Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Age
Julie Mardin, CALL Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Food Age
Is Genetically Modified Food A Solution?
Towards the Sustainable Development Goals in Post 2015: WHAT IS MY ACTION PLAN?
Have you asked this question to yourself?

65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference
65th UN DPI/NGO Conference
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Issue#30 - Dedication Theme:
Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Age
Lack of transparency might be the worst problem of genetically modified foods

"Don't Shop with G-Nome: Why I avoid GMOs"

Art and statement
by Catie FARYL

Catie Faryl - Don't Shop with G-Nome
Don't Shop with G-Nome

As an Artist I embrace the many vantage points and give the 360 degree holographic nature of expression free rein. Political and social satire is a medium filled with endless material and surprises, and my “opinion” or view may be inconsistent day by day. Perhaps many of us feel this way these days, as we navigate rough patches created by tough facts and many fallacies we are constantly attempting to decipher. By allowing room for spontaneous and uncensored painting, I’ve often been rewarded with unexpected images and ideas as connectors to deeper psychological associations and realizations. Working in this method, I allow much reading, dreaming, thinking, viewing, listening, and participating in hundreds of meetings for common sense and stakeholder status with my fellow citizens, to inform my work. I hope to bring some light to the relatedness of our problems today as well as some levity and solutions.

Catie Faryl - Dona Quixote Fights with the Olive Fork
Dona Quixote Fights GMOs with an Olive Fork

DON’T SHOP WITH GMO - Food is Medicine!

In early America sugar and fats were very difficult to acquire, and remedies were made from herbs, vinegar and baking soda, and food. Similar natural healing existed in every culture, and is being better maintained in some countries than others. The main point of this art show is to reduce the grandiosity and fear surrounding the topic and shed some light upon it. Many of us are confused, or feel nothing can be done to eradicate the chemicals and genetically engineered products in ourmidst. Yet understanding how these dangerous practices were allowed into our food system is the beginning of knowing how to get rid of them. "

Catie Faryl - Dnaani Me Karaoke

About the artist: CATIE FARYL is a regional artist, writer and community organizer, who presents artwork and answers questions about various environmental issues, including what she's learned about genetically engineered organisms and what can be done to avoid them and stop their proliferation. Through displaying and explaining
her artwork she offers an overview of the GMO issue and related issues like Climate Change (she joined the term "Global Weirding" in her exhibit in 2006), weather modification, hunger, social, economic and ecological injustice and syndromes related to health, addiction cycle, technology, food security, and other imbalances.

You can see more of her work at <>

Images submitted by the artist: "Don't Shop with G-Nome", "Dona Quixote Fights GMOs with an Olive Fork" and "DNAANIMEKARAOKE"

Issue#30 - Dedication Theme:
Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Age
Lack of transparency might be the worst problem of genetically modified foods

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