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Issue#30 - 2014 Dedication Theme:
Freedom of Information in the Genetically Modified Age
Lack of transparency might be the worst problem of genetically modified foods

June 16 - 19, 2014


“Hi, I’m a New Yorker who wants to know what’s in my food!”

Anti-GMO activists are working frantically in the winding down of the New York State legislative session--ending on June 19th--to ensure that GMO labeling bills are not allowed to die in Committee. They are urging all New Yorkers to flood the offices of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate GOP leader Dean Skelos with phone calls. The bills in question are


To provide for the labeling of raw agricultural commodities, processed foods, seed, and seed stock produced with genetic engineering; defines terms; imposes penalties for false labels and misbranding; sets forth exemptions.

We are too close to let all this effort be lost.

Stacie Orell of GMO Free NY is making a final trip to Albany to personally impress upon all the bills’ cosponsors as well as the leadership of each house the importance of getting them to the floor for a vote. And yet even the cosponsors votes are not a sure thing, as industry lobbyists have been working full time trying to convince them that these bills would be a disaster for farmers, food retailers, food manufacturers and consumers. This being an election year has made legislators even more cautious, as they are fearful of having to vote on a controversial bill that could bring on a backlash from industry as well as all these different constituents. So we must counter the industry push and make our voices heard too!

ALL New Yorkers must call the Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today!!

Tell him that you are a New Yorker who wants the right to know if my food is genetically modified.

Helpful script, say:
"Hi, I'm a New Yorker who wants the right to know if my food is genetically modified. Please put GMO labeling bill A3525 on the Ways & Means agenda and do everything in your power to move the bill to a floor vote!

2. Call Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos at his Albany office today!!!

Say: "Hi, I'm a New Yorker who wants the right to know if my food is genetically modified. Please put GMO labeling bill S3835 on the Rules agenda and do everything in your power to move the bill to a floor vote!”

If a human answers the phone and asks for your district you can say you believe this issue affects all residents of New York State. Otherwise just leave a voicemail.

For more information please go to


Stacie Orell, the campaign director and founder of GMO Free NY is posting updates from the Amtrak train on her way to Albany, and is urging all New Yorkers to pass on the word. She is calling it Mission Possible!

By signing this petition you are also sending direct word to your lawmakers and Governor Cuomo:

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