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Ulku Unsoy is an innovative artist who first gained renown at the age of fifteen as a finalist in UNESCO’s International Painting Competition, held in Japan in 1974. After receiving her Master’s degree of art from Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts she came to the United States and continued education at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia. She continued her studies of sculpting at the New York Art Students League and after settling in NY, she went on as an outstanding contemporary artist, painting and sculpting, had many solo and group shows in NYC, around the United States and other countries.

Unsoy continued expressing her visions about life and the link between nature and people sometimes in painting -two dimensions, sometimes in sculpting -three dimensions.

Her studies of science and hydraulics since 1990 in result brought an exciting new dimension to her artwork. Her waterfall sculptures are born after many years of artistic, mechanical and technical studies and hands-on experience. Ulku now uses technology and blends it into her work to make her statements more powerful. She creates permanent displays of Art & Water-Works of large sizes, in the public, residential and recreational domains; through her company A.C.I. (Arts Composed Inc.) in NY and other States.

She uses advanced waterproof techniques, fog effects, under-water lighting systems; fiber-optics, ultra-violets, and creates sound effects with splashes of water. Ulku applies modern technologies to her diverse portfolio of achievements by working with architects, engineers and other professionals.

"Mediums are the most important tools artist can employ to express their vision. I have found that I can use technology in such a way; allowing me to incorporate natural elements, such as rocks, crystals and water in my work. I use them to make an impression on our senses and thereby create a direct bond between the artist and the viewer."

My sculptures, in addition to their artistic structure and value, now contain visual, sound, and lighting effects of water movement. They are more than merely three-dimensional -almost soulful. My use of water can alter a sculpture, creating a sensation of movement while falling or of serenity when it is still. I can change the effects that water produces even further through the use of ultra-violet light and fiber-optics to achieve a magical sense of lighting.

In my artwork natural elements acquire a unity of opposites ( soft and hard, stillness and movement, conformity and rebellion, beauty and ugliness, love and hate, etc. ), creating a sense of harmony and balance."

She feels that nature holds the answers to our inner most yearnings and questions about life while trying to interpret these answers in her work.

Interacting cultures and creativities through arts and technology between different societies, building affable bonds as a vision is a substantial part of her work following the visual images.

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