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Media Release
Date: February 16, 2004
Contact: contact@lightmillennium.org or

Light Millennium Television Series Presents...
"Camera or Gun?"
How to produce your own programs to be aired?
Guest speaker: Clifford JACOBS
Deputy Executive Director of Queens Public Television

Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 - Time: 6:30 PM

Clifford JACOBS
Deputy Executive Director of QPTV

Program will be opening with screenings of the following:
-1 Demo of the Light Millennium TV Series &
-Excerpts from "Everyone's Channel" documentary
- Introductory by Ayca BAHCE
- Guest Speaker: Clifford JACOBS
- Videography by Julie MARDIN
- Where: The Rooftop Lounge & Terrace

at The Marmara-ManhattanHotel 
301 East 94th Street
New York, N.Y. 10128
- For more information: 718-846-5776 or
- Venue is sponsored by: The Marmara-Manhattan

We would like to invite you to an upcoming event which will enlighten you about one of the main paths of the USA, the "freedom of expression," which all of her people have relied on. Via this event, Clifford Jacobs, the Deputy Executive of Queens Public TV, will emphasize the role of the "public access television in America" as well as its global importance that can change "the course of history." As Mr. Jacobs puts it: "When Chinese government prohibited all media from distributing any images related to the Tiananmen Square massacre, just one mini-digital amateur video camera was able to capture what was happening there at that time; and those images which were spontaneously sent out over the Internet outside of China changed all the official given information and its reality."

The title "Camera or Gun" was born based on Mr. Jacobs' youth experiences in Harlem. Mr. Jacobs will share his in-depth and profound experiences with us regarding "Public Access TVs" in many aspects and will enlighten the audience on how to benefit from them.

Under the light of shared experiences and information, an open discussion platform will follow about the efficient use of these TVs by bringing potential energy and powers together within each community; and by well organizing and coordinating these channels both in NY and the USA.

The event will be open to all, in particular to students in the field of media or film, or those who completed their studies and had to work in other areas, or people interested in TV and documentaries who are professionals or business owners in various fields. This will be an opportunity for all interested parties to learn more about PUBLIC ACCESS TVs that represent the most democratic system of the USA.

For more information:
An Interview with Clifford JACOBS
A Symbol of Democracy in the US:

"We live with the First Amendment", p.2

About Clifford JACOBS:

Clifford Jacobs was born on April 19, 1954. He has always been an industrious individual. He began his career at the age of 14, working for the Department of Social Services for the City of New York. He attended All Saints Elementary School, Cardinal Hayes High School, and the Harlem Preparatory School. In his last year of attending Harlem Prep, Cliff wrote an award-winning essay, which won him an eight-week, all expense paid trip to Europe.

Upon his return to New York, Cliff moved to Rhode Island to attend Brown University. There, giving full rein to his great love of humanity, he majored in Anthropology and Portuguese/Brazilian studies. He also volunteered his time as a Big Brother and worked as a drug counselor for troubled teens. Along the way, he developed an interest in film and television and took courses in these subjects at the Rhode Island School of Design.

After graduating from Brown, Cliff continued his work as a drug counselor and social worker. In 1981, he decided it was time to switch jobs and pursue a career in television. After studying television production at the Cable Health Network (Lifetime), he went on to do corporate video at Sotheby's where he could indulge his artistic sense on the job. He left Sotheby's to work for Deloitte, Haskins & Sells (Deloitte/Touche) producing training videos for Certified Public Accountants. In 1988, Cliff began working as a volunteer playback operator at Queens Public Access Television. It did not take long for him to be hired as the Video Production Trainer. He was later promoted to Production Manager. Then, in 1993 he supervised the construction of QPTV's new studio facilities located on the campus of York College. He served as Facility Manager of the new studio from 1993-1997. Currently, he is the Deputy Executive Director of QPTV.

For more information about Clifford JACOBS:

Clifford Jacobs & Bircan Unver during the launching event for
The Light Millennium TV series on January 13, 2000, Flushing, New York.


About The Light Millennium Television Series

Programs highlighting individual issues such as arts, artist profiles, culture, peace, and the freedom of speech.

The Light Millennium Television (LMTV) series was launched by Bircan Ünver in January 2000 at Queens Public Television (http://www.qptv.org /channels# 34, 35, 56 & 57) as a monthly series. The television series was incorporated under the umbrella of The Light Millennium on July 17, 2001 within the structure of a not-for-profit organization. The programs have been produced for public benefit, and do not contain any commercials. Time slots take place within the period of January to June 2004: Channel #34, Tuesday, 1:00 PM & Channel #34, Monday, 9:30 PM.

LMTV series seeks sponsors for its upcoming programs, as well as for expanding its broadcasting locations in New York, and in other states based on available sponsorships. For more information:


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How to sponsor the Light Millennium?

* The Light Millennium aims to provide an international platform for the free expression of ideas and experiences in order to foster a global connection among all people.

* The Light Millennium is a public benefit organization, and incorporated on July 17, 2001 with status #501 ( c ) (3) based in New York.

"You are the soul of the Light Millennium."

Other sponsors of the event:

- Media Sponsor of this event: MEZUNUSA.COM
- Special thanks to Divane Restaurant

Please not that Louise Mercado is no longer with the Light Millennium as of December 31, 2003.

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