discovering the shadow of life and also a way for rediscovering herself.

“ Good Morning!!!..” director, camerawomen. Experimental Documentary. 8’ , 2006
“ Children of Homdu River” director, camerawomen. Documentary. 57’ , 2006
“The Sun Moon and Star” producer, director, scriptwriter. Documentary 98’ 1 episode, 2004
“The Lake Palas” script writer. Documentary 45’ 1 episode. 2003|
“The Adyghe”, director, documentary, 77’, 1 episode. 2000
“History in Depth”, director, Documentary, 35’, 5 parts. 1998
“Cyprus”, director, documentary, 45’, 13 parts. 1996
“12 March-Military Coup d’Etat”, - executive producer- Documentary, 45’, 10 parts. 1995
“Compass” director, news programme, 45’, 8 parts
“32th Day”, - executive producer- news programme 55’
“A Child Crying There”, script writer- documentary, 23’ 1 part 1992

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